pico & union

I hate the neochicano scene, the commodification of criminalized identities, whoever isn’t calling out white passing Mexicans pretending to be cholas and gentrifying pico-Union. I hate everything and everyone else too. I hate the acceptance of chola culture on safe white skin. Odio todo


I don’t miss the lack of sleep

Erratic heart beats, 5AM

I don’t miss the telephone booth calls

Looking at your 4th floor window

I don’t miss the hairpin turn

On Sunset Blvd just before the water

I don’t miss the underground clubs

With names like Juvenile Delinquent films

I don’t miss the alcohol

The Pico-Union drugs

The missing days and weeks

I don’t miss the razor blades

The dangling crosses

And lipstick black

I don’t miss the handcuffs

Yours and mine and theirs

I don’t miss the spotlights

Helicopters breaking up the fun

I don’t miss the breakfasts

The Devil’s Mess at Millie’s

The coffee black as ravens

All I really miss

Is being out of control