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BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic: Spike (for anon & iwanttoseehowitends)

-100, finally! This has been a 4 year process. I fell off the wagon 99 times and got back on 100, literally. I’ve shifted from eating a very carb heavy diet to under 75 every day and they come from non-starchy vegetables, nuts and some fruit. Carbs made me absolutely miserable mentally and physically. Every single meal is a new chance to make the choice to nourish my body instead of throwing crap food at it. Lean bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym. I really didn’t think I’d ever get this far but slow and steady really does win the race!


5 month progress pic.
5'0 ½

A lot has happened this year. I finished my first year of college, I came out to my family and Ive lost almost 40 pounds. Am I a happier person? Sure. Am I a confident person rolling in self esteem? Nope. To be honest losing weight has created a lot of tension between friends/family and myself. It’s also made me a ‘tough love’ kind of gal. But I guess that’s life. And those friends who now call me anorexic can kiss my grits.

My fitness blog with diary entries, rants, progress photos and food pics is lettucegalore.

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Why don't you say in the pic of Venezuela that the vinegar is made by the private company Polar who has a monopoly on food distribution and how they won't sale the real food at the prices people can get, they sell corn floor mix overpriced when the original corn floor is only 10% of the price, or how they won't import corn and other strategic and basic foods but import wheat and lupulus to make beer who has never failed to be produced and distributed because of their large profits on that

Because I had no idea?


What 2 Yuzuru fans wore/carried/did when they watched Fantasy On Ice in Kobe

2nd pic) Asuka was wearing that hoodie that Yuzu is wearing. 

3rd pic) I wore toe socks.^^

4+5)  Our Yuzu-keychains hanging from our bags  [made and given by a dear Yuzu-fan friend]

6+7) Closer look at both sides of my keychain.  Note the little Yuzu symbols. I love this so much!

8) My Hana ni Nare phone cover and bracelet  (bought from Sendaid) (pic taken on a rainy day after a visit to Seimei Shrine after the show weekend)

9) A closer look at my bracelet plus my chibi Yuzu keychain that was in my bag (from Sendaid also)


After the last show, we went to eat Sendai specialty food, ‘gyutan’ (grilled slices of beef tongue).  It was so delicious!!!  This restaurant has outlets in Kobe and Osaka.

And after that, I had yuzu jelly, a present from Asuka. ^^

Asuka and another Japanese friend gave me Ghana files.   I have 6 beautiful files now!   And the friend who made the beautiful keychain also gave me some very cute Yuzu stickers

It was really a very Yuzu-filled holiday! 

I feel so lucky that I got to know such wonderful Yuzu fans!   Hope we’ll get to meet and have fun together again!

Phils Liveshow 10/23/16

•the award is heavy
•he felt travel sick on the way home
•they were happy to attend and not host this year
“IT was quite chill”
~tells a story about him peeing~
~talks about red carpet pics~
•you only wear suits if you present
•they decided to match like a boy band
•best blogger was basically a category for youtubers
•BBC can’t use the word “youtubers” so they said vlogger
“My eyes thank you”
•he did speak to the vamps
•they saw Niall but didn’t meet him
•he made eye contact with joe Jonas while eating a donut
•he has a spooky name ready
•he’s having a roast dinner tonight
~explains British foods~
~talks about AHS~
“I’m down with the twist”
•Ryan Murphy blew his mind
•he loved stranger things
•he may avoid the internet tomorrow because of walking dead spoilers
•he’s saving fancy clothes for the Bonca’s
•he did not watch the new rocky horror
“I am having a wonderful day”
•nothing embarrassing happened to him today
•everybody was surprised by Niall
•it’s not starting Monday though
•it’s 5 videos as usual
•they decorated the “set”
•he’s excited for sun and moon
•his favorite ones are the ice vulpix and the Doug trio with hair
•Brighton was awesome
“Just taking off my clothes on younow, don’t wanna get flagged”
•the trains to Brighton were cancelled because of leaves
“It was kind of a computer game, but a computer game from hell”
•dan stuck his arm in the train door
~talks about wen dan stuck his head in the door~
•Marzia throws great parties
•pj set the picture timer but didn’t make it into the picture
•they played celebrities
“Dans doing dan things”
“He’s been wearing a lot of onesies, should I be worried?”
•he (dan)will not be in this live show
•he loved maya and Edgar
•when they played “pass the bomb” Edgar was freaking out
•they all watched don’t breathe
•it made him feel tense but he recommends it
•he loved the conjuring two
•dan,pj,Felix and him all played overlooked
•we watches the apprentice
•he created the hashtag DAPGOOSE
~explains what dapgoose is~
•tickets are still available
•he started playing Tuber simulator but stopped
•they planned the awards while they were on tour and that’s why they didn’t host
~still obsessed with rolling sky~
*tries to play it*
~talks about DIl~
•the 3D videos made their arms look huge
•they will hopefully film Dapgoose
•he misses his shrimp
“I’m done with shrimp breeding”
•marzia gave everyone socks (phils has dogs)
•dan bought chocolate golf balls
“I don’t even like golf”
•TATINOF videos are done
•they’re going back to normal videos
•he needs to buy stuff for his next video
•it’s not baking
•PINOF8 in November
•Martyns birthday is October 30th
•po the cactus got knocked off the window and his pot shattered
•he wants to hang out with his parents
•there may be some exciting news next week!!!
•he can’t say anything about it
“I’m marrying everyone”
•spooky week background is more florescent than last year
“Goooooodbye” *makes DOG noises*

So I noticed the other day in Seb’s tag that people were talking about how we never see gym pics, vids, gifs of Seb doing leg work. And how he looks funny because his legs are so skinny.

I mean I think his legs look awesome here. I don’t believe they used padding for his thighs in CACW. But I do think he focuses mostly on his upper body because he has to match the look of Bucky.

Granted we’ve seen the very skinny version of the Winter Soldier in TWS which honestly looked to me like another way Hydra abused Bucky. They only gave him enough food to survive.

In CACW we see a more beefed up Bucky because he’s made his own decisions. Allowed to eat whenever, maintain his body hope he sees fit.

But this wasn’t supposed to turn into a discussion about Bucky. I just wish y'all would stop policing Sebastian.

If it isn’t about you personally, then stop stressing it.

Let him live his life and y'all live yours.

[TRANS] 160702 IU replies fans on uaena fancafe (Part 1) - Food pics

Fan: Omg unni ㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜ♡♡ I succeeded in continuing as a Marshmallow for the 8th time!!!
IU: Well done!!

Fan: Share with us a pretty place!!!Gyu
IU: Pretty right?

Fan: Unni, I’m going to eat a hamburger, where should I go? Lotteria? McDonalds?
IU: Lollollol

Fan: What did you do with actor Kang today~?? It’s great that you made many friends during the drama this time kekeke
IU: Together with Hanna-chan, we ate this….

IU: and this

IU: this too..

Fan: IU-nim ♡3♡ Upload a food picture for me tooo!!!
IU: Makguksu (Buckwheat noodles)

Fan: Not a picture of food but a picture of you, unnie!!!
IU: Syuyuk (Pork slices)

Fan: I’m on a diet, these food pictures.. ahh I can’t 
IU: Sannagji (Raw octopus)

Fan: Seems like you’re only replying with food pictures today hehe Isn’t there any other photo you’d like to show off?
IU: Suta jajjangmyeon (Handmade black bean sauce noodles)

Fan: Jingjjang, tell us honestly. Do you have more photos of food or selcas in your phone…??
IU: Mandyu (dumplings_

Fan: Do you have photos of desserts?
IU: Patbingsu (shaved ice dessert)

(TL note: As IU doesn’t like us reposting from fancafe, I’ll only be translating without posting screencaps. Visit uaena for the original posts.)

Translated by squishy with love