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So Sam has been dating a girl for almost a year whom he so far will not publicly admit to dating; instead, he has allowed someone to drop her full name into Jess’ ask box, let a Starz producer snap a picture of them together in the background and post it, drop shaky, grainy footage of them together at a baseball game into the lap of the biggest troll in this fandom (who knows who the brunette was), and then he decided to trot her out at the BAFTAs where he looked like he was absolutely miserable.

Meanwhile, said girlfriend was dating someone else until the end of March last year and then apparently became so serious with Sam that she was in Scotland a few weeks later, posting pics on IG and letting people wonder. We’ve gotten a matching Patagonia hat, more Scotland pics, and of course, the dumpster fire picture in Amsterdam on the way to the NYE vacation she shared the previous year with the old boyfriend. And of course, who could forget that Scottish flag during a snowless trip up the ski lift on the mountain?

Meanwhile, Caitriona has apparently actually been with Tony for who knows how long, and he accompanies her around the world on all of these trips because he has the flexible career hours we’re all looking for, and he holds coats and sunglasses and gives her space when she’s working these events. She’s so private she literally cannot acknowledge him when she wins her first award but nearly falls apart talking about her costar.

In the midst of these relationships forming and growing, we have verbal denials from Sam and Cait that they aren’t together; but also those pesky moments where Sam has his arm around her at the GGs, Cait knowing what time Sam gets up for the gym in the morning, Cait’s charity liking shipper pics and tweets, the two of them seeming to intertwine charities, Sam being told to treat Cait like a queen on her birthday, Sam’s lookalike forehead being seen in Paris, his shrine to her at the Globes, the T2 premiere, and Cait cuddling on him while filming in Dunure.

And of course, those pesky shipper tweet likes and replies from Sam. Apparently shippers are trolls and The Worst, and Sam is being protected by his elderly and obese friends, and yet Sam just seems drawn to liking shipper things on twitter by three people with the most shippery handles possible.

I don’t like when all sides are being played. I don’t like jealousy over a date 20 years ago and posing with your crotches and hips attached and whistling at your costar’s ass on the red carpet so that she turns around and smiles at you, and then a couple weeks later kilts at weddings in Georgia. I’m just tired of this. Honesty is possible. Acting appropriately is possible. You don’t have to play all sides to do it. There is nothing about this situation that screams integrity. NOTHING.

Some of the biggest power couples and stars in Hollywood are in relationships that are still private. They admit who they’re with, they even bring them to events and look happy, they just don’t talk about it. They don’t turn around and post locations to be obvious and play with innuendo and then act like fans are dumb and confused. We just seem to have found the gold mine in fuckery here. It’s shameful.

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Henrik also showed up at Tarjei's last day of shooting at Nissen. That scene of the boy squad outside school? Henrik was there to support Tarjei on his last day of filming there. That's why David tagged him in the pic of the boys even tho he wasn't in it. They all went to party at Toyengata afterwards. Henrik posted the pic. A week later Henrik supported Tarjei once again attending the play he was in. It's all good, they are friends. I don't get where all this ridiculous rumous come from


Trip update!

- Tried to find Loft in Umeda; got utterly lost lol. Lucky for me I remembered there’s Loft in Namba near the subway station and I knew how to get there. (Loft is the only place where I can find regular postcards). Got also 5% discount with passport!

- STICKERS! SO MANY STICKERS! God I haven’t bought much anything else to myself than stickers..! I found these AWESOME sticker sheets which tell stories of Japanese folklore (like Kaguya Hime, Momotaro ect.) I will take pics of them someday. 

- Planning to hit K-Books later this week for Promptis dojins ;3c I hope I can find there! (Never went there alone before)

- I feel my Japanese is completely rusty because I haven’t been listening to drama CDs regularly in a year. It’s harder to understand what people are saying and remember the words myself when compared to last time here. Next time I know I need to soak myself into dramas before coming to Japan!

- No jetlag actually! I feel sleepy at humane hours and wake up also at humane hours. 


Pirate costume WIP update:

  • Made the top from scratch, out of a two way stretch linen in a natural unbleached colour. Used one of my favourite t-shirts as the base pattern and then eyeballed the sleeves as big as I could make them with the fabric I had left.
  • The skirt is hand dyed by yours truly. Using two Dylon powder dyes (Ocean Blue and Navy Blue), I dyed an old hand-made 90s raw silk wedding gown (white), then chopped it up and made it to fit me like a skirt. Just have to put in grommets and lacing at the back to keep it at my waist!

Tomorrow is figuring out the grommets and finalizing accessories. Pics will follow later this week. <333

[Black corset is from ‘Damsel In This Dress’]

apparently my lecture hall is a azkaban cell block from what it says on the room sign. Why did i just notice that it says that instead of geology. man azakaban has  good geology classes. now the question who dubbed the building Azakaban? Totes new name for this science building that like a maze.

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