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New official picture released by sailormoon_20th for Michiru’s birthday

You know those random impulses you get whenever you’re around a really attractive person and you kind of lose your chill???? Well that’s Kai around Sehun:

never mind me bro i just walked all the way over here to kiss your shoulder

im just gonna smack your ass bro dont think anything of it 

come on bro  i just want a hug

bro i know we just won the biggest award of the year but im the real winner standing next to you with you smelling like that

bro you know what? i just remembered that you looked real good today

‘I’m all for open talk when it’s a room full of friends or people you trust. But I don’t like the idea of having a platform where I would have to read comments from people I don’t know. Do you know what I mean?’  - Aidan Turner for The Telegraph (April 2017)


University of Michigan Athletes - Tom Brady, Dylan Larkin, & Michael Phelps

Hail to the Victors!

A self indulgent post about similar things regarding my faves Dave Gahan and Simon Gallup that I’ve noticed and probably only I care about but have done anyway:

They’re both very affectionate and love touching/kissing people

They both have cute soft faces when they’re younger

They had some bad times in the early 90s for various reasons which make me sad

They’re both massive dorks

@ennisapril​ replied to your post : So… I got another ask 

so. le cumberbatch’s hair, long-ish or short? i do like his very very short do from richardIII… and his post-khan-awkward-hairdo… for unknown reasons. you?

If you mean this hair…I would have to say that I have a special weakness for this style, I don’t know why either! hahahaha (or maybe I do ;-) )

I love his curls too (even when he hates them) and ginger, it’s like… take me jesus!

You’re right, his short hair looks great on him!

But don’t forget the classic black curls!

So, yeah… I am sorry I can’t give a proper answer… I LOVE HIS HAIR IN ANY STYLE!! hahaha

Thank you!!! 😘


Guys, please stop using my Tumblr posts and posting them as your own on Instagram or anywhere else (Instagram is where I’ve really noticed the issue).  That includes in particular the descriptions I write on behind the scenes posts.  Obviously the vast majority of pics I post are not mine, and you are free to repost the photos (and I always try to provide the original source location where I can to assist with that).  I don’t believe in a game of hide the ball on this.  But I do put a certain amount of time and effort into the little descriptions of locations and figuring what episodes the pic go with and whatever other comments I make in my posts and I don’t appreciate seeing those descriptions and comments turn up on Instagram 5 minutes later as someone else’s thoughts.  If you like my Tumblr commentary, link to my posts, don’t appropriate them.  

Likewise, while I appreciate that people like my fan edits and funko doll pics - I don’t appreciate people reposting them after cropping off my watermark or without acknowledging they didn’t create them and where they got them.  I have seen ALL of this on Instagram this week.  Repeatedly, across multiple tags.

I can’t match your Tumblr names and your Instagram names and I choose not to make my Instagram public so I can’t engage with you there.  But I have to assume you follow me here from the speed with which these things go up.  Please stop or I’ll have to start sharing some screen shots of my own and calling you out here because it’s the same repeat offenders, over and over and I’m really really tired of it.  Thank you.