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on maedhros and contradictions

i really don’t understand the portrayal that occasionally pops up in fandom, of maedhros as this painfully sensible, put-upon mother-hen figure to his younger brothers. but nor do i really feel like the cold, empty, relentlessly self-isolating version of him rings particularly true, either.

consider. this is someone who is responsible for thousands of deaths, and who convinced maglor to continue their brutal quest when he wanted to give up. BUT this is also someone who “alone, stood aside” at the burning of the ships; who alone dared to defy his father. who willingly ceded his crown to fingolfin. who worked tirelessly to rebuild the bridges his father had burnt with their people. who thereafter maintained peace among his people as well as he could for a long-ass time. who searched desperately for eluréd and elurín after the events at doriath.

so we know maedhros was at least somewhat of a people-person; he had to have been, to thrive politically he’d need to have been charismatic and persuasive (we see his persuasiveness put to less positive uses later with maglor re. their quest). we know from his methods of governance that he favoured communication and collaboration.

we also know, from his actions at losgar and later re. elurín and eluréd, that maedhros didn’t actively condone the Fëanor School of Shitfuckery. guy probably had a lot of cognitive dissonance going on. there definitely seems to be a divide, a gap between his actions where the oath is concerned, and where it isn’t.

basically, maedhros was a complicated little definitely not little fucker and a Mess of contradictions, and props to tolkien for creating a character who wasn’t absolute. people are contradictory. and pretty evidently, tolkien got that.

Sincere gratitude, Christopher Tolkien

I want to thank Christopher Tolkien. The third son of J. R. R. Tolkien has resigned as Tolkien Estate director. Christopher had made a huge contribution into Tolkien’s world.

In my opinion Christopher’s effort is priceless. It is such a hard and attentive work. It’s not only about composing the novels. It’s not getting your own idea and putting it on paper. It’s not just writing what is you.

It’s getting the idea of someone else’s (even if J. R. R. Tolkien was Christopher’s father). It’s making sure that the idea is understood correctly and fully. It’s taking care that you don’t add something from you, that there is nothing that could be your idea. It’s keeping up with the style. It’s trying to connect with someone who is not here.

Christopher did it all. Not only everything I mentioned above, but so much more. Christopher’s Tolkien effort had brought to life 24 books! Again, shall I remind, it’s not about composing your own idea. It’s delivering another person’s mind to us, readers.

What would we, fans, do if Christopher didn’t work on J. R. R. Tolkien’s works?All the ideas left on drafts and letters would lay forgotten, covered with dust.  We would be left with little information. We wouldn’t know the rest of the stories. But yet, we have a beautiful writing style. We have detailed history. We have epic events, which stay bright in our minds. We have the world.

As for me, the Silmarillion has affected my life. It changed my way of thinking, my understanding of the world, my mind. The Silmarillion had something that got stuck inside my soul. Therefore, I can claim that thanks to Christopher, my perception of the world has changed.

I really appreciate Christopher’s Tolkien work. It brought me so much feelings, emotions, thoughts… Forever grateful!

All of this preproduction panic over the Amazon prequel to Lord of the Rings is just taking me back to the fandom of the late 90s when we got news about the movies. Same arguments. Exact. Same. Arguments. And most fans ended up celebrating the films despite the differences and questionable divergence.

anonymous asked:

I like your design for Olorin. Have you drawn any more of him? Does he have rainbow streaks in his hair?

I have done one of him paired with a fluid painting, here  and here’s a sketch I did a while back. It’s not so much rainbow streaks as I kind of imagine most of the Ainur had iridescent hair, like when the light hits it, it shines lots of pretty colors. But Olórin also frequented Irmo’s realm, and so I like to think Maiar that hung around there were colorful in their own ways too. Even if Olórin’s raiment was gray :)

Thanks, Anon!