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NFL players donate $20,000 to youth football team that was punished for national anthem protest

  • Several months after a youth football team in Texas faced death threats on social media and retaliation from its league for kneeling during the United States’ national anthem, a coalition of NFL players has stepped up to help the squad rebuild.
  • According to ESPN, Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots, Malcolm Jenkins and Torrey Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles and free agent wide receiver Anquan Boldin have donated a combined $20,000 to fund the inaugural season of the Southeast Texas Oilers, a team made up of former members of the Beaumont Bulls who left the organization after their 2016 protest. Read more. (6/23/17, 7:51 PM)

The world without Messi: We won’t get to enjoy the iconic No. 10 much longer (x)

On Saturday, Messi will turn 30. He made his professional debut in October 2004, when he was 17 years, 3 months and 22 days old, the second-youngest player to dress for Barcelona’s senior side. Somehow, that was almost 13 years ago. There are teenagers who know life only with Messi in it.

The math is easy, except that it isn’t. Messi will not be playing football when he is 43. His career is more than half over. It is probably three-quarters gone. Whatever the number of games that remain for him to play, and so for us to watch, it will be far less than he, and we, have already enjoyed.

It is almost painful to see film of him from the start of things. He played differently then. He was unblinking, like a child. His skin was clear of tattoos. His hair was boyishly long, parted in the middle. Now we know the greatness that awaited him, but back then, when he came sprinting off the bench for the last eight minutes against Espanyol, the first eight minutes of his career, he was all future.

Today’s Messi is mostly past. Each time we see him, we get a little bit closer to what will be our last chance.