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fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [6/6] >> Mark Fischbach

“Mark wasn’t too big into killing cops for fun like the Fake AH Crew. Nor was he a pusher of high grade drugs and guns, like the Steam Train Crew. What Mark and his network of crewmembers (lovingly called his ‘Heroes’) often did in the streets was take out every dog fighting syndicate that popped up in the streets of Los Santos. Like pruning weeds from a garden, if there was a paw print graffitied anywhere on the street, Mark and his Heroes would be there to take the fight down and the “owners” out before they could do anymore damage. He always made sure the dogs were freed and cared for, and whichever boss/gang in charge paid dearly for every dog captured and killed in a fight. He owned several rescue dogs of his own, his day one a pretty Great Pyrenees he named Lucy. Because he’s considered a well-respected neutral, several crews around the city give a piece of their heist money to his dog sanctuary for rehabilitating rescues.”

fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [1/6] >> Suzy Berhow

“Crews that didn’t know her would poke fun at her large makeup bag and the overly “girly” kitty kat keychain on it. They just couldn’t take her seriously, this girl in glittery eye shadow with gems on her nails and cute clips in her hair. This was the chick who had caught the eye of notorious street boss Ego? She wasn’t like Griffon or Meg who wore their deadliness on their tattoo sleeves. Hell, she couldn’t even sound intimidating with that sweet, pitched voice of hers. A lot of them misjudged her, and a lot of the time it was frustrating, but she would never lash out with harsh words.

it was way much more fun to see their faces when she took the cap off her tube of lipstick, and put her fingers through the holes of her keychain…”

Peterick Fanfic Picspam: 1/5

Pull Hard and Make a Wish by coricomile

“Right.” Patrick shakes his head, tugging his hat back in place. When he looks up, his face is still red, his mouth in a thin line. There’s a pine needle sticking to his cheek, sticky with sap and sweat. “I’m the only dude you know that’ll suck you off, right? Is that it?”