pics found on the web

I found this pic on web and it says that this is pic from Noragami ,but it doesn’t look like. So please if you find out which anime is this please tell me so I could rewrite tags. Thanks in advance. ♥♥♥♥♥


The bottom picture is Casper David Friedrich’s “Wanderer above the sea of fog” the inspiration for Tom given to him by GDT. You can see why it inspired him.PS morning girls have a great Sunday! @ancientfinnishgoddess @antyc67 @angryschnauzer @the-haven-of-fiction @tomforachange @eve1978 @vampirewithbedsidemanners @jdmookami @munchkin80 @snugglyhiddles @booksandcatslover @fresh-hell-mel @clojury @peskipixi @dragonslikesmaug @damageditem @mrshiddelston @oeffsee @itsnerdgirl6044 @servent-alearika @heathermc13 Tom PIC not mine I just played with it. Bottom PIC found on web