pics of the bestie


lmao i forgot about these sketches
sorry for just uploading sketches…finding inspiration to do full pictures has been tough lately and i figured i might as well just doodle until i can bang something out ya know!

i’m starting a list of things people say to me, a nonbinary, and my nonbinary partner when we’re together in public. so far off the top of my head
-(at the doctors) “your friend in the waiting room”
-(getting professional couple pics by a photography) “yay besties forever”
-(walking to class together) “i can tell you guys are really close friends you’re so chill together”
-(on a date at the mall) “you gals enjoying your girls night out?”
-(when spooning icecream into one another’s mouths) “wow what are friends for right?”

Okay, for my 200th post, I’m going to get it right! A beautiful but badass pic of Ed that captures everything that is wonderful about FMA…

…uh oh…

…dammit Winry! Again?!

Okay so JJ and Otabek are secretly best friends and JJ takes him out partying in Montreal or something. Yuri has JJ blocked on Insta so he doesn’t think twice to post the bestie selfies and pics. Yuri, one random day, unblocked JJ because he needs to laugh at something ugly and that’s when he sees. The utter betrayal™ follows.

What ends up happening is that instead of punching both of them like originally planned, he ends up partying with them every time after because Yuri’s jealous af and photo bombs all their selfies.