• sweaty hands
  • good @ writing
  • funny but afraid it will sound Mean
  • “YOURE BREAKING UP W ME THATS WHY YOU CAME” “im…not breaking up w you” “……..thank you”
  • sorry
  • “the APPLE……..PLACE”
  • has his own toothbrush at the murphys
  • “women, right?” ………………………. “……yeah!………..? ?”
  • will offer you a friends & family discount on overpriced home decor at pottery barn before ur window of opportunity rapidly closes

(170424) realjonghyun90

translation: i’ll leave you with a spoiler. in the essay version of the album there is a piece of writing attached to each song. there are 9 in total…i wrote them. they’re filled with emotions that could be helpful in understanding the songs. even though music is right its own place i ended up contemplating a lot about how to show these writings. even so please look forward to it.

not to be dramatic but after a lot of soul searching i’m cutting this scene from the last avatar

like it’s supposed to be a royal feast but it looks like a cheap middle school barbecue or something i hate it. so i WAS gonna re-draw the whole thing to be more grand but i decided that was too much work for a whole scene so i’m cutting it lmao. but obviously i want to keep the part where korra finds out it was tonraq and tenzin who put her in the compound and not aang, so i’m gonna add those lines to their conversation in the city. it’s mostly closeups so it’ll be easy-ish to remove the feast background and put city background.

i also cut out the opening scenes of episode 2 cuz i realized they’re redundant in movie form. overall the whole beginning of the movie is much more… movie-like now, you’ll see!

so now ep1 is down to 10 minutes, ep2 is 13 minutes, and the whole movie is estimated 2 hours 47 minutes. which is like! normal movie length! on the longer end obviously but that’s what i’m shooting for anyway!