pics teaser

i can’t wait till the teaser pics come out cause then all of us are gonna change our icons and header images and by then we’ll have the album name so a lot of us will change urls too and you probably won’t even be able to tell who is who, chaotic good


Beauty and the Beast except Demospy raise your hand if you agree 

Things you can do on NCT 127's website

▪Move the transparent words in the bg
▪Move the cute pixel member avatars
▪Move the weird cherry mascot cliparts
▪Double click the avatars to see them dance!
▪Glide your cursor over the transparent words to mess them up
▪If you click on the bg, the members’ individual teasers pop up
▪Click on them again to see the video teasers
▪You can move the teaser pics around too ▪Click on the word ‘Cherry’ and a weird puzzle game appears
▪Click on the word ‘Bomb’ and a giant pink explosion appears
▪Click on the sidebar. 8 BIT MUSIC!!!!!!
▪Upload your own picture and Bomb Your Pic with the given templates!


🎉 introducing nct’s new teaser pics for their new ad for coca cola cherry coke! 🎉 find their group teaser, here!

(from left to right, top to bottom row)

mr suh, jeffery, sicheng

dongsookie, yukkuri, william

bunny, ty track, muurk


also including the newly, debuted member, handsoap!

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: I miss exo so much, I miss my ot9, my angels, my sunshines. I really can’t wait for their comeback, I can’t wait for the teaser pics, I can’t wait for the new mv, I can’t wait for new hair colors, I can’t wait for new outfits, I can’t wait for new choreo, I can’t wait for new songs, I can’t wait for new performances. I’m just sitting here waiting for the slayage, I’m ready EXO WHERE U AT???

look I’m so excited for exo season? I can’t wait for the teaser pics released one by one, the mass guessing about what concept they’ll have that is always wrong, when the choreo video leaks one day before release, just seeing them all together and making a clean sweep on music shows, having a whole new album AND the inevitable repackage to listen to all summer plus having the exo fans come back to tumblr…i’m just so ready for this?