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Ok so a posted a couple pics of my Book Of Shadows, and a few people have been asking me for a copy of the script/alphabet I use. Here it is!

I originally made it because I live with people who think it’s ok to snoop around through my stuff, so now I write everything in it so only I can read it.

All the symbols look just a bit like a regular English alphabet so it’s a bit easier to memorize.

I also write everything on its side, so it looks like columns and is even trickier to figure out (without knowing that you just flip the book around)

I also put little pictures or doodles around to make it look like it’s supposed to be in columns. If I’m not good at explaining just look at the above pictures!

Feel free to learn and use it if you want! Or make your own!

(I made the above picture really quick and just wrote lyrics to the song I was listing to, nothing super mystical or secret about it, only an example)

The Brotherhood Sisterhood of Steel (FO3 & FO4)

  • Proctor Ingram, head of engineering and the Proctor for the Order of the Shield, based on the Prydwen (2287)
  • Senior Scribe Neriah, head of the biological research department of the Brotherhood of Steel, based on the Prydwen (2287)
  • Star Paladin Cross, third highest ranking Brotherhood of Steel member in the Citadel, bodyguard and trusted adviser to Elder Lyons (2277)
  • Sentinel Sarah Lyons, commander of the elite Lyons’ Pride squad, based in the Citadel (2277)
  • Scribe Haylen, field scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel, based in the Cambridge Police Station (2287)
  • Knight Lucia, works in the supply depot at the Boston Airport (2287)

Cast and Crew of Netflix’s ASOUE reveal little wonders! (2/3)

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On Instagram, Louis Hynes (Klaus Baudelaire), Usman Ally (Fernald), Bo Welch (production designer), Barry Sonnenfeld (director), Chloe Sonnenfeld (director’s daughter and costumer), and Lisa Brown (Daniel Handler’s wife) shared some funny photographs… Let us see what we have here.

• Water dragon from Uncle Monty’s reptile room (x)
• Props from Monty’s house, with a portrait of the director as Monty’s father (x)
• Python around Chloe Sonnenfeld, most likely from the reptile room as well (x)
• Dock Damocles on Lake Lachrymose, from The Wide Window? (x)
• Louis Hynes on a boat, also from the set of The Wide Window? (x)
• Wood logs from the set of The Miserable Mill (x)
• “No Outside Gum Permitted” sign, possibly from Lucky Smells Lumbermill (x)
• ‘Lucky Smells’ jacket, worn by Chloe Sonnenfeld (x)

These pictures only give a few clues, but they corroborate the idea of the first four books being adapted in Season 1 (which could contain 8 episodes)

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   - Icarus