Beauty and the Beast: A Sabriel Edition

Act I

France had always been kind to the Winchester family, until last winter when once again they lost a member of their family. Sam never knew his mother, he was barely six months old when the fever took her, he couldn’t mourn a person he had never had the chance to love.

That did not apply to Dean. To Sam, his older brother was his entire world. And now that world had crumbled down. He wished for days in the sun riding with his brother, for long nights discussing the locals, for the ever endearing company of his voice in tune with his. 

As the season’s changed, John became obsessed, traveling from town to town in search of his darling son, rumors were that he had lost his mind insisting in fairy tales stories of monsters and winged beasts.

Sam tried in vain to the keep those rumors at bay, there was enough talking of their family as there is, no need to put more salt on the burn. So, the boy did the only thing he could, he read. Monsieur Singer, the local librarian encouraged him to pursue his father’s delusions promising that he wouldn’t be disappointed.

If there was one thing Sam wished with his whole heart besides finding his brother was Lucifer forgetting his complete existence, there was absolutely no way he would tie himself down to that boorish, brainless, rude man. 

His world is turned upside down in mere seconds when the family’s horse Impala sprinted throughout the fields, his father nowhere in sight. In a swift motion, Sam picked up his cloak and jumped on Impala’s back riding towards the woods. Sam was tired of losing his family, come hell or high water he was going to find his father.