James x Reader: Love Potion

Warnings: none (I think)

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A/N: So I had this idea and I thought it would be kind of cute to write :)) Hope you enjoy and please please send me requests- they make me feel loved! x

“I really think that a week’s detention was over the top.” You said after finishing your detention. 

“We only made a rain cloud follow the Slytherin captain all day.” 

“Great work on that Y/N.” Trust Moony to compliment your handiwork. 

“What I can say.” You smiled as James hung his arm around your shoulders, he’d started doing that a lot recently but you didn’t mind. All of you walked into the common room and sat on the sofa opposite the fire, your trademark seats. 

The main part of the conversation was the next prank (a water slide was discussed) and you and Moony argued about whether students should be taught how to make poisons. You had just made a very convincing point when a tiny first year approached very nervously, “Um Y/N?” you smiled sweetly and nodded, “This is for you.” He said, handing you a letter and walked away quickly. 

“Okay, okay- place your bets.” You chuckled, waving the envelope. It’s worth noting here that you regularly got notes and chocolates from admirers trying to ‘woo’ you, you didn’t provoke it, it just kind of started happening. 

“Ben Pavto” 

“Ollie Wilkinz” 

“Oh that Slytherin- what’s his name?” You quirked an eyebrow, “Oh yeah, Jesad Breton.” 

“Good shout, I’m going with Sirius.” James agreed, half-heartedly. 

You opened the letter, melodramatically, and took a deep breath, “It is an honour to say that you are all wrong.” You giggled, “this letter is from Anwir Raven- oh is he the one that’s potion exploded today when I laughed?” 

“I believe so.” Remus recalled. 

“Bless, I’ll let him down easy tomorrow before I sit down for breakfast.” You planned, throwing the letter in the fire. 

“Before coffee?” James asked. 

“Good point, I’ll let him down easy tomorrow after coffee.” 

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*curtsies* Hey Duke, did you discover your patronus yet?

*Curtsies* According to Pottermore it’s a fucking buzzard? Like excuse you, no, my happiest memory does not take the form of a giant balding trashbird. Fuck that. I’ve always said my Patronus is a greater flying fox and I stand by it because I know myself better than some stupid quiz that only takes into account five random word associations.


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Un petit tour sur pottermore, je croyais déjà avoir ma maison mais non j’ai dû recommencer ; ça n’a pas changé depuis de toute façons. Peut être que c’était avec une autre adresse idk. 

Ma maison : 

Le choixpeau ma envoyé à Serpentard. Grand bien lui fasse, de toute façon c’est le sorcier qui décide de sa maison ; alors ça me convient parfaitement. 

Originally posted by piercethealltimesleepingveil

Quel petit patronus original,

 je suis content. Je vous avoue que je connaissais pas cet animal. Cela vaut un détour sur wiki :

Les engoulevents sont des oiseaux crépusculaires et nocturnes, de taille petite à moyenne (9 à 25 cm), aux ailes longues et étroites. Leurs pattes sont courtes, mais leurs doigts puissants portent des ongles acérés. Ils ont un plumage généralement gris-brun

Il me convient bien, c’est mignon discret ; parfait. 

Au passage, ma baguette est en bois d’aulne, quatorze pouces, crin de licorne, étonnement flexible. Ma maison à Ilvermorny est Horned Serpent qui, dit on, représente l’esprit du sorcier. 

Question à 800 balles (ou pas)

Ces histoires de Patronus m’ont décidée à me mettre à Pottermore. Et à présent, la seule chose qui, disons, m’interpelle, c’est que ma baguette magique est en bois d’if et contient une plume de phénix.

La question est donc la suivante :

Sachant que les caractéristiques de ma baguette sont les mêmes que celle de Voldemort (en plus de ce que dit Pottermore à propos des baguettes d’if), dois-je me sentir obligée de lancer un plan machiavélique de domination galactique ?

Vous avez quatre heures.