i rarely see genjis using nihon nowadays, partially because i avoid touching qp even with a 10ft pole, but when i do see nihon genjis, i get so salty.

it was one of the items i never got during the summer games/ as you may or may not know, summer games was the first overwatch event and the event loot was not purchasable with in-game credits. it’s the reason people are glad event loot is purchasable now, even if at a premium. we had to get our stuff from the level up/purchased loot boxes. i levelled up 70 times. seventy fucking levels. damian had purchased me 24 loot boxes (very kind of him). but no nihon genji.

again, as you may or may not know, i mained genji for a decent period of time. he wasn’t my ‘top’ main, but he was up there with reaper and lucio and i think as you likely know if you are reading this, i fucking love genji. i would die for genji. if genji asked for it, i would give him my wallet, my laptop, my cellphone, my keys, my entire pc setup, and both of my steam accounts.

genji was the hero for whom i got the 50 item achievement. but until we can get our greedy hands on the summer games items again (possibly this summer), i cannot obtain all of genjis items.

and every single time i have to see one of those nihon fuckers in game, every time i have to see their red and white ass jumping around, see their goddamn highlight intro with the custom red slash (why don’t the other skins have custom slash colours? because fuck them, that’s why), i am reminded of the fact i cannot unlock this skin and it makes me want to scream.