pics from 2002


hey so the left pic is me on my first day of kindergarten, in 2002. The hello kitty, Winnie the Pooh and blues clues aesthetic was on point 👌🏻

middle pic is me on the annual orchard trip (of that year - 2002) that my mom’s best friend would take us (her fam and mine) on every autumn. That sweater was my fave and my mom still has it I think

last pic is me just before Halloween 2002 with a jack o lantern my dad helped me carve (helped meaning he did all the work ‘cause I kept crying in fear of the knives).

The reason my mouth is closed in the first day of school pic is my lack of front teeth. We can always tell what pics are from 2002 in my family ‘cause I have no teeth !! Haha. I was 5 yrs old in 2002 btw and I adore your blog to piecesssss 💖💖💖💖💖

awww you were adorable!! thank you for sharing❤️