pics that make us ship them lol


Jikook makes me think of Yunjae from TVXQ They are one of my fav OTP. Even till this day I believe they are real as three members have formed their own group and other two in SM still as TVXQ. Even though they are separated, fans have found couple rings and what not with their eagle eyes. I think they have the largest shipping fan base too. Anyway, one of them is a bit subtle while other one makes it obvious and makes other people question him lol . They also uncomfortably stare at each other a lot and jaejoong the one on the left (on the most pic) always compliments Yunho and acts really shy afterwards. Reminds me of Kookie randomly complimenting Jimin out of nowhere. And yunjae shippers used to say their relationship changed when yunho got poisoned by an anti-fan and how jaejoong was in the hospital with yunho for a long time. This reminds me of how jikook relationship changed starting 2015/2016 , like how in ’ Kookmin World’ she said it was after the Jimin fainting incident. And look at jikook holding hands aww… ❤️❤️⛵️⛵️

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If you look through Sofia's Instagram you can see that she only post malvie/mevie pics for promoting the movie. I can tell that Dove and Sofia ships Malvie more than us. Also that make me question if something like space between came from them. Like they ask Disney to make that song for malvie and they add later the looks and turns that make us faint when the song came. What do you think?

Well, I think Dove is the one who REALLY started it when she tweeted asking for people to send her Malvie fanfics lol. But their friendship is very strong in real life so I think people latched onto that and it’s a positive model of a healthy friendship for kids. Honestly, if they were given the option, I think they’d both totally be down for Malvie being canon.

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Hi, I was just going through your shop, and I was wondering if you sell stickers too? I love your art, but stickers are much more useful to me than postcards, lol (buying a bunch of your charms though!) <3

Most of my stickers are on Redbubble :D 

I can also print some myself but a) I don’t have glossy paper and b) shipping is a bit tricky, because shipping would be more expensive than a sticker if you only bought one. *lol*

I have a bunch of stickers already printed and still lying around at home though. Here’s a pic of them. I’ve also looked into having stickers printed but I haven’t tried anything out yet because making products is always an investment I currently don’t have the money for.

If I sell some postcards or charms I’ll be able to tackle stickers *winks*