picspam by jo

She caught him looking at her a lot that night, in a way she 
wasn’t used to seeing. A lot of gents looked at you a certain
way when they were guessing their chances for a kiss (zero),
but this wasn’t it.He watched her like he had come home after
a long absence and had missed her most of all.

The Girls at the Kingfisher Club, Genevieve Valentine
Jo Harvelle x Ruby

Ruby has dreamt of being a artist ever since she was little. She even graduated from college top her class with the most potential - according to her professor anyway.

But being an artist doesn’t pay.

So she turns to her next best thing. Hairdressing

It’s not remotely close to what she wants, but it pays well. Not to mention, she gets to spend her entire day combing through pretty girl’s hair.

That’s when Jo Harvelle comes into the picture. Drop dead gorgeous, up-and-coming model Jo Harvelle, who’s breathing seems to hitch a little every time Ruby touches her hair.

Jo Harvelle.

Suddenly she’s all Ruby can think about; all she can paint and draw and sculpt.

But thankfully, the pining seems mutual when Jo grabs her hand after Ruby’s finished her last hairstyle, and jots her number down onto it.

So whilst, maybe, hairdressing isn’t her dream - she’s found an amazing girlfriend through it, so she doesn’t really complain.

anna/jo + war!au (for snafusheltxn)

It’s 1944, and U.S. Air Force pilot Jo Harvelle has been sent back to the home front, seething with rage and sporting a couple of broken limbs and various other injuries after a barely-successful crash landing in the middle of combat. Her nurse doesn’t help ease her frustration much: Anna Milton, with her soft voice and her gentle hands, reminding Jo ‘not to move that far; watch your leg.’

But as time passes and Jo’s recovery progresses, she finds herself a little less anxious to get back to the front lines: she’s back in her home town, Chicago, and Anna spends her days telling her patient about the way the city’s thriving, the economy booming with the war effort. Anna’s stories help pass the time and distract from the pain. She tells Jo about her childhood in the city, from her bootlegger parents to her time growing up in the family speakeasy. Her stories about the city underworld range from comedic to thrilling, and Jo finds herself falling for the girl: it began with the way Anna surprised her, forcing Jo’s perception of her to about-face as she learned about her exciting past. But her admiration for Anna grew as she listened not only to the stories, but the way she’d tell them: the lilt of her voice, the subtle jokes. It wasn’t long before Jo was utterly enamored. 

By the time Jo was released, the two were friends, and Anna insisted on taking her out: a celebratory night on the town. They went downtown to the dance hall where Anna had became a minor celebrity as a jazz singer. 

Standing with her friend in the smoky room, people staring and occasionally coming to introduce themselves to Anna, asking if she’d be singing tonight, Jo was stunned again. 

“You know, I’m beginning to doubt that I’m gonna be able to keep up with you.”

“Oh, I think you’ll manage,” Anna replied, shooting her a playful smile as she pulled Jo out towards the dance floor. “Let’s try out that leg of yours, I hear you had the best nurse in the city helping you recover.”

botticelli kisses by celestialblaspemy

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jock!jo & punk!anna au:

jo harvelle, softball player and college student, finds it harder than usual to pay attention in her romanticism lecture: the culprit? her classmate, art student anna milton. between her gleaming red hair, delicate tattoos and almost intimidating talent, the girl is a work of art in and of herself. so when jo knocks into the other girl in the hall after class, she can’t believe she’s smooth (well, maybe just lucky) enough to score a date with her. 

Jo x Anna Light Photography!AU

Since Anna Milton was young, she was interested in photography, particularly light photography. Now leaving college with degrees in art and photography, she is desperate to start her own career. But first, she needs an assistant Aspiring model and dancer, Jo Harvelle, sees her ad in the newspaper and decides to try for the job. After all, what harm could earning a few extra dollars a week do? It turns out a lot as she slowly starts to fall in love with her boss. And luckily, the feeling is mutual.


TV Meme - [1/7] Couples you ship: Alex Karev & Jo Wilson

We’re the only family we need, right? And we’ll be together forever, right? Just you and me. And if we have kids, we’ll be great. I’ll be a great dad, and you’ll be great, and we’ll be just us. We won’t need anybody else, okay?

tracyjo fair au

on the way to the county fair, tracy’s volkswagen craps out on her and though her dad’s taught her everything he knows about cars, he never covered this. she’s stranded and frustrated, and in the middle of nowhere, wyoming, her cell phone doesn’t have any signal.

then along comes jo, with an extra seat in her truck and a wicked knife collection in the back. tracy accepts the ride, thinking once they made it to the fairgrounds that they’d go their separate ways and that would be that. but that’s not exactly how it goes.

Anna Milton x Jo Harvelle

Joanna Beth Harvelle broke away from her mother’s small tavern The Roadhouse, when she was 21, in order to make it on her own. She doesn’t forget everything she learnt, and uses her knowledge from working the bar to open a hotel of her own, just outside a small, yet busy airport.

Anna Milton is a pilot for one of the companies that fly from the airport, and when she has an early flight, she decides to book a room in the closest hotel, so she can get the full twelve hours sleep she needs before she can fly again.

She didn’t expect the woman that owned the hotel to be so beautiful, and interesting and smart, and to have such a gorgeous smile, and despite the fact most of her flights are manoeuvrable, she ends up staying at the hotel more and more, getting to know the cute blonde owner, and working up the courage to ask her out.

And when she finally does Jo just grins and asks her what took her so damn long.

joannael: college!au (back-to-school-edition)

anna has always loved the first week of school, ever since she was little. the anticipation of starting a whole new year never fails to get to her: the feeling of potential and excitement as the temperatures drop and classes being, everything falling into place. the first day of class brought with it a delightfully chilly breeze, and anna donned a cozy sweater and made her way to her first lecture, where she pulled her notebook and pen out of a perfectly organized bag. 

it was five minutes into class when the door screeched open and a girl ran in, dropping into the seat right next to anna. the girl was blonde, dressed in an oversize blue and gray sweater, and she dug around messily in her bag until she found a pad of paper and a pencil. she turned to anna then with a wide grin: “hey, i’m jo.”