do you think sam ever just stops and thinks about jess

just kind of stops and thinks of her in the sad, resigned way you do when you’ve done your mourning and you’ve had your recovery period but the pain is still there, always a little twist in your chest

just thinks of her dancing at one of those silly college parties and smiles, just a fraction of a muscle moving at the corner of his mouth, just barely there, just a something to get him through another hunt, another trial

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

This is the last Bunker Reads I will be doing. From now on, my fic recommendations will only be taking place as reblogs, mostly because it takes a lot of time to compile the fics and add my comments. I might come back to this habit next summer, but I can’t say for sure. I’ve loved doing these!


  • Lame by @writingthingsisdifficult (Reader x Sam) - The ending of this was absolutely perfect! I mean, the whole thing was perfect, but Sam was so sweet and the reader’s embarrassment/flustered-ness was something I think that all Sam!girls can relate to.
  • Untitled Fluffy Sam Drabble by @trexrambling (Reader x Sam) - If there was an emoji for a dreamy sigh, I’d put it here. This was adorable from start to finish, and the little repetition at the ending was super duper cute and ugh I just loved this one a whole lot!!
  • A No-Win Situation by @winchesterprincessbride (Reader x Dean) - Ha! This one made me laugh aloud, and I can totally picture this kind of thing happening between the reader and the boys.
  • Imagine Calling Sam to Kill a Spider on the Ceiling by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (Reader x Sam) - This would so totally be me. (I had to call my boss to come kill a spider for me just the other week.) The reader’s little rant made me laugh because I relate to it on a very spiritual level, and I’m so very glad that Sam is there to kill spiders for damsels in distress!
  • The Klutz Curse by @idreamofhazel (Reader x Dean) - I loved this so, so much! It kept making me laugh, partially because Dean’s clumsiness is just so laughable, but partially because the whole idea of a klutz curse is definitely something that would happen on the show, and I think that Dean is the perfect character to write for it. Great job!
  • It by @seenashwrite (Reader x Dean) - It is such an interesting concept, and I would highly recommend that those of you who read this read through the description of It that’s linked at the end of the story, but this was so full of fluff and intrigue and humor as well! Your writing is beautiful, and I loved all the description that was linked in among the vagueness of it all.
  • Imagine… Listening to Classical Music by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dean) - Dean was so sweet in this! It was short and just the perfect amount of fluff where it was sweet and sappy, yet also believeable and something that Dean woud definitely consider doing for someone he loved. You write a very thoughtful side of Dean, and I love it! Plus, I love the detail about them not using the reader’s car anymore since they typically drive Baby!
  • Silences by @percywinchester27 (Reader x Dean) - This was so, so sweet, and you write really well without dialogue! (Not that I don’t also enjoy your stories with dialogue, but you get what I mean.) I was just thinking last night about how the reader and Dean would definitely have peaceful, silent moments between them in their relationship, and I think you portrayed it really well!


  • Tape Hiss by @lipstickandwhiskey (Reader x Dean) - This was so amazing, and I think one of my favorite little parts is how you described Sam as giving Dean a “dry ‘f*** you’ look.” I also really, really loved the reader showing up. Sam’s line there was so cute and ugh, I love reunions.
  • Useful by @revwinchester (No Pair) - I loved this for many reasons, but partially because it literally could have been an episode! Your characterization of both the BMOL and the American hunters was so spot-on, and I loved the ending with Jody!


  • Scare by @bambinovak (Reader x Sam) - This was so, so good! You’re such an amazing writer and I was head over heels for this story from the moment it began. Their arguing and actions were so real life, it’s almost as if this was an episode! I loved how you wrote Sam, especially the part where he admits why he’s so mad.
  • Don’t Think, Don’t Speak by @wideawakeandwriting (Reader x Sam) - I loved this, despite that there was no happy ending! It was short but you managed to pack such a punch in those words.
  • He Should Be Here by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Reader x Sam) - This made my heart hurt! There’s nothing I hate more than the stories of daddies and mommies who left their kids behind, and I just can’t handle it when it’s either one of the boys!! (On the other hand, I would totally read more if this was a sequel, because the ending made my blood run cold. Yikes.)
  • Pieces of Us - You Found Me by @torn-and-frayed (Reader x Dean) - I was so, so hopeful that this was going to be fluffy. And then you broke my heart. So, I’m not even sure what to do because I’m kinda mad after re-reading this, but yeah. It was great and if you want your heart broken then 10/10 would recommend you read this because it’s angsty and it’ll kill you.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • The Darkside by @growningupgeek (Reader x Sam) - I love this series! It’s the perfect mix of darkness from Lucifer, plus the little bit of hope that Sam will find Y/N! I was really excited when I saw that this was a series after I went to add the first part to this list, and I can’t wait to see what Lucifer has planned for Y/N, as well as seeing how/when Sam will get to her once again!
  • World’s Best Dad by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dad!Dean) - I am such a sucker for dad!Dean, and you write him so well! I love his interactions both with the reader and with Gracie. She’s an adorable kid. Also, the crazy plot twists are my favorite! I loved the proposal, and her parents’ acceptance and willingness to love Dean and Gracie just made my heart melt. Plus, **SPOILERS** the reader wanting to adopt Gracie just killed me! Ugh. This is definitely one of my most favorite series recently!

Non-Reader Works

  • Transplant by @zepppie (Dean) - I loved this! I think I’ve read a book where a similar thing happened, and I’m wondering if it’s the same book you read! **SPOILERS**  This is something you don’t normally read about in fanfiction, and I loved it because my dad is on the heart transplant list. I love getting to read things that are real-life situations similar to my own (kinda), so I’m glad I found this!
  • Homesick by @mrswhozeewhatsis (SamJess) - This was so cute, but it also made my heart hurt. Poor Sam has no idea what’s coming for him. My poor babies! Some part of me wishes that they could’ve just stopped at the Pilot and had a happy life together. Jess was so good for my Sammy.
Always a Bridesmaid

Summary: Your best friend Sam is getting married and you and his brother are helping him get ready

Pairings/Characters: Sam x Jess; Reader x Dean

Word Count: 667

Warnings: fluff? unrequited love? (or is it?? It’s a drabble so no one knows but me)

A/N: I have so many more ideas for this story but I literally only had time to write this much over the past few days.  I think I might come back to this and expand it, though, if people like it/are interested in more.  This is for the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge week 15 prompts (thanks @thing-you-do-with-that-thing!) and they are “I didn’t lose it, I just misplaced it” as well as the trope of a character being in love with their best friend’s brother/sister.  Let me know if you enjoy it/if I should expand this :)

A/N 2: I used my Sam tag list because this is mostly about him but he’s the best friend, not the love interest here so, if reader insert that’s not Sam x Reader isn’t your thing, stop here.  It’s cool, no hard feelings; I have things I don’t enjoy reading, too, so I get it!

Always a Bridesmaid - 

You straightened Sam’s tie and smoothed the lapels of his jacket, things that his mom might be doing in this moment if she were still alive.  “Dean is going to pretend he lost the rings,” you told your best friend, “but I’ve checked, he’s got them.  It’s a tired joke but most of his jokes are so, it’s to be expected.”

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Day 3: Sunflowers.

I wasn’t inspired by today’s prompts so I wrote this instead, it’s set in the stanford! era so head the angst, with little bit Sam/Jess. I apologise in advance. 


Jess doesn’t know why she makes her way to Sam’s dorms. But she does. She’s known him for half of the past year, and liked him for exactly that long. Sam is shy around her but she’s almost certain he likes her too.  He’s living in a room that has two beds, and even when he obviously can barely afford it, he paid the money for two so he won’t have a roommate. Funny how she’s always attracted to weird guys.

Not that Sam is weird, perhaps the right word for it is mysterious. She’s not sure what’s pulling her to him, she knows his looks is not everything. She’d at least like to think she’s not that shallow.

The flowers she finds in front of his door are a surprise. She knows, of course, that she has competition, Sam is, after all, the hottest and smartest guy in the history of ever. But the gesture is unexpected nonetheless. Because girls don’t buy guys flowers and leave them at their doors, it’s mostly the other way around. So that leaves her with one idea that she’s not entirely happy about.  A guy left the flowers for Sam.

It’s not something she should do, but her curiosity gets the best of her and she crouches down and takes the sunflowers into her arms. It’s a fairly large bouquet, the stems are almost as long as her arms and the flowers are ridiculously big. She looks for a note but she finds none, and that makes her smile. If there’s no name then she hasn’t a lot to worry about just yet.

The door opens just before her fist connects with it, and Sam smiles at her and for a second she forgets everything and stares.

“Jessica, hello,” He greets, a hint of surprise coloring his features. “Those are for me?” He points with his finger at the flowers and then at himself.

“Oh yes, but not from me. I just found them here,” His eyes widen at the words and he shoves her aside almost violently, and runs the hall in the direction of the entrance. When he’s back his face is shadowed, and his eyes are dark. Sad. It’s there for less than a second before he smiles at her again and apologies. That’s when she learns that his smile is fake. The smile she loves so much is not even his real one.

She wordlessly hands him the bouquet and he takes it eagerly, in a gesture that she’d consider feminine, he hugs them to his chest and bury his face in them. They have no fragrance but he inhales deep anyway. And she can’t see his face but she feels like he’s about to cry.

“So, secret admirer, huh?” She teases, and thank god, he lifts his eyes and looks at her again. When he glances back at the flowers, the edge of his lips is tender, a soft curve that she’s never seen before. He knows who sent the flowers, she’s sure of it. But they banter back and forth and it goes away. She later learns that, that day is his ninetieth birthday.


She kisses him two months after his birthday, and he kisses her back. They move together six months later. On the morning of his twentieth birthday, she finds sunflowers on their steps.

She toys with the idea of throwing them away without telling him, but she doesn’t. Their relationship is going smoothly, and she’s got nothing to worry about. Her gut is screaming at her that something is wrong, but she ignores it. She knows that Sam’s not cheating on her, he’s not that guy, but the mysterious flowers leaves a sour taste in her mouth. Specially at how Sam reacts to them, she’s never seen him smile like that at anything else.


“Dean, please.”

Three months after Sam’s birthday, she sees him trying to melt into another man’s arms. She’s followed him outside the bar without his notice. She couldn’t help it, he just bolted and she moved after him. She’s not meant to see that, she knows. But she stays rooted to the spot nevertheless.

“Sammy, you know I can’t. I didn’t want you to find me,” The other guy- Dean- whispers, but from the way he’s holding Sam like he’ll die if he lets go, Jess knows he’s lying. He wanted Sam to see him.

“You’re being unfair,” Sam whines, and she’s never heard him like this, he’s begging. And he looks so small like that, head on the stranger’s shoulder and face buried in his neck.

“You have a good thing going on here, Sammy. I don’t want to ruin anything,”

“Then why are you here?!” The words are shouted but still sounding like a plea. Dean doesn’t answer, she hears Sam’s sob from where she’s hiding behind the wall. It’s such a cliché, for this to happen in an alley.

“It’s because you missed me, right? Please say you missed me. I missed you so much, Dean.” Sam’s crying, Jess feels her heart breaking. It hurts worse than anything else she’s felt. And they don’t break apart not for a second, if anything they seem to get closer, molding together from how hard they’re clinging.

“You love her,” Dean says “She’s beautiful.”

He’s talking about her, and she knows what Sam is going to say, he shatters her heart a bit more when he actually let the words out.

“I love you more. I will always love you more,”

Tears are flowering over her cheeks, falling down, she stops looking at them, pressing her back to the wall and covering her mouth with both of her hands, trying her best to keep the sounds.

“I know,” Dean says. She hears a whimper, knows it’s from Sam. When she looks again they’re kissing. And she can’t be here anymore, so she leaves. Silent so they won’t sense her.

When Sam gets back that night, he smells different, and it doesn’t take a genius to guess what’s happened after she left. Sam’s eyes are puffy, red. Just like hers. But he doesn’t notice, doesn’t ask her what’s wrong. Doesn’t even bother pretending to be okay. He gently asks her to leave him alone, and locks himself in the bathroom. He doesn’t kiss her for three days after.

When she kisses him, he kisses back, and she just then realizes that she’s initiated everything between then, from the start to now. He never kisses her first.

She also, realizes that she’s the other women, that Sam’s cheating when he’s with her, and that he’s always touched her with his hands gloved with guilt.

She doesn’t say anything.

There’s no more flowers next year, and she thinks maybe they broke up forever after their tryst in the alley. Sam gets better, they’re happy. She’s happy.

She sees Dean again in their apartment, and Sam tells her he’s his brother. Gathers his stuff so fast, and leaves her behind.  When he kisses her and promises to be back before Monday, she tastes the lie on his lips, sees the guilt in his eyes. And more than that the hope, that Dean had finally came back for him.

She knows that she won’t see him again. And she doesn’t.     

I love it when the first thing I do in the morning is cry because of Stanford era. Seriously, Anon. Thank you so much for this. Seriously, I love when we have the POV of another character on Sam and Dean’s Relationship; we don’t have enough fics like that. I feel bad for Jess though. But this is so plausible…I mean if Wincest was real in the TV show (sigh), Stanford era could have gone this way. This is also so nicely written. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

Sam/Jess Fic Recs:1K-5K

All the Right Moves by seimaisin (AO3; 1110)

      Sam’s smoother than he thinks he is.

       Jess decides to dance with a cute and awkward Sam.

Sunshine After Rain by The_Lady_Meg (AO3; 1156)

      Timestamp set between Essays in Demonic Politics and Treachery, Thy Name Is Brother

       Will never stop reccing this series. Good for all your KingOfHell needs, and for your SamJess needs as well.

A Little Black Box (Or How Jess Broke the Winchester’s Ugliest Lamp)  (AO3; 1163)

      Sam was gonna ask her to marry him. (AU)

      Idiots in love. It’s an awesome AU, background DeanxCas.

The Art of Foot-In-Mouth and Falling in Love by yalu (AO3; 1178)

      Sam meets Jess. Sam inserts foot. Jess is easily amused. Happy fluffy fic in which Jess is an artist and Sam is clueless.

      What it says on the tin.

A New Favorite by ArtistKurai (FFN; 1198)

      A short story about how Sam came to love salads.

      Sam and Jess’s first date.

Perfect by bleuboxes (FFN; 1224)

      But if nothing is perfect, then she can’t actually be real.

      How Sam and Jess got together, from friends to lovers. Not as sad as it sounds.

The Perfect Gift by Sly Severus (FFN; 1224)

      Sam is spending his first Christmas with Jess and he’s left the shopping until Christmas Eve. What will he do when all the stores are closed and he’s still left with nothing for his girlfriend?

      Sam is insecure and carries on the Winchester tradition of gas station presents.

Crafting for Cash by LadyAJ_13 (AO3; 1239)

      Sam and Jess have money issues, so find a creative solution

      Cute and fluffy (isn’t there a gif of Stitch I can use…)

Sorority Girls by morrezela (AO3; 1296)

      Jess makes a last ditch attempt to join a sorority. Sam is there for her when it doesn’t go so well.

      Sam is a gentleman, sorority girls are awful, Jess’s hair is green.

Worn for Sleeping by SnickFic (AO3; 1324)

      It takes three tubes of paint – three shades carelessly selected, though when she finishes Jess sees each one is progressively more red – to write Sam’s name on the wall.

      Post-Pilot, sad af.

Stanford Days by masquerade97 (AO3; 1370)

      Sam is drowning in his studies for the LSAT and Jess demands he take a break.

      What it says on the tin.

Surf’s Up by fireSign10 (AO3; 1415)

      Jess takes Sam to the beach for the first time…and maybe the last.

      Vacation turns into hunt. Jess finds out but that talk isn’t addressed here.

Crash and Burn by Remember Ember (FFN; 1828)

      Crash and burn. It was their catch phrase, their signature line. Sam would come back from a hard day and Jess would bring him cookies and they would smile at each other and Sam would be like; “What would I do without you?” “Crash and burn”

      Spans the length of their relationship, as well as a scene from the funeral.

Patient Name: Cute Guy by madeByMe (FFN; 1894)

      When a cute-but-sick guy enters the health clinic, Jess can’t help but get invested. Featuring sick!Sam.

        What it says on the tin.

Secrets by Fynnegan (FFN; 1936)

       Why are there so many secrets? Sam/Jess

       Jess gets angry about how little she actually knows about Sam.

Stepping on Toes by ElectroKate (FFN; 1939)

      Simple, cute one-shot of Sam and Jess first meeting under awkward circumstances.

      What it says on the tin (should I make an abbreviation?)

Fix Me in 45 by Air Guitar Pixie (FFN; 2041)

      The one where Sam is asexual and adorable. Because we need more ace representation in this fandom, ya hear me?

       Beginning of their relationship and Sam worrying about being a good boyfriend. Also, yes we need more Ace!SPN stuff.

It’s a Wonderful Life by kety77 (AO3; 2219)

      Finding the first gray hair turns out to be a bit more life changing than expected.

       Set over a long period of time, kind of a curtain-fic. Also cute and fluffy.

Trading Scars by trueUnbeliever (AO3; 2301)

      Sam and Jess aren’t without their scars. Sharing them, on the other hand, is something they never thought they’d do. But this is what they are for each other, and this is what they need. It’s nice, sometimes, to have someone who understands.

      Sam and Jess comfort each other. Discussion of past child abuse and nightmares.

The Secret Life of Sam Winchester by alethiometry (AO3; 2302)

      What I Know: Sam’s parents are named John and Mary. He has an older brother named Dean. They lived in Lawrence, Kansas until Mary died suddenly. Sam was just a baby when it happened, and Dean was four. John took his boys on the road and eighteen years later, Sam got a full ride to Stanford. He hasn’t seen or spoken to his father or brother for four years.What I Don’t Know: Everything else.

        Jess has many ideas about Sam’s past. They’re not necessarily accurate (hero isn’t on there, for one).

Breath of Fresh Air by Zana_Zira (AO3; 2454)

      Sam has had asthma his entire life, and usually he manages it just fine. But the winter air has never agreed with him, even in Palo Alto, and no one at Stanford seems to know enough about the condition to be any help. So when Sam suffers an inevitable asthma attack on campus, who will be able to help him this time?

       It’s on a SamJess rec list, we know who helps him out. Possible medical inaccuracies, definite hints of John Winchester’s A+ parenting.

But There Was Jess by wonderSam (AO3; 2817)

      Sam and Jess have seen each other around campus, but could a few coffees and a picnic turn into a relationship?

      Freshman year at Stanford and ‘How Sam and Jess got together’.

Happy Families… by UnabashedBird (AO3; 2861)

      Sam goes with Jess to her family reunion, and receives help coping from an unlikely, adorable source.

       Sam + toddler = cavities.

Lost Boy by UnabashedBird (FFN; 2870)

      Sam and Jess meet in a park when they’re kids. Years later, friends at Stanford, they figure it out.

       Same author as Faith, Trust, and a Dog or Four

Leading by lanri (FFN;2978)

      For Sam, Jess was a dream come true. For Jess, Sam was everything she had ever wanted. It was perfect.

      Part of Lanri’s Unseen ‘verse. Blind!Sam

Where the Heart is by alethiometry (AO3; 3132)

      It’s barely the end of junior year, but Jess already has an idea for how they can spend their post-grad summer.

       Sam and Jess discuss future plans and practice compromise (although it more resemble a game of ‘No you hang up first’).

Sam and Other Sam by InTheCompanyOfDragons (FFN; 3351)

      Jessica Moore loved Sam Winchester. But she also knew there were parts of him she would never understand.

       Ch1 is Jess ruminating on the different (hunter) side of Sam. Ch2 is Dean and Stanford Sam (also Sam missing Jess).

Bella Omnium Contra Omnes by ninhursag (AO3; 3814)

      A dorm prank war gets out of hand and Jessica Lee Moore meets a tall, handsome stranger.

      What it says on the tin. Here be implied monsters and ruined coffee.

Turn a Life Around by kanoitrace (AO3; 4400)

      It’s three weeks into her second semester at Stanford that she notices him, and once she does, she’s left wondering how it took that long. The story of Sam Winchester and Jessica Moore.

      Another ‘How Sam and Jess got together’.

Blind Date by ColtsandQuills (AO3; 4430)

      Jessica’s roommate is a little on the overprotective side, but that’ll be the least of Sam Winchester’s worries as secrets come to light.

      Second-Person POV, meant to be read as a reader-insert but good even if that’s not quite your cup of tea. Hunter!Jess.

Okay, but imagine this.

Jess doesn’t die. She goes with Sam and Dean. Jess and Sam carry their law textbooks in their bags and study in motel rooms while Dean mutters nerds but brings them coffee and pastries. Jess learns how to hunt. She’s naturally talented at it, and she bonds with Dean over loading guns and salt circles. Jess and Sam get married in Vegas. Jess holds Sam when he sobs about Dean being trapped in hell. Jess has a late night talk with Dean and he tells her he’s always liked men as well as women. Jess saving their asses again and again. Jess protecting victims of abuse and insisting that they find a way to save as many demons as they can because the humans in them are still living. Jess talking monsters off the ledge. Jess never letting any male hunter make her less than she is.  Jess and Jo becoming best friends. Jess the warrior. Jess the protector. Jess as more than a corpse and a source of manpain.

what if

what if Sam got the mark of Cain

what if Sam was the knight of hell

what if it was Dean that had to get him back

what if Sam unleashed the darkness

what if Sam had the connection with Amara

what if Sam was the walking soul-bomb

what if the person Amara brought back was Jessica…

what if we learnt more about Jess’ family background

what if she grew up like Sam did

what if she moved to Stanford to get away from it all

what if she’d been having the dreams too

what if she was too worried to tell Sam for fear of him freaking out

what if she told him it wasn’t his fault

what if he believed her

what if Sam got his soulmate back

what if

aquestlikethat  asked:

Did you have all of the Sam/Jess feels in this episode? Gwen saying that if she had told him the truth he would have lived and Sam's face. When she found the ring while they were out in the woods I knew I was going to be flooded with feels.

OUCH. Honestly, I didn’t think of Jess, but it makes so much sense! At the time, I was flooded with this sudden fear that people were going to use Gwen’s parallel of “he loved me more than I loved him” to reignite the tired and painful Winchester Brothers argument of who loves who more? But hnghhh you’re so right, this was painfully reminiscent of Sam’s loss of Jess in some ways! I hadn’t thought of it like that, and I’m glad you (plural haha! thanks to both of you!) brought it up. It really would have been cool to hear Sam’s perspective on the situation. Honestly, I am 1000% here for anything that pokes at the topic of Sam’s psychic powers. It would have been an interesting conversation for Gwen, though!

Gwen: I just wish I’d told him the truth…

Sam: Yeah, me too. I had these awful visions about my girlfriend combusting on my ceiling and it turned out they were true because a demon force-fed me his blood when I was an infant to raise me up to be the leader of a demon army and Lucifer’s intended vessel…

Gwen: ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯ yeah okay

Fields of Stars in Bloom

Pairing: Sam/Dean, references to Sam/Jess

Rating: Gen

Length: 1.8k

Summary: Sam is overcome with grief when he and Dean pass where Sam was going to propose to Jess on the way to a hunt. Dean comforts him. Written for madebyme_x the 2017 Spring Fling over at LJ.

On AO3

The past fifteen weeks have been stuffed full of silence. Dean’s not sure how to break it. They’re trapped in a fragile glass bubble, and if he chooses to pop it, they’ll be worse off.

Nothing makes the situation any better. He’s never felt more restless in his life. They tear up miles of highway, and never sit still for more than a couple of days, but stagnancy is creeping up on Dean, making the little hairs on the back of his neck itch.

The worst part about it all is how awkward he feels with Sam. They’re not strangers, never have been, but this kind of grief… Dean can’t understand, can’t touch it. If only Dad were here, he thinks for the millionth time, maybe he could help Sam cope.

Every time he wishes for an easy way to help Sam he wants to deck himself. Of course it’s not easy. Loss is ever easy. Their entire life is underscored by that exact damn sentence.

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Take It

AO3 link here!

Created for @spnpolybingo

Title: Take It
Square: Cassie
Rating: Explicit

Written for my 1.5k Followers Celebration

Kink no. 36 Watersports for @piningbrothers (hope you like it, sweets!)

Summary: After finishing the case, Sam, Jess and Dean decide to stay one more day to spend some time with Cassie. Dean has no clue what the rest’s got in store for him.

Word Count: 7126

Characters: Dean Winchester, Cassie Robinson, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore

Pairing: CassieDeanJessSam, CassieDean, JessSam

Warnings/tags: smut, a bit of angst, fluff, porn with feelings, Jess didn’t die AU, canon compliant (if it comes to the rest), set during and after 1x13 Route 666, implied smut, pining (Wincest), voyeurism, masturbation (male), vaginal fingering, vaginal sex, implied watersports, watersports, oral sex (male and female receiving), anal fingering, anal sex, bottom!Dean, top!Sam

Unbeta’d, so all the mistakes are mine!

A/N: This wasn’t supposed to be that long, ha ha ;D Well, I really love the way this fic turned out, I’m pretty damn proud of it, so I hope you’re going to like it, too! And, if watersports aren’t your thing, go ahead and skip this fic! 

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag sheet! (Tags at the bottom of the post. Those that are crossed out mean that Tumblr didn’t let me tag you.)

Feedback and constructive criticism very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist and/or Commissions if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

It was supposed to take his mind off the thoughts lingering at the back of his mind, those thoughts that made him feel like he wasn’t supposed to be alive, like he wasn’t worthy of walking the earth.

Dean didn’t deserve Cassie, not in the way that she had given herself over to him and promised not to utter a word about what he had told her. After so many years, she was still on his side, knowing that the amount of love he had given to her and still had toward her would never be comparable to the amount of love he had for his brother.

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