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In football, Casey Stoney, former England Women’s captain, earns in a year what Arsenal club-mate Alexis Sanchez would earn in a day, and that’s with two additional part-time jobs. Women’s football might not be as popular as the men’s game, but perhaps if the team were paid a decent wage and could afford to dedicate even more time to training, the media might take them more seriously.


Augustine Azuka “Jay-Jay” Okocha’s unbelievable goal for Eintracht Frankfurt in 1993 vs Oliver Kahn and his Karlsruher team in the Bundesliga.

Amazing dribbling! Amazing goal. More videos on the way.

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raktoner  asked:

You hear about the proposal for the Raiders and Chargers to share a stadium in LA? What are your thoughts?

I thought by now I would have more info on the whole thing, but its still the same.

  • I have no clue why the Chargers would leave Qualcomm Stadium. I’m not a fan on this whole new era were going into tbh. 
  • The Raiders on the other hand I think should stay in Oakland but not in the Coliseum. *even the A’s*

The Pro leagues & GM’s of teams will sell it as “oh its all about the fans, and we want to give the fans the most ultimate experience, and “WE NEED THIS” to get the biggest events, etc,etc… By building these ultra-expensive stadiums/arenas and raise ticket prices. I think any fan would give up the “biggest videoboards” or “fantasy football lounges” for their team to get the best players & bring championships. 

Fans aren’t buying season tickets because their getting too expensive & players are getting paid more than they produce. For example in England with soccer teams (clubs) in the BPL are facing things like that. *i’ll stop there*, but 

I think the Raiders need a new place to play more than The Chargers, but them teaming up in a sense makes their case stronger v. California & ways to get it faster. (busuness wise)

“How a team rose from the humblest of beginnings, Scaled heights and Ploughed depths to become the most loved football club on the planet. Revered not just for the trophies we’ve won but for the manner in which we’ve won them. With honour and dignity. With genius and inspiration. And a never-say-die siprit that is the stuff of legend. A refusal to accept defeat until the 90th minute and beyond. It’s a story you couldn’t write. A story you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t lived it, experienced it, witnessed it,yourself. This is the story of Manchester United. The team that wouldn’t die.