been playing too much awakening mafia part 1/??

Benevolent and beloved, Emmeryn overcomes political adversaries and her father’s crime-riddled past to redeem her family and lead her nation’s people. She never flinches from her goal of keeping peace, even when under fire from critics and assassins. Under her guidance, her younger siblings have transformed their father’s criminal enterprises into a government-sanctioned agency for the good of the people. However, she seems unaware that her brother isn’t afraid to resort to their father’s methods to dispense justice.

Though she holds a great deal of compassion for her people and works out miraculous compromises on a daily basis, her family comes first to her. Phila, Maribelle, and Cordelia are a few of her key assistants.    

we have been playing too much awakening mafia part 5/??

Lissa is a socialite who rides on her sister’s position to garner positive attention to her family and utilizes her affable charm to her brother’s advantage. She believes diplomacy probably works better than brutality, but when riled up, she fights to defend her loved ones (read: shoot/stab them). She’s something of the mascot for her family’s hometown. She and Maribelle, her best friend, attend parties to gather information on the social elite.  

we have been playing too much awakening mafia 16/??

Aversa acts as Gangrel’s agent, helping him score gigs and invitations. She’s mentioned in the papers as a celebrity herself, with her good looks and a teasing yet astute retort for each of Emmeryn or Chrom’s idealistic speeches. The amount of connections she holds throughout the entire nation include people on both sides of the law, and she uses it to help her less conscientious clients. Though she stands in the spotlight with Gangrel, her ultimate loyalties appear to lie elsewhere in the shadows…

Sometimes she uses her photography to generate controversy for the benefit of her patrons.

we have been playing too much awakening mafia part 19/??

Libra works as a priest, but most of his time is spent at his shelter, which supports people who lack money for food, clothing, and medicine. As his startup fund was provided by Emmeryn, he pays her back by lending an ear and advice when asked by her or her associates. Sometimes a member of the agency or mafia will come by and confess some wrongdoings and ask Libra if they are doing the right thing, the right way.

Abandoned as a child, Libra feels as if he has no true substance despite his good works and engages in self-sacrificial behavior–perfectly willing to take a fatal injury for another.

we have been playing too much awakening mafia part 8/??

To make money for his sick family, Stahl dropped out from police academy and became an information dealer. His sweet, scatterbrained demeanor leads others to trust him; this trust, with his observation skills, allows him to gather reliable information. Frederick recommends him to Chrom for the agency’s payroll as an independent consultant. With a secure paycheck, Stahl’s hobbies are eating and sleeping a lot (which is why he says the police gig wouldn’t have worked out, anyway).

we have been playing too much awakening mafia part 17/??

As a daughter of a high society family, law student, and intern for Emmeryn’s offices, Maribelle understands the political landscape of the nation better than most. She dedicates herself to protecting the weak and correcting the corruption of the powerful, and she does not hesitate to publicly (verbally) flay them. This gives her enemies, and her family headaches. Chrom often comes to her for free advice on how to tread lightly on a delicate situation (that he may have already broken).

When she learns about the agency’s less-than-legal activities, she scolds Emmeryn’s siblings, but she keeps her mouth shut for Lissa’s sake.

we have been playing too much awakening mafia 14/??

Gangrel gets money and attention from his flamboyant behavior, his cult-bad movies, and inheritance of his father’s companies. He holds a grudge against Emmeryn–his family was killed by her father during his reign of the criminal underworld. Since Emmeryn’s father controlled the political landscape before her term in office, people affected by the turbulent policies of that era often hang on to Gangrel’s criticisms of the First Family.

Though he’s connected to criminal families, he slips past any real charges, which angers Chrom and marks him as a personal enemy.

we have been playing too much awakening mafia part 18/??

Donnel, or as he prefers to be known, Donny, moved from his family’s farm to the capital with relatives when their farm was reclaimed by the government. He treats his relocation as an adventure, curious about everything he encounters, and he takes on odd jobs to help his family. As he runs errands for multiple families and officers in a pinch, he quickly learns about the game in the city, which makes him more dangerous than detectives and professionals: a street rat like Donny gets overlooked and underestimated.

He collects bottlecaps and rocks as a hobby, and when he lands himself in trouble during his various jobs, he throws them. Hard.

we have been playing too much awakening mafia part 12/??

Robin, an amnesiac woman who appears on Lissa’s doorstep, proves worthy of trust by saving Chrom from a would-be assassin. She then proves herself again with her insight on Chrom and Emmeryn’s most dangerous political and criminal foes, cementing herself a position in the agency. Her condition sometimes bothers her, but she rarely regards it, forging many new friendships with her chipper disposition and skill in reading people. She avoids the limelight with varying degrees of success, as her new job has attracted much attention, both positive and negative.

dumps sketch

so continuing my fea!mafia!streak i’ve been designing costumes for several people, here’s maribelle and sumia!!

i mentioned earlier that maribelle is one of emmeryn’s assistants and i imagine she’s like a paid intern (her family is totes friends with emm and has a buttload of political connections) but she’s also got skills of her own and she’s using that money to put herself through law school. it’s a matter of pride that she doesn’t use family money for most things. (she still uses the fuck out of her mom’s wallet for expensive imported teas tho)

as we know she is committed to defending the weak but also upholding the law so when she finds out about lissa and chrom doing shady shit she scolds the fUCK out of them (but still protects her baby lissa. xoxo forever those two)

i imagined sumia as a reporter who is also from a rich family but she got where she is with 40 hard work/30 luck/30 recklessness, oops. my clumsy baby coughs ANYWAY she is a gigantic snoop and also has great memory which is bad for anyone doing shady shit in town. she collabs with cordelia (for scoops) as well as chrom and lissa

freddy uses sumia’s relationship with chrom and lissa to make sure nothing bad about emm’s family goes into the paper from her (there’s plenty already and sumia’s stories are known for being pretty accurate). unfortunately that means he has to expend some resources to protect her. cue DA2 convo:

“You should avoid the alleyways at night, Sumia. It’s not safe.”

“I’m perfectly safe, Frederick. Nothing ever happens to me.”

“Yes… Alas, that ‘nothing’ is costing me a fortune." 

dumps another sketch

fe!mafia!au shit, both robins, i wrote a little story about why they are both there but i can’t find it atm ;; they are really channeling a lutece vibe here. i ripped the color straight from their portraits from the game haha

oh one works for chrom and the other works for one of the crimelord baddies. drama!!