pics of doom

Dies Irae
Yuri Plisetsky's Free Skate
Dies Irae

Contains: SPOILERS for the great fanfiction A Stiller Doom by @tessacrowley, announcements, omegaverse, not typical roleplay audio, natural voice and English accent 

After an incredible performance in his short program, Yuri Plisetsky, 17, omega, is competing in the Helsinki 2018 Olympics with a selection of Verdi’s “Requiem” as his free skate. 

A/N: This is the second and final commissioned post from @tessacrowley for this fanfiction - be warned, IT CONTAINS SPOILERS!! The chapter that this audio coincides with hasn’t been released yet!! But really go check it out. Thank you so much Tessa for commissioning and thank you all so much for listening!!