It’s amazing to completely focus on something for four, five or six months, have it completely consume your life and be constantly thinking about somebody else’s set of circumstances and how they would react to something. I find it fascinating. It’s rewarding and on a professional and personal level. - Leonardo DiCaprio

Hey TAU fans, it’s time for another event!

The whole month of February is going to be a Valentines celebration - and in honor of one of the most important themes of the AU, the focus is going to be on platonic, familial, and other non-romantic, non-sexual love and friendships. This isn’t limited specifically to characters who are asexual/aromantic, but rather the relationships themselves that all sorts of characters can share together.

The only deadline is the end of February. This isn’t a contest or competition, this is a time to just celebrate something beautiful together as a fandom - as one big family!

So what can you do to contribute? Anything at all! There is no limit to what you can do to express what these themes mean to you. Fanfics, drabbles, drawings, music playlists, clay sculptures, or just a little thoughtful post you’d like to share with the rest of the TAU family. A whole comic book or ten words, everything is welcome!

Just remember to tag your contributions as #TAU Valentines 2016 so we can reblog your content accordingly.

To recap:

  • Deadline is February 29th
  • Theme is non-sexual, non-romantic love in any form
  • Tag your contributions as #TAU Valentines 2016
  • No limitations on what you want to make!

Salem tried to push herself away from the crowd in the middle dancing, though all she wanted to do was join them. She was too frustrated in the moment to think about anything but the mission. When someone grabbed her wrist, she yanked it back with a polite smile. “Please don’t touch me.”

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Dammit, OJ...If you're not unfusing, I guess we'll have to FORCE you to again, huh...? I really didn't wanna do this, not again but...You left me no choice here. { FIGHT }