part 4 of mod frosty’s blizz hq tour (captions below pictures)

*okay so i forgot to take a picture of the actual statue, but when you walk in through the gate and go towards the main building they have this big statue with several wow characters (i’m assuming because i don’t play wow) and around its base there’s a ring with runes and more importantly, 8 plaques with blizzard’s mottos. the tour guy mentioned that this one “Play nice, play fair” is especially important, because there were employees who were fired before for toxicity or aimbotting rip

“You’re worth it, you’re perfect”
You were having a pretty rough month, and Joonie couldn’t stand seeing you so upset. You told him not to fuss over it, knocking it off as just a bad day (although you knew it’s been more constant than one measely day). Yet your heart skipped a few beats as Joonie showed you a pair of tickets to go to Tokyo Disneyland.

“I love you,” he pecked you on the forehead, “you mean so much to me. We’ll get through this together,”

-for @kimdaily