pics not mine!

in honor of today being the last pll day ever, here’s the powerpoint i finished like five days ago i keep forgetting to post. this post is for humorous purposes, please don’t take the salt pouring out of my veins seriously

complete credit to all of the people who made the funny posts on slide 10: @therightsauce, @twistedlittleliars, @prettylittleliarsxxxx, @teamendgame, @spencerweedstings, @mayaisredcoat, @howtogetawaywithpll, @amandadhs2012, @hashtagpll, @pinkdrinkhanna, @shaolinbynature, @hastingsmitchell, and of course @prettylittleliars because when that hotline bling what better thing to do than write a tumblr post about it

edit: new link here with better pictures :) for some reason it’s marked nsfw, maybe because i cursed, idk

6-27-17 | 86/100 Days of Productivity

so my water bottle wasn’t closed all the way and the water leaked all over my notebook *cries* been rewriting notes on a new one for a bit

the last set of notes for the motivation unit of my seminar !! tomorrow, we begin with personality :‘DDD (and a quiz to finish up motivation)

the weather is pretty hot right now, gotta drink some water; please be sure to keep yourself hydrated this summer (and always ^^)

🎶 currently listening to : Whalien 52 - BTS