anonymous asked:

Could you recommend blog, who's literally ray of sunshine, cinnamon roll, bombarding to with positivity, some kind of guardian angel, and who has ability to just cheer up people? I'm extremely down and I'd like to meet optimist. Thank you 😘

Hi there! Firstly, if you ever want to talk, I’m more than happy to be there, listen or offer up support and cute kitten pics and stuff =^.^=

As for other fandom blogs: 

@cutefandomsdaily is honestly a ray of sunshine and one of the most positive people I have EVER met, Vic ily <3

@littlevelvethearts is also a sweeetheart and posts lots of sweet, pure things.

@mintmintdoodles draws some of the cutest damn doodles I’ve ever seen I swear to god. 

Non-Fandom Blogs:

@thatsthat24 if you don’t know of Thomas Sanders, let me enlighten you, the boy is almost a certified ray of sunshine and giggles, his vines are are so pure and tend to include lots of silly jokes, pokemon pranks, positive thinking, cute songs, and him being everything a Disney Prince should be. Plus he loves cute, positive things and that’s what most of his tumblr is. 

@cutekittensarefun is all adorable kittens.

and the “spotlight” section of blogs actually has a category for cuteness.

Hope that helps!

And more so, I hope you feel better. xoxoxo