pics of the bestie


Day 4 of Undyne Appreciation Week !!

I’m sorry, I just HAD to throw in a Big Sister Undyne pic somewhere in all this, so where better, BUT ON THE BESTIES DAY???

For any folks unknowing: BSU is an AU where Undyne is Papyrus’s older sister in place of Sans, and the two are essentially adopted by Asgore and Gerson.

I always loved the idea of Undyne having such a close bond to Papyrus that they are practically on par of being siblings, not at all devaluing the canon which is them developing a strong friendship by way of Undyne training Papyrus to be part of the Royal Guard, but it also hurts my heart the missed chance to have cute moments of the two having grown up together as childhood friends. They care so much about each other, god they’re the best besties ever;;

Folks really need to hop on the @undyne-appreciation train bECAUSE THERE’S TWO DAYS LEFT AHHHHH

Okay so JJ and Otabek are secretly best friends and JJ takes him out partying in Montreal or something. Yuri has JJ blocked on Insta so he doesn’t think twice to post the bestie selfies and pics. Yuri, one random day, unblocked JJ because he needs to laugh at something ugly and that’s when he sees. The utter betrayal™ follows.

What ends up happening is that instead of punching both of them like originally planned, he ends up partying with them every time after because Yuri’s jealous af and photo bombs all their selfies.