Uncontrollably Fond, Episode 8 

“You’ve misjudged me, God. If you thought that this would be enough to make me give up and step aside… you’re dead wrong. Come at me with all you’ve got. I’ll never fall into despair, or be sad, or surrender to you.” - Shin Joon Young

Akdong Musician to become fixed members of KBS ‘Sketchbook’!

On June 2, Akdong Musician′s agency YG Entertainment revealed that the duo will show a new charm through their fixed segment on Sketchbook beginning June 3.

It was revealed that Akdong Musician completed the recording of their first Sketchbook episode on May 31.

During the new Akdong Musician segment, titled Descendants of Words, the artists will sing their version of a song selected from a theme. Akdong Musician stated, “We will show clear and pure lyrics through the ′Descendants of Words′ segment.”

Source & Translated by: MWAVE


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