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Here are some shots of my very lovely and incredibly ancient watery friend sent to me by @weaselmancer & @wicked-chivalrous. They’re a trilobite originating from South Africa. I haven’t named them because I’m certain they already have a name and I am also reasonably sure I can’t pronounce it anyway. But trust me, we’re good friends despite the language barrier.  💖


Anyway, enough screaming, on to the actual post! I not only wanted to post this drawing I did of Anti just because it’s so good and I’m very proud of it, but also as a way to say happy birthday to Jack! I swear, he’s growing up so fast, it’s insane :’)

Silliness aside, I wanna say thank you to Jack for…well, everything. I found his channel back in September of 2015 through Mark, and as soon as I started watching a few of his videos, I was instantly hooked. I just loved his upbeat, energetic personality, he always managed to put a smile on my face. And ofc, as I kept watching his videos, I, in general, became a much happier person, knowing that I always had Jack and his videos to look forward to every day, or really any day where I was feeling down. And then I started to become more involved in the community and interacting with the lovely people here more. I’ve met so many great people, made new friends (in real life and on the internet), and even found the love of my life. I got the inspiration to create art from seeing all the amazing fanart the community has made. I’ve been working hard and have improved quite a lot. I’ve become a much more creative person, and I strive to make myself better.

And it’s all thanks to Jack.

So again, thank you, Jack, for everything that you’ve done for me and so many others in this community. Happy birthday, you big loveable goof ❤

The Best Thing on the Internet Today - February 27, 2017

A cute pic of our friends, the Andersons. We enjoy going to Farmer’s Markets and brunching with them on the weekends. 

Ain’t no party like a… welding themed party?

Umm… my Uber is here you guys. I’m just gonna see myself out the back door. 

Swamp public transport is cheap but it’s always so inconsistent. 


Happy Valentine’s day my blurred friend @howling–fantods ! ♡ my present for you is this very very long post about my favorite pics/gifts that i’ve found on the internet of our lovely Graham Coxon  and one damono. -i know isn’t anything very special but there were things going on in my life and all this material was hided in one folder of my computer so instead of keep them for myself i decided to share them with you-  I hope you liked it!  ♥ ♡ 

I’m such a sucker for that ship, man, I’m ashamed of myself. But, hey, a life sign! I’m still here, but my internet connection sucks balls and for posting that pic I had to take a nice full moon walk down the street.

I give a 100 internet points for anyone who creates content for that ship and tags me x)

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You keep posting sexually inviting pictures of your body then when someone asks you things like ''where your masturbating video, where your dick pic, where your ass hole pic'' you are like ''lol'', really?

Yes. Really. Just because I’m happy to show my body, and have fun with my images, and even be happy about my gym progress, it does in no way mean I *have* to show the Internet my genitals or pornographic images of my body or anything I don’t want online. It’s my body and I’ll present myself how ever I want to. I think that’s a healthy attitude to have. I think YOUR attitude that you deserve pics of my genitals is very strange.

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For all those (including myself, honestly) who thought MAYBE people were jumping to conclusions when they said the sock puppet IG was run by M/her minions...I have been convinced today and I apologize for doubting. The account made the statement that "D can't enjoy the fest with his gf AND THEIR DEAR FRIENDS" because of CC shippers. The statement was made about 20-30 minutes BEFORE a single pic or snap, except ones of M by herself, was released on the internet. How did she knows R was there?

I don’t usually check that account but my friends and people here showed me in the past similar things and other “mistakes” of that sort. So I suppose that you are fully forgiven ( if needed 😉) and that mil account is totally her and pr related. :)

sometimes i want to post topless pic bc my body rn looks really amazing and otherworldly and it would be a blessing to the internet but then i stop myself bc tumblr does not deserve to see me like that 

Watch on

His solo interview after the main event, Ghana chocolate 29 Aug 2016.

First part of video, my summary of his words: 
He said it is an uncommon chance for him to be attending this kind of event, with 3 beautiful actresses, and this is for the 3rd year running, it was exciting and enjoyable.
He felt nervous when they all said “Yuzuru-kun” to him. ^^
Popping the big cracker was very fun. It was a very “Ghana-like” cracker with the gold and red colours of Ghana.

At 2:00 of video–
Q: What did you think of the photos were showed? (there was a segment where they each showed a photo that makes them feel excited about. Airi -showed pic of 2 children; Tao -pic of skiing and talked about challenging certain sports; Suzu -pic of her dog;  Yuzu -pic of his earphones.^^)

Yuzu: 1) Airi-san’s photo of children.  I myself love little kids. I often pat or stroke them but they don’t like it. (laughs) But I really do love kids.  They come to the rink sometimes;  they make me feel relaxed. 
2)  I don’t go to the seaside much. I am not good at the sea. So like Tao-san, maybe I should challenge myself on that.
3)  I like dogs and cats, especially cats. So I understand her feeling.
Now on the internet, there are more and more pictures and videos. I do get the feeling that ahhhh I really want a pet cat!!!!

Q: What are your feelings now towards the new season?

Yuzu: This season I have a late start. There was no chance to skate in front of everyone and I caused a lot of worry. Now, going towards the start of the season, I will work really hard to have good performances that will make everyone ‘genki’ (invigorated), performances that I myself can smile at and in turn make everyone smile as well.

Q: Can you please tell us some exciting points or things we should pay attention to in your new programmes?

Yuzu: My short programme is choreographed by Jeffrey Buttle. The poses and ideas came out as we discussed with each other. You can look at each of the poses, how it fits with the music. The entry to jumps, the flow after landing, it’s a programme that pays special attention to those things. So I hope you will watch out for these areas.
Both my short and free are programmes that I can skate with a good feeling, and I can put my emotions into them, so please look forward to them.

–translated by me. Some parts are summarised. Thanks to Jijipress for the video.


So I thought this would be a “fun” thing to do, to tell you all what I am actually working on and stuff, but also to help myself to figure out what it is I am working on and need to work and finish and so on if you catch my drift? xD

First off the photos from the convention, it’s going slow but hopefully a bunch of them will be posted tomorrow

The comic I was showing wips off before I went away, it’s almost finished just need to finish the last panel and then it’s good to go!

An intro comic for a upcoming side and ask blog that I have been working on for too long, 2 out of 6-7 something panels are done, but it’s on hold for now as I want to finish another bigger thing first

The bigger thing is the filling of a meme named True Love Meme which I have been working on for what feels like ages, have sketched up 6 of the answers, hopefully will get to finish sketching out the rest soon because I am having way too much fun with it!

The first prize of my Art raffle for TyrantTortoise, finished sketching and have begun to colour it slightly, will take awhile as there is so many ribs in it xD

The colour palette challenge, got 8 left, have sketched up 7 of them, began to colour one of them, will probably finish them all pretty soon as I am pretty fast with them

Ref pic for my UT Oc Sym, have sketched it up but not began to colour yet

And then there is a bunch of other things, random sketches I haven’t posted, things I have begun to colour but haven’t finished for some reason, got what feels like a bunch of these xD

and also like 2-3 one or two page comics that I have begun on but haven’t finished etc

also some minor animations too

there is also some minor not safe for work pics I want to finish hue hue hue…

that is all I think, gonna put the photos, the almost finished comic and the colour palettes as my priority for now <:

so yeah this was fun

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I wanna post a before and after pic to document my glow up but I don’t wanna drag myself like that on the internet I don’t think


| jaebum | | mark | | youngjae | | yugyeom |

• gosh this child of God is the best thing that’s ever happened to your life 

• yugyeom would probably be the clingy type of boyfriend 

 • at first, he can’t really look at you in the eyes because he’s afraid he might make a fool of himself 

• he’s always unsure if he’s doing the right thing for you 

 • “am I doing it right (Y/N)? Are you sure I’m doing a good job at being your boyfriend?“ 

• “jagi, stop worrying about it! You’re doing just fine!" 

• but on the later part of your relationship you wouldn’t think that the shy, awkward Yugyeom existed because damnnn, he acts like he’s been in hundreds of relationships before 

 • but of course, he got all the pieces of advice from his hyungs 

 • he’ll sometimes text you that his hyungs played another prank/hidden camera for him again 

 • "jagi~ I cried because I thought Jackson hyung and Jaebum hyung got mad at me and then Bambam and youngjae got into a fight!" 

• "oh Yugyeom what exactly happened? Are you all fine? Should I come over?" 

• "well I THOUGHT they were fighting but it was just for a hiDDEN CAMERA AGAIN!" 

• "I’m coming over. I swear to God I’m gonna kick everyone’s ass tonight." 

 • he may seem rude but on the inside he cares so much about his hyungs and of course, you 

 • sassy boyfriend (I mean seriously) 

• you sometimes have the urge to slap the living daylight out of him for sounding so rude to you but he would immediately take it back cuz he knows that he crossed the line 

 • he would be the quickest to apologise whenever you two fight because he’s a bit of an overthinker so he’s so afraid to lose you 

 • even on tour, he’ll always have time for you by video calling or even spamming your snapchat with what he’s currently doing 

 • snapchat: "concert’s over! But I wish you where here :(" 

 • snapchat: "brushing my teeth right now brushbrubrush" 

 • well he just doesn’t like the fact that you’re not with him during those times 

 • "where are you jagi? You aren’t in your room???" 

• "I’m out with my friends. I’ll be back in an hour" 

• "without telling me??? I’m on my way." 

• "Yugyeom-" 

 • yeah he sometimes overreact 

 • he’ll teach you all their dance routines 

• both of you would be hanging out in the practice room making jokes, goofing around or causing trouble to the hyungs 

• he would be asking you to film him while dancing 

• ”(Y/N) you need to come over” -Jinyoung 

• “why?? Is everything alright?“ 

• "noooooo yugyeom wouldn’t shut up about you please make him stop. I have a headache" 

• "bye Jinyoung" 

• apparently Yugyeom would be talking about you to his hyungs and you’re basically the only thing that he talks about 

 • "oh (Y/N) I lost something. Can you help me find it? I can’t go to work without it" 

• and then you would help him find it but this cheesy little sht would only grab your face and say "nvm I found it” and kiss you on the lips (I’m torturing myself) 

• lots and lots of aegyo with him 

• he’s so touchy and a very huge fan of PDA 

• you’ll constantly see pics of yourself on the Internet either holding hands with yugyeom or him always hugging you from behind with his chin resting on top of your head 

• well yeah, he loves that type of hug because he’ll have the chance to wrap his long arm around your shoulders and the other around your waist 

• you’ll have the hyung line teasing both of you about your relationship 

• “awee our maknae’s all grown up! We should celebrate!” probably jaebum 

• he wants you to call him oppa even if you’re older than him 

• he’s very vocal when it comes to showing his love for you 

• it will be full of “I love you” “I miss you” “you look beautiful jagi” “I’m lucky to have you" 

• a jealous Yugyeom would probably be like Youngjae where he’s gonna be quiet about the whole thing and would only open up when he can’t take it anymore or when you confront him 

 • "thanks for putting up with my sht, (Y/N)" 

• "saranghae (Y/N)”

This is for the anoonie who requested for a Boyfriend!Yugyeom! Just tell me if you’d like me to make the other member’s version!! 🙊Don’t hesitate to click the ask button and request! Feel free to talk to me babes! 💙

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Will you ever post a peen pic? Lol, sorry I'm just curious

If I did… I would only release it to people who were trans and interested in phalloplasty. Even just sharing my phalloplasty journey has opened me up to more trolls and I am not really up for whatever might happen if my dick was floating around on the internet. I would love to for educational purposes but at the same time I also need to protect myself. :) 

one of my dreams would be living in a islamic country and to wear a burka during the day and not do bad things but i would have a secret internet life where i troll everyone and post thotty pics of myself

This pic was taken few hours ago.

Hi I’m yannie . 15 yrs old , I’ve been here before to find some internet pals :) And I met some super duper different awesome people around the globe (exagge right?😂) Well it’s the fact.

•Well I love traveling (but I didn’t travel out of the country yet)
•I love taking pictures of myself and my friends (a young photographer)
•I’m a sensitive person (I cry even for the smallest reason)
•I hate math (common to all students actually but mine , is called DISORDER)
•I hate peanut butter (ew)
•I’m the kind of girl who don’t really care on what she look but care what she smell (I perfumes myself just like taking a bath)
•TBH, I’M CLUMSY AND CARELESS (yeah unfortunately)
• I love my family and God ❣
•I’m a rulebreaker (in minor things only)
•Hardheaded and childish(yeah yeah fine)
•lazy and weird (sometimes lol)
•I’m deeply inlove with Selena Gomez😍
• I love watching movies
•I’m a singer in the bathroom
•And I’m a dancer in the mirror 😅

(That’s just the basic things about me😄)
I’m expecting you to message me and be my penpal:) Let’s communicate and bond through my accounts posted below ⬇⬇⬇ Have a nice day 😘

INSTA: @yanmariegracegomez
Twitter: @yannielalala
Snapchat: Yanny Gomez 💘