pics of the bestie

is it bad that i haven’t seen my friends in a week but i’d rather stay home then go out with them cause its too fucking hot to go outside
like my friend snaps pics of her and her other besties and then asks to see me like the next day like no ho u carry on seeing Elizabeth and i’ll continue to sleep and drink at home with my mum im just fine atm
and everyones out enjoying the sun and like overloading their snap stories and it makes me feel shitty but i really dont want to go out atm
honestly being with certain people drains me to the point that i feel ill
i just want to be like all those basic bitches that have actual best friends
and ugh i hate how in london after one sunny day the entire city strips off their clothes and feels the need to go out uno its cooler in your fucking house and put some clothes u dont want sun burn or skin cancer wth
can everyone just pipe down, go inside and stfu

Okay so JJ and Otabek are secretly best friends and JJ takes him out partying in Montreal or something. Yuri has JJ blocked on Insta so he doesn’t think twice to post the bestie selfies and pics. Yuri, one random day, unblocked JJ because he needs to laugh at something ugly and that’s when he sees. The utter betrayal™ follows.

What ends up happening is that instead of punching both of them like originally planned, he ends up partying with them every time after because Yuri’s jealous af and photo bombs all their selfies.

@leandrasimone_: I choose this pic of my bestie because this is the real her .., (story behind the pic ) she was shooting a movie at a shelter in Brooklyn .. these beautiful ppl asked her for a pic and she was so excited to take it :.: happy b day to the realist celebrity that ever existed and God blessed me to call her bestie @badgalriri

                                    You won and she chose you.
And she loved you and she’s gone.
                                              It’s over, isn’t it?

                                          Why can’t I move on?”

((Thank you @weyounn / @askarkham my Blog bestie <3 for the Alice and Billy picture, it’s great. Here is the song for this picture: the refrain fits perfect.))

🕷️ 🕸️🕷️So happy I got to take my Spider Woman suit on a test-run, and take some pics with one of my besties November Cosplay in her Gwenom suit!! I was only in costume for a little before I was in the Geek Fashion Show preview show at Silicon Valley Comic Con , but I had a web-tastic time!! Hopefully I’ll wear her again soon!!! :D (And hopefully next time I can get my mask and lenses lol)📸: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography