Briseis told stories too, strange and dreamlike—tales of enchantment, of gods spellbound by magic and mortals who blundered upon them unawares; the gods were strange, half man and half animal: rural deities, not the high gods that the city worshipped. They were beautiful, these tales, told in her low singsong voice. 

12x13 Picspam Review (ish)

I could almost immediately tell that I was (unfortunately) going to have to watch this episode again because I kept spacing out. And on the rewatch for this picspam, I continued spacing out. So I dunno how much more I actually caught on the second round.

So. This isn’t up to my usual snuff. It’s also far more negative than I’d like. It’s also much shorter than usual. It’s also got lots of rambling about other shit because I had no attention span.

But there IS Dean’s face. Also, The Face™.

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#20 with Namseok ;)

It’s Hoseok’s birthday, and he’s ready for it: the picspam on twt, the blog post, the vlive, the whatever other fanfare his birthday’s been hijacked by. He’s also ready for the presents–it’s actually fun now that they have money to blow on each other–and the food, and the chill time later when it’s just him and the members, and everybody dotes on him for once. 

What he wasn’t ready for was coming around the corner to hear Jungkook making another J-horse joke. He stops short, staying out of sight, and listens while he bites his lip. Look, okay, he knows he’s not the most traditionally good looking guy, but wasn’t making fun of his oval face shape getting boring? Wasn’t it time to let the joke die? It was mean-spirited and he raised that kid on his back, damn it; he deserved better than that (not that he’d say it). 

He wasn’t ready to hear Namjoon either: “Hey, shut the fuck up.” He sounded genuinely affronted. “Hoseok’s handsome. Everybody’s good looking. That’s kind of a requirement for being in a boy band, shithead.” 

Hoseok suppresses a snort. 

“Aw, hyung, come on,” Taehyung joins in with a wheedling tone. “It’s just a joke.”

“It’s not funny,” Namjoon says. “You know he’s sensitive about it.” 

“Sounds like somebody has a little crush,” Jungkook sing-songs. 

“Hey,” Namjoon reiterates, and Hoseok can picture him stabbing a finger through the air at Jungkook, “Hoseok is every bit as handsome as you–”

“That’s not saying much,” Taehyung chortles.

“–and I will buy you dinner if we get through this day without one J-horse joke,” Namjoon continues in a raised voice. 

“Hyung!” Tae gasps, followed by Jungkook’s little laugh. 

“Oh my god, you must be desperate,” the maknae replies. 

“I would let Jung Hoseok walk on me,” Namjoon says deadly serious. 

There’s a moment of silence, then both Jungkook and Taehyung burst out laughing. 

“Oh my god,” Jungkook wheezes, “he definitely has a crush.” 

“Team Ugly reunited in holy matrimony,” Taehyung replies, and Hoseok can hear him slapping his knees. 

Hoseok gets pissed then. He’d have let it go if it was just him. He can handle being teased by the maknaes, but Namjoon is another story. Indignant on his behalf, he stalks around the corner, tugs Namjoon away, and says to the startled kids, “Yeah, well, Team Ugly is no longer paying for your dinner. This is Team Ugly signing out.” 

“Peace,” Namjoon finishes, throwing them deuces over his shoulder as he slings his arm around Hoseok, finally catching up on his plan of a cool but furious exit. 

Maybe Namjoon does have a little crush, Hoseok thinks as he blushes, but hey, that’s between them, not fodder for maknae line games.

pick a ship and a number and i’ll write a drabble

The little things I love about episode 10

Narrated by Victor

Yuri (and his cat) sharing a mountain of katsudon pirozhki with Yakov and Lilia (LOOK AT HOW CONFUSED THEY ARE AND HOW HAPPY YURI IS)

Yuri defending Yuri’s Angels

The standoff between JJ Girls and Yuri’s Angels in the background

Phichit taking random selfies with Yuuri, while Celestino is like ’whatever’ in the background

Yuuri’s butt in this shot (foreshadowing?)

Victor shopping for his boyfriend husband

Yuri’s slightly scary fans

Everything Otabek/Yurio

Keeping it real with Russia not really celebrating Christmas

Yeah, these two

And this

Phichit for being Yuuri’s #1 wingman

How everyone accepted the engagement/marriage announcement

Yes, this happened

How JJ is on a completely different wavelength from everyone else

Victor waking up early to go to the beach to admire his ring because it reminds him of HASETSU’S OCEAN

Yuri getting over his hero worship of Victor and treating him as a normal person, perhaps even as a friend

Emil still following Mickey around (one day, Mickey, you’ll realize Sara’s not the one that needs protecting)

Guang Hong speaking for all of us on Wednesday nights

Georgi on a date (Anya didn’t deserve you anyway)


Victor noticing Yuuri at the banquet

And watching him throughout the night from afar

All great frenemies start with a dance-off

Those goddamn legs. Those goddamn muscles.

Chris remembering to work that ass even when under supporting Yuuri


Rewriting the entire anime in five seconds

Showing us what love at first sight looks like