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Lips are overrated 

I was tagged to do selfie things by @jozhua, @seveanteen, @mienghao, @minghaeo and probably more people, lol. 

I will tag @junhan​, @wonnhao​, @amillionwon​, @caratcafe​, @hughosh​, @dokyuml​, @yoonjunqhan​, @scoupsthighs​ and @7unhui​ (sorry if you’re one of the people I always tag, but I don’t have that many friends otl) 

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The cig in the pic is not lit I dont think. There isnt any smoke, I think you would see it if there were. I think the cig was for the pic only. He is a smoker and we know its a part of who he is. It captured his essence. He probs got up and went outside when the pic was over to smoke it. :)

oh my god this…… wannabe hipster aesthetic

harry totally took that picture

im so angry

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honestly the fact that it was taken in the tomlinson/deakin home should tell you everything. if any of his sisters had taken the pic they would've posted it themselves or liked the pic. i imagine only close family would be allowed in that household. and we all know how much louis's family loves harry :~)

It’s just like it’s Harry all over you know? The same way he edits all his pics. I know Lottie has a camera, but that is a shot from someone that understands about photography and it’s on his family home so….. in conclusion: Harry and Louis like to hang in the donny house with all the girls and the babies, just being soft and pure 

go get changed outta ur pilot suit already Lance, y'can pester Keith later
(I really miss these two reckless doofus’ ;w;)