picnic on the grass


Summer ☀️

  • Draco constantly complaining about the heat and getting sunburnt
  • Harry making sure there’s always enough of Draco’s favourite ice cream in the freezer
  • Harry walking around the house shirtless
  • Draco *loving* the fact that Harry is shirtless all the time
  • taking cooling showers together
  • sitting in their garden and talking for hours while the sun goes down
  • falling asleep under the stars in their hammock
  • lingering kisses in the rain
  • ridiculously dancing in the rain
  • toweling each other dry afterwards and not making it to the bedroom

Autumn 🍁

  • Draco loving the feel of Harry’s cosy sweaters against his cheek as he snuggles up to him on the couch
  • Draco wrinkling up his nose every time Harry gets himself a Pumpkin Spice Latte (“Honestly, Potter, how can you drink that? It’s dreadful!”)
  • Harry getting Draco all kinds of cute fluffy socks because Draco always gets really cold feet
  • hiking (never again!)
  • flying over the countryside
  • sauntering through the farmer’s market
  • having chocolate fondue for dinner (and then each other)
  • watching scary movies
  • Draco not grasping the concept of ‘movies’ just yet and freaking out every single time
  • trying out some Sheet Masks Ginny brought over (Harry: Note to self, no Sheet Masks after watching a scary movie; apologise to neighbours with fruit basket)
  • having Teddy over for a sleepover and building a fort

Winter ⛄️

  • merciless snowball fights
  • building snowmen with Teddy
  • warm Butterbeer in front of the fireplace
  • making love in front of the fireplace until they’re too exhausted to move and fall asleep there
  • taking hot bubble baths together
  • Harry’s head in Draco’s lap while Draco reads to him
  • staying in bed all day and forgetting not caring about the time
  • Harry making Draco’s favourite chestnut soup
  • Harry getting the biggest Christmas tree that can possibly fit in their house
  • Draco hanging up a bunch of mistletoe around the house and insisting they kiss every time they stand under one

Spring 🌷

  • Draco spending most of his day gardening
  • Harry lying in the hammock and watching Draco with a fond smile (because he loves to see Draco amidst all those flowers and also because Draco has banned Harry from touching said flowers ever again. “Merlin, Potter, you’re drowning my hydrangeas!”)
  • holding each other on the evening of May 1st and talking until the sun comes up
  • Seeker games as often as possible (winner gets to decide what new position they’re going to try in the shower afterwards)
  • having a picnic in their garden
  • Harry playfully wrestling Draco down and rolling around in the grass
  • Harry smiling when Teddy spends hours making a flower crown and then puts it on Draco’s head
  • Harry insisting the flower crown stays on later when they’re alone
  • weird Forest Nymph role playing
  • waking up wrapped around each other and feeling the cool morning breeze on their skin
Friends-themed Study Moods
  • The Monica: perfect posture sitting at a desk, colored gel pens in a cup, candles, homework in perfectly aligned stacks and clipped neatly on clipboards, Cornell notes, color-coded planner(s?) full of lists, dates from your syllabus input the very first day of classes, Pomodoro timers ticking in the background, highly focused with no music and no distractions, a bite of an Oreo as a reward for every page read, post-its for everything
  • The Chandler: instant coffee that's getting cold, Netflix playing alongside a Google Doc study guide, late night study sessions alone in a dark dorm room, constantly texting your best friend trying to help them pass and convinced teaching them is also helping you, responding to intrusions with sarcasm to hide happiness that hey at least this means it's break time, under a lot of stress but never quite enough to quit Netflix
  • The Ross: sitting in a library the first week of school, papers scattered all around in "organized chaos", reading ahead for your classes, a BIC ballpoint and yellow highlighter in your hand, losing points on assignments by overthinking everything and forgetting to answer the actual questions and then emailing your profesor, textbooks on the side that have nothing to do with the classes you're taking, dinosaur socks, debates everything and acts annoyed but definitely enjoys it, decaf coffee but if anyone asks it's a triple shot
  • The Rachel: studying with friends at Starbucks with a no whip mocha frappuccino, asking one another for help, making flashcards to quiz each other with, notes with purple pen and metallic gold for the headers, pop music playing over headphones, every Mildliner in your Kipling 100 pen case, hair up in a clip, planner that you fill only around exam time, doodles on everything, somehow finding yourself on pinterest or online shopping
  • The Joey: midterm? there's midterm?, cramming the night before, texting friends for help but they're all asleep (except maybe Joey), energy drinks and junk food, scrawling notes out in pencil on scrap paper even though you'll never have time to review them, watching Khan Academy and other Youtube vids on 1.5x speed, migrating to work on your (unmade) bed even though you know it's a bad idea, waking up without realizing you even fell asleep and then setting five alarms for the morning, understanding the fact that you do well under pressure
  • The Phoebe: messy buns, sitting outside either on a picnic table or the grass, you can be alone or with friends you'll do fine either way, rings glinting in the sun, losing track of time, snacking on nuts, an 8tracks playlist of indie alternative music mixed with some electro everyone's surprised about, you don't show off how much you know so you're constantly underestimated, coming up with rhymes and mnemonics to memorize things, pressed juice in a reusable bottle as well as some tea in a old pasta sauce jar, essential oils, Tumblr during study breaks


1. falling asleep with his dad on the sofa

2. pulling on the cat’s tail and cackling madly

3. falling asleep in his mum’s arms

4. waking up with two parents cooing over him

5. being lulled by his dad’s voice–singing terribly, but he didn’t care

6. watching his mum and dad dance around the living room

7. and then his dad scooping him up off the floor and the three of them dancing around the living room

8. being sick and spending four solid days in his parents’ arms–them cooing and sushing and rubbing his back until he felt better

9.  having as much cake as he wanted on his birthday

10. both his parents sneaking his biscuits when the other wasn’t looking

11. his dad talking to him as if he was already his best mate in the world

12. those amazing lights from his dad’s wand

13. his mum levitating him in the air for fun

14. memorizing his mum’s twenty kinds of laughs

15. falling asleep nestled in-between his parents on the sofa/in bed

16. sleeping snuggled with his toy broomstick in his cot b/c he couldn’t bear to let it go and his parents didn’t want to tell him no

17. the funny lady who came over and brought him biscuits

18. carving a pumpkin with his parents and smashing goo all over the floor

19. crying when the goo got in his eyes

20. laughing when his mum vanished it and chasing after the cat

21. trying to ride the cat

22. knowing if he cried his mum or dad would come make it right

23. playing peek-a-boo beneath his dad’s invisbility cloak

24. learning “sssshhhhh” when he and his mum were hiding underneath the cloak from dada 

25. conspiratorial whispers/secrets

26. his mum blowing raspberries on his tummy/cheeks/feet/legs

27. grabbing his dad’s glasses and holding them victoriously in his chubby little hands as he promptly puts them in his mouth

28. and then his dad puts them on, slobbery and all, deliberately upside down to make him giggle

29. his dad telling he and his mum wizarding stories from the animated pop up book

30. his mum telling he and his dad muggle stories from the book with shiny edges

31. warm nights spent on the sofa by the fire eating popcorn (which wasn't always realized as a chocking hazard so he was probably given some)

32. little baby belches after tiny sips of butterbeer from uncle pafoo

33. being mesmerized by the golden snitch his mum charmed to float above his bed

34. chasing after the quaffle–that was bigger than him–around the living room floor while dada chased him on all fours

35. falling asleep snuggled next to the kiddy

36. sneaking out with his dad under the invisibility cloak–with silencing charms, of course–and taking walks around the neighborhood

37. lying out in the back garden–which had a tall fence around the perimeter–and digging in the dirt while his mum and dad worked in the garden

38. picnics on the grass in said garden

39. hearing he was loved and how special he was and how wonderful he was every day for the first year and three months of his life

40. learning his mum’s twenty kinds of kisses and hugs

41. playing quaffle with dada and uncles padfoot and remus and peter–in which he was the quaffle

42. playing with his dad’s mirror until uncle padfoot’s face showed up

43. almost choking on his mum’s wizarding chess set

44. a first christmas he didn’t even understand because he was so young, but the house was sparkly and he liked the lights and the music and he learned to crawl by trying to get over to the tree and pull the baubles off

45. knowing that his dad smelled like peppermint and his mum smelled like raspberries

46. hours spent in the kitchen while his mum brewed potions which smelled terrible but were full of interesting things to try and grab at

47. watching his dad work on the crossword in the mornings and playing peek-a-boo with the paper

48. eating toast in the mornings and getting jam hopelessly smeared in his face and cheeks and fingers and hair

49. hearing from his mum every day that he looked and acted just like his dada

50. hearing from his dad every day that he looked and acted just like his mummy

Reminiscence (Calum imagine)

Summary: You spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This has to be one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written :) Please pay attention to the dates and times! It begins in the present, and then there are a series of flashbacks. They’re all in chronological order for ease of reading, but please pay attention to the timings if you’re unsure!

This is for @calumsbicth and @calsdream‘s Valentines!5sos blurb night!

Originally posted by hemmoxhood96

Present day, Valentine’s Day

With a cream envelope held between your fingers, you can’t prevent the smile from spreading across your lips. A greying memory slips into your mind, your eyes fluttering to a close as you let yourself get taken away to the land of fantasies.

Valentine’s day, two years ago, 1pm


At the sound of your name, you looked up.  You were in a park, sitting on a picnic blanket. Surrounding you were hundreds of tiny daisies, scattered amongst the green grass like a sprinkling of icing sugar.

“Hmm?” You looked across the blanket to see Calum, your boyfriend, with a wide smile spread across his face.

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anonymous asked:

Rfa+ V who have MC who wears sexy stuffs bec she's confident w her body then one day while they are walking in their date someone catcalls her then she's like: "aight *removes earings* honey hold my earings" then proceeds in beating up the cat caller

thiS DEADASS HAD ME WEAK OMG. this is a good request and i’m more than happy to do to it! lmao this is my first headcanon so please don’t like, obliterate me if it’s really bad lololol ~amanda


  • both of you had decided that you needed a day out together, so you planned date night to a nice carnival nearby
  • it was a bit too hot outside, so naturally you dressed appropriately for the weather
  • when you two arrived at the carnival, you guys decided to hit up the ferris wheel 
  • as you made your way there, you walked past some dude who gave a look
  • when you walked past him, you heard his whistle at you and say “damn mami, why don’t you come over here so i can be a man to you~”
  • yoosung froze and looked at the guy angrily
  • you whirled around, glared at him and in a low voice said “yoosung, hold my bag”
  • wait what
  • mc what are you doing
  • you stormed over to the guy and socked him right in the face
  • wow yoosung’s never been so sh ook in his life
  • you started screaming, saying how that’s utterly disgusting to hear from a man and that you’ll beat the shit out of him if you he comes near you again
  • the guy was beginning to get frightened as he held his bruised cheek
  • as you walked off into yoosung’s arms, he kept praising you and telling you how badass that was
  • lowkey wishes he was the one who punched him instead but mc was having her moment of confidence and triumph so he let it slide
  • “that was so cool mc! i didn’t know you could punch like that!”
  • there’s a lot of things you don’t know i could do, babe


  • in celebration of getting the new role, you two decided to go out to a nice restaurant
  • which means you! wearing! a! dress!
  • this dress was a short black one with a low neckline but you loved it so you decided to wear it lol
  • zen loved it also so bonus ;)
  • as you two sat down at your table, you immediately noticed that someone was staring you down
  • zen hasn’t noticed since he was too busy being excited over his new role
  • you didn’t tell him, since you didn’t want to ruin this night with some dumb staring
  • however, the man that was staring at you wouldn’t stop
  • homeboychillthehellout
  • zen noticed that you were somewhat distracted so he asked you what was wrong
  • you were honest and told him how some dude was staring you down
  • zen narrowed his eyes and turned around, looking at the dude straight in the eyes and mouthed “fuck off”
  • the dude stopped looking at you for the rest of the night
  • however when you two were leaving the restuarant, he followed you and came up close to you
  • he placed his hands on your hips and mumbled “let me steal you away from this asshole and take you home with me”
  • you glared at zen, who was looking at the man so angrily
  • as zen was about to choke this dude to death, you held up your hand to stop him
  • as soon as zen stopped, you turned around
  • AND FUcKEd thIS DUde UP
  • you slapped him so hard and started screeching at him, telling him to fuck off
  • “i have a boyfriend and you have the audacity to put your hands on me when i belong to him?”
  • as you pushed him away, zen was cheering you on
  • “go mc! show him who you belong to!”
  • when you walked away with your knuckles slightly bruised, you huffed and held onto zen the rest of the night


  • movies, movies, movies!!
  • you two were so excited to see the movie that zen was in
  • which means you were also wearing your zen merch! you were wearing a crop top (with zen’s face on it) and leggings that hugged your curves
  • as you two were walking around outside the theater for a little bit, you noticed that someone was looking at you and whispering to your friend
  • yes look at me bitch and look how hot me and my gf are
  • the man that was whispering decided to walk up to you and pull you close to him, mumbling how attractive you and jaehee were
  • that’s not what i meant
  • jaehee stared at him in shock and was about to say something until you pushed him off you and started telling him that was he did was completely inappropriate
  • “get the hell away from me and my baehee before i chop your balls off”
  • the man kept making advances to you and finally, you finally resorted to physical violence
  • which means
  • as soon as you roundhouse kicked him, that dude was out
  • jaehee was so happy that you kicked him first because if she did, homeboy would’ve been ded
  • as soon as he was on the ground, jaehee pulled you close and asked if you were okay
  • you nodded and kissed her, telling her that you loved her as a reminder
  • jaehee.exe has crashed


  • WITH HEELS!!!!!
  • jumin had decided to take you out to a nice dinner and you wore a lacey red dress with black heels to kind match with jumin, who was wearing a red tie and black suit
  • damn mr. trust fund kid and his girl lookin flyy
  • when you entered the restaurant, you immediately felt a little uncomfortable
  • since everyone seemed to nOTICE YOU THE SECOND YOU OPENED THE DOOR
  • specifically this one guy who literally was drinking in your soul with his eyes
  • jumin sensed that something was up with you and wrapped an arm around your waist
  • “darling are you okay being here? you seem… tense”
  • you assured him that you were fine and insisted on sitting down
  • you had accidentally dropped your purse when you walked in so you bent down to get it
  • wrong move mc
  • the man who had been staring at you had walked by and slapped your ass, saying how “thick” you were
  • you never stood up so fast
  • and guess what
  • jumin watched in surprise as you started flinging anything you could get your hands on, just to hit the guy who just catcalled you
  • jumin never knew how agressive you could be
  • and it was lowkey a turn on
  • he lead you away from the guy to prevent you from killing him
  • was upset that you caused a scene but realized that it was kinda necessary because the manager heard the commotion and kicked the guy out
  • good job mc


  • you two had decided to go grocery shopping since all saeyoung had was honey buddha chips and dr. pepper he wasn’t complaining though lololol
  • it wasn’t really date but then again it kinda was because everything you did together was considered a date
  • it was also really hot outside so say hello to say hello to strapless rompers :)))
  • the whole time you were in the store, saeyoung was complaining about the heat
  • “shut that mouth boi before you catch these hands”
  • “but it’s so hot mc!”
  • you were in the frozen food aisle getting hot pockets
  • and of course saeyoung started asking pointless questions
  • “will these make my pockets look hot?”
  • “saeyoung no”
  • when you opened the fridge door to get them, you heard someone say “damn lady, you sure got some cake”
  • saeyoung turned around to find a man about his age edging closer to you with a smirk on his face
  • as he opened his mouth to bitch at the guy, you turned around also and whacked the man with the box of hot pockets
  • “if *whack* you *whack* ever come *whack whack* near me bitch you will *whackity whack whack* catch these motherfuckin hands pervert *whack whack*”
  • saeyoung was laughing so loud and shoving the guy away from his mc
  • “go back to whatever rat hole you came from and leave me and my girlfriend alone mofo”
  • as soon as he left, saeyoung gently pinned you against the fridge and started kissing you, mumbling how attractive and badass you looked for rebuffing the guy’s action
  • rip all nearby shoppers for seeing you guys ;p


  • picnic!!
  • you and V had been planning this picnic for a while and since you knew it was going to be a little hot, you wore a short sundress which showed off your legs
  • ur nice legs lolol right V
  • you two were unloading your picnic basket and chattering away
  • as you two sat down on the grass under a tree, there was someone who was reading a book nearby
  • you noticed him before but didn’t think much of it. you didn’t think he’d say anything to you since he was reading
  • before you sat down, the guy started whooping near you, calling you a “lil snack”
  • activate V’s jealousy
  • he stood up to say something but you quickly shut him up by handing him your phone and one of your sandals
  • mc where are you going why’d you give me your sandal
  • with the other sandal, you made your way to the guy and
  • you wouldn’t stop hitting him until he started pleading mercy and V pulled you away
  • V was so amazed and proud he didn’t even think twice about kissing you right then and there
Signs aesthetics based on people I know

Aries: black ripped jeans, silver necklaces and rings, drivning a modern car in the middle of the night

Taurus: picnic on green grass a beautiful sunny day, chocolate bars

Gemini: plants, a room with white walls, glossy hair

Cancer: the ocean, people holding hands, soft ice cream

Leo: lipsticks with strong colours, many pillows in the bed, Netflix

Virgio: independent, sassy and sweethearts at the same time, eyeliner wings

Libra: glitter on the cheeks, oversized denim jackets, bubblegum

Scorpio: Late nights, hoodies, the moon, candles, messy hair

Sagittarius: The forest, bus travel, lollipops, big cozy scarf, coffee

Capricorn: tv shows, gym bags from expensive brands, t-shirts over long sleeves

Aquarius: baseball caps, planets, big eyes

Pisces: loose denim pants, cats, flowers

Jean Moreau ‘firsts’ to consider:

  • the first time Jean allowed himself to enjoy a blue sky
    • the trojans had dragged him off to a picnic for “team bonding” and it was the first time he’d been allowed to look at the sky without Riko looming over him
  • the first time Jean felt the grass under his fingers
    • on that same picnic, while Laila and Alvarez were wrestling playfully nearby, Jean looked at the grass under the blanket and ran his hands over it and was in awe at how smooth it was
  • the first time Jean went to a party
    • the Trojans just won a game and wanted to celebrate, so of course they made Jean come along, and at first he’d been apprehensive, but then Jeremy grinned at him and it turned out to be not so bad
  • the first time Jean genuinely smiled
    • unsurprisingly, it was because of Jeremy, who made a stupid pun that Jean wanted to groan at, but he found it humorous somehow so he just… couldn’t help it
  • the first time Jean failed and didn’t beat himself up over it
    • the Trojans rarely lose a game, but sometimes Jean can’t stop a shot that should have been easy. One day he can’t block a shot and he’s surprised to realize he’s just thought “I’ll do better next time”
  • the first time Jean lets himself love
    • it’s not just Jeremy, but also Laila and Alvarez, who show him that love isn’t supposed to be painful or possessive or suffocating and who give him the courage to let the team love him
    • even Jeremy
    • (especially Jeremy)
In a heartbeat headcanons

(GUYS WE HAVE REACHED 200 FOLLOWERS WOOP!!! Love all of you thank-you so so much! I will write what we are doing in celebration in another post, but since it is a little special occasion (it is a special occasion now!!) I am gonna write down stuff for “in a heartbeat” a short film that you have probably heard of and is so cute in so many ways oh my gosh. Me and Kae love it to death so here are some headcanons!! And later on might write a little one-shot thing. They are actually around my age so this should be really easy and fun to write for!!! Enjoy)

-Since they are around 13-14 I am gonna keep them in character for that in particular. (Should be easy as I relate a lot)
-I am going to say one thing an done thing only that will make your heart melt.
-picnic dates Yo.
-Doesn’t even have to be with a picnic basket or anything just eating food together on the grass and blushing and laughing together.
-Jonathon also blushing quite a bit to Sherwin’s surprise.
-But both are still young, and are experiencing new things, so of course they are both nervous.
-However now it is a more comfortable sweet nervous then before, it is more exciting and interesting.
-soft relationship my dude.
-You bet on the like, third picnic Jonathon asked if he could ruffle or play with Sherwin’s hair.
-Sherwin was kinda surprised….but happy.
-The feeling of someone playing with your hair is so nice though.
-And he Sherwin is content as ever.
-(Jonathon is so surprised because it is so curly and so soft!!!!)
-Both blushing more than ever.
-But sweet.
-They are both still trying to discover who they are, after all age and stuff, emotions are getting more complicated and a larger understanding of the world around them makes them unsure.
-I believe they are supportive of each other though.
-They let each other vent, relax and they try to help as best as they can.
-They care so much about each other, as the longer they date, the more they love about eachother.
-I can see Sherwin stressing a lot over school work or family issues.
-And Jonathon is right there for him, ready to help.
-While it is an innocent, sweet relationship, and they are young, it doesn’t mean that it cannot mean a lot and be comforting to both sides.
-Of course it is not going to be as mature as adult ones, however they can still care and help each other.
-after all, like it was mentioned earlier, during this time of your life you are trying to figure out who you are and where you belong.
-Things start becoming more real in terms of judgement, so to have someone to talk to an help you through this is a beautiful do important thing.
-Now back to the headcanons…
-Kisses on the cheek are kinda frequent.
-They are short and cute and sweet.
-Everything is quite slow in the relationship which is quite good for them.
-I mean by this is that they don’t jump straight in, they hesitate and take things step by step.
-I don’t think they would be big on pda at the start at all.
-However after a bit of time (and when classmates may mature a bit….hopefully) just kisses on the cheek, hugging a bunch, etc.
-OK can I just say.
-One running joke with the whole floor is lava thing is that Sherwin knows the exact right times to say to make it the most inconvenient.
-One time he said it in a park and Jonathon just scrambles up a tree as Sherwin quietly laughs.
-I feel like Sherwin would need quite a lot of validation to know that Jonathon really does care about him.
-And Jonathon notices this, and always make sure that Sherwin knows that hey, he does care for him and is there for him (apparently I am now Dr Seuss)
-Everything is going to be ok.
-On terms on Jonathon and his struggles I think eh may overwork himself.
-Which is when Sherwin tells him that it is ok to have a break.
-(followed by a mall date)
-(treat Yo'self)
-They grow really comfortable around each other and it is so cute.
-Sherwin discovering that Jonathon is kind of a giant nerd and just is really passionate of so many things.
-Jonathon realising that while Sherwin can basically learn any song by hearing to it once.
-(It is like a damn talent he swears…)
-Sitting under and on the tree in the film a bunch.
-Like just imagine them sitting on it together, calm as ever.
-Jonathon nearly falls asleep one time and Sherwin has to wake him up like.
-Pls don’t sleep you are on a tree you will die
-Them both getting extremely flustered yet loving it when the other kisses them.
-They kinda get used to it but it is still new to them so I mean…
-They are one of those couples that do the hand rubbing thing.
-you know where they hold hands and one of them rubs the back of the other person’s hand with their thumb.
-They are the definition of that.
-When birthdays come around they both give the sweetest gifts it is uncanny.
-Jonathon gives a bunch of homemade stuff like cookies and little crafts and stuff.
-Sherwin in amazing at remembering little details of conversations so everytime Jonathon said that he liked or wanted something absentmindedly…
-Sherwin remembers and gets every last thing.
-Both such sweethearts.
-By the way, piggy backs are a thing with them.
-So sweet and so much fun!!
-also laying one’s head on the others stomach is another thing with them.
-napping together is a thing with them.
-It is just so calming, and they love each other so much.
-They take the cutest pictures.
-I think that they might both be interested in photography and it is something they love talking about to each other.
-Oh, also to end on a light note one time in winter Jonathon lent Sherwin his jumper as Sherwin was cold.
-(to be fair Jonathon was also cold but he wanted to help his boyfriend so…)
-Sherwin was bright red and just melted in it…
-So soft!!!
-Smell so nice!!!
-Jonathon didn’t get the Jumper back for quite a while after that….

(To anyone who has not seen in a heartbeat, seriously I definitely recommend watching it!!! It is such a beautiful short film that is so sweet and emotional, that shows what it is like to have a first crush in this world we live in. It is beautiful and is only four minutes!!! Seriously please watch it, you will not regret it!)


Father’s Day

A Father’s Day picnic.

That’s what your baby girl wanted to do for Niall. Last month at her preschool her teacher had organized a family picnic one weekend, and it’s all that she could talk about for a full week—it was a nice break from all the Doc McStuffins and Sofia The First talk, but you were going to have to organize a picnic real soon before she started a revolt.

That morning you and Niall were woken up bright and early by your little one. She was a complete daddy’s girl, and Father’s Day was quite possibly the closest thing to Christmas without it actually being Christmas—the first few years she didn’t quite understand it, but now that she was four (therefore all grown up) she knew what it meant and was determined to do it perfectly.

Your eyes fluttered open that morning to the squeals and kisses being exchanged between Niall and your daughter, and your heart could have burst with love right there and then. Half an hour later the three of you were in the kitchen making breakfast together—you tried to insist on Niall staying in bed as long as he wanted, but he refused.

“Wanna spend some time with my girls,” he had said, pressing a kiss to your daughter’s head. “Why would I wanna be stuck in bed all morning and miss out on all the loving?”

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Narnia Headcanon #01

~ Dating Edmund Pevensie would include…


× Being close to all of his siblings and Lucy being your best friend.

× Lucy being the reason why you got together; she told you about his crush on you and you took the first step since he was too shy.

× Peter and Susan teasing Edmund non-stop, quoting him from earlier years; “Ew, love is just disgusting.” “I don’t let anyone ever touch me.” “I don’t need a girlfriend.”

× Edmund blushing everytime they do this.

× You and Edmund pranking them.

× You hiding Edmund’s crown and him hiding your clothes as a response.

× Edmund taking you to various places in Narnia; having picnics and resting in the grass.

× His horse Phillip telling you how he never shuts up about you.

× Edmund not standing you talking to another guy, especially when you’re laughing at Peter’s jokes.

× Edmund furrowing his eyebrows and biting his lower lip while watching you and Peter together.

× Edmund walking towards you and grabbing your arm to drag you away without a word.

× Kissing you so softly and slowly, fearing that he would break you.

× Your fingers roaming through his hair, while your slow kisses turn into passionate ones.

× Having make-out-sessions in secret parts of Cair Paravel.

× Lucy finding you and giggling, before running away again.

× Spending the whole day laying in his bed, cuddling, reading or talking.

× Wanting to spend your whole life with him in Narnia.


That’s actually the first time I wrote a headcanon… how do you like it?
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Shelter [LuNyx]

Ahhhhhh I’m so excited to be finally able to share this collab that me and @annaoi​ worked so hard on. This little idea came up from our usual screaming about lunyx, and omg I’m so proud with how this came out! She did the gorgeous drawings and animations of course, but I hope this fic will do them justice!

SHIP: Luna/Nyx



No matter the rain
her eyes still reach out
with love…

They ran, creating small splashes when their feet met the rain soaked floor. Nyx grasped her hand, fingers intertwined as he pulled the princess through the falling rain. His jacket was draped over her shoulders, in hopes to provide the littlest bit of warmth and shelter. Nyx didn’t mind the rain, it was a common thing back in his home-land and he enjoyed the feeling of having droplets fall upon his skin. But the princess, for someone he was assigned to protect getting her even the slightest bit sick would cost him.

The sound of soft chuckling entered his ears as he ran. He turned his head to face to land his sights on the smile which graced her lips. Her eyes too began to glimmer, like a piece of blue sky hidden away from the clouds of grey.

“What are you laughing at, your highness?” Nyx asked, not that it bothered him. Seeing her smile sent a tingling warmth within his being.

“Oh, it’s nothing Nyx.” Lunafreya replied. “The rain was just so sudden, I just find it quite amusing.”

The downpour was quite a surprise. The day started off as per usual, with blue skies and the beaming warmth of the sun. ‘A perfect day for a picnic.’ as her royal highness had stated, and that was what they did. But before the picnic blanket even met the grass floor, grey clouds began to darken the once blue sky, blocking the sun which blessed what was supposed to be a sunny day. A sudden cold chill was starting to fill the air, giving way to the droplets of rain which followed next. At the sound of clapping thunder, that was all it took for the two to make their speedy escape.

“Laugh all your want, your highness. But we gotta get you back inside the palace before the storm starts brewing.” But despite his words, the glaive couldn’t help but chuckle back.

They soon reached the palace as intended. The soaked soles of their shoes created small mud tracks along the marble floor as they padded through the halls. Light illuminated these long halls, but not for long. A crack of thunder was all it took to take it away, leaving them to stand in nothing but darkness.

“Well, great.” Nyx muttered. “Just what we needed.”

“Should we wait until the power goes back on?” Lunafreya suggested.

A more logical suggestion as expected from the princess, however Nyx shook his head in disagreement. “There’s no need. Better to make our way now than stand here for hours.” It wasn’t like this was the first time he had been inside the palace. As a guard, it was expected for him to have it’s grounds memorised. How much of a difference could it be in the dark.

Or so he thought.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” Lunafreya asked, a common question since they entered the palace.

Nyx tightened his lips, a gesture of his own frustration. He didn’t want to admit it, but they were lost.


That was a lie, and the princess could tell from the hesitance in his voice.

“We’ve been walking for quite a while don’t you think?” she further asked. “It usually doesn’t take this long.”

“Well, being in the dark and all we gotta be more careful.” That was partially true, being in a dark environment did require more caution. But being inside the palace was far different from the battlefield.

“I understand. The palace is quite vast. One can really get lost.” she only further pressed.

She was onto him. Even in the dark he could tell that there a smirk forming on her lips.

“Okay, fine.” Nyx grumbled. “We’re lost.”

Luna giggled. “Oh well. My quarters can wait. Let’s just find the nearest room for now.” And much like he did before, she lead him down the halls, careful to avoid another chance of getting lost.

Upon opening the heavy doors, their eyes met nothing but empty darkness, much like the hallways they were carefully walking through not long before. The only light source visible was the crack from a nearby window, yet that was not enough to illuminate the pitch blackness they were enveloped in.

“I’m going to go find a flashlight or something.” Nyx announced.

“Do you need my help?” Lunafreya questioned the glaive. “It might be difficult if you can’t see.”

However Nyx rejected her offer, giving a shake of his head even if she couldn’t see it. “Don’t worry about it. You just stay here.” Though she did have a point, he would hate to have the princess trip over something in the dark.

“Oh, alright then.” Lunafreya responded. “Just, be careful.”

Nyx let out a snort like laugh. Even amongst the dark, his laugh was something she recognised dearly. “I’m just finding a flashlight, your highness. I’m not going into battle.” and with those words, the fingers which held her own disappeared, along with the comfort she felt while he was by her side.

But she knew he was near. He could hear the footsteps of his heavy boots as he shuffled through the room, the opening of what sounded to be drawers and then a sudden tumble followed by a loud thunk to the ground. A hiss and groan entered her ears, the voice of pain the princess had heard many times before.

“Nyx?” Lunafreya immediately called out. “Are you okay? What happened?”

A response of silence. Her heart stopped.

“Nyx?” she called out again. “Are you hur—”

Suddenly a flash of light belted through the sky. And within seconds her voice was replaced by the menacing cry of thunder rolling through the looming clouds. A symphony of a storm was commencing outside. But the melody it played was far from pleasant to Lunafreya as an unsettling surge of panic began to form in the pits of her stomach.

Fear. It was an emotion she thought she had conquered so long ago. Yet, here it was, returning to her with it’s merciless blow. Her heart was beginning to pound, its thunderous beats rattled against her chest—like bolts lashing the open skies. She breathed sharply, in dear hopes to calm these creeping nerves. However air was doing very little in entering her lungs like she wanted and the terror only continued to build. She stood there unmoved yet her body started to quake along with the tremor of her bones.

This blanket of emptiness and thrashing of rain beyond her shelter, wrapped around her like a smothering hand. She didn’t feel safe, she couldn’t feel safe. Without her sworn protection by her side, Lunafreya was no longer the brave princess she was born to be. She felt like the little girl she thought she had hidden away, small, terrified and lonely.

Fingers gripped at the jacket which draped her shoulders, pulling it close as if it would further hide her from the dark. Her vision, though already blinded in black was starting to blur as tears began to glass her eyes. Another cry of thunder, and a whimper sounded from her trembling lips. She closed her eyes tightly.

“M..Mother…” she cried—small like the voice of innocence—for a guardian who no longer walked among mortals. She was alone, as she had been such for all those long years. It was the same, it always had been…

“Your highness?”

A call of her name and then a sudden grip on her fingers—warm like the embers of a flame. Lunafreya looked up, and her bright blues met the glaives very own. His face spoke a look of concern as he gazed back at the princess. The furrowing of his brows were etched by the shadows painted with the glowing fire burning ever so brightly in his opposite hand.

“Are you alright?” Nyx asked.

Lunafreya didn’t respond at first for she had lost her voice in her moment of terror. “I’m…I’m alright.” words finally left her lips.

However to Nyx’s ears, they didn’t sound as cheerful as they did when they ran from the rain. The crease in his brow ceased and his steel-blue eyes softened. With his fingers already entwined with her own, he tightened his hold. “C’mon.” he spoke softly. “Let’s go find somewhere to sit.”

He led her through the room, the burning embers in his palm illuminating their every path.

They stopped in front of the single large window.

“Sit.” Nyx said, gesturing to the windowsill.

Lunafreya settled herself down on the ledge, however Nyx did not follow suit. Instead he stepped back, opting the princess to quickly take hold of his hand. “Where are you going?” she asked, oblivious to the slight panic in her voice.

Nyx chuckled and a smile graced his lips. “Don’t worry, your highness.” the glaive reassured. “I’m just going to light some candles I found. I’m not going anywhere.”

Hearing his words, Lunafreya relaxed and released her grip on her glaives hand.

The candles, now lit by the glaive’s flame gave light to the once dark room. Though not the brightest in comparison to light bulbs, it was more than enough. From the flickering of the small fire, Lunafreya could make out the room to be an old study. Bookshelves filled with journals, and novels lined the marble walls. The silhouette of a lone desk was stationed, coated with a layer of dust. From above she could make out what appeared to be a chandelier, but it’s light had been robbed by the storms power outage.

She averted her gaze from the room back to the window. It’s glass though streaked with the rain’s racing droplets, still gave a clear view of the storm brewing outside. Black clouds remained sprawled across the skies. From above she could see that the city streets were no longer a bustle. People much like themselves had departed for much needed shelter. Leaning her head against the glass, she could feel the coldness prick against her skin.

“Looks like this storm isn’t letting up anytime soon.” Nyx spoke, joining the princess on the ledge of the window. Leaning his back against the wall, he mumbled. “So much for a sunny day.”

Lunafreya turned from the view outside back to her glaive. Even in the dim light, she could still see that sense of calmness on his face that she longed for—a look of bravery she wished she knew how to wear at this moment.

“Y’know, it’s okay to be scared sometimes.” Nyx said softly. Looking away from the window he turned his gaze to the princess.

Lunafreya tightened her lips and lowered her eyes. Though she knew there was no point in hiding, he could see right through her, he always had. “Do you…” she stopped. “Do you get scared?” she asked softly. She was expecting an answer of denial. He was the hero after all. Nyx was one who rarely spoke about his fears, and yet…

“Yeah, I get scared sometimes.” Nyx’s reply surprised the young royal “I’m scared of snakes.”

That only further bewildered the princess. “Snakes?” she questioned. “The hero of the Kingsglaive is scared of snakes?” An unexpected fear from a glaive like he, she found it hard to believe. 

“Shocking, I know.” Nyx mumbled, clearly embarrassed. “The way they just slide everywhere, and those beady eyes.” Nyx could feel a shudder run up his spine from just thinking about the curse reptile. “Libertus makes fun of me about it all the time.”

Lunafreya laughed, covering her giggles with her palm. In an instant the fear she felt a short while ago seemed to disappear like it never happened. At the sound of such, a grin spread across the glaive’s lips.

“Looks like you’re going to need the protecting then if we ever encounter a snake then, dear glaive.” she continued to laugh.

Nyx could only bring his hand sheepishly to his neck, but the grin he wore did not falter. Being protected by the princess herself, he couldn’t argue. It’s not the first time she had saved him. Still flustered, he turned his attention back to window, in hopes to hide the sudden warmth that began to dust his cheeks.

The princess’s laughter resorted to a smile, and her eyes now lay their focus on the glaive before her. Though she had watched him many times before, his appearance now seemed a little different from how he usually presented himself. It wasn’t just the jacket which he had shed to lay on her shoulders, but also the casual stance of his elbow propped on a raised knee and the way his back leaned in a slight slouch—a clear sign of weariness. But that wasn’t that only thing that caught her interest.

“Your hair…” The words tumbled from her lips in a soft whisper. However soft her words may be, they didn’t go unheard to the glaives ears.

“My hair—” Nyx stopped, and was silenced when he turned to see the sudden closeness he and Lunafreya were sharing. “Your…your highness?…”

“It’s all messed up from the rain.” she giggled. It was the first time she had seen it in such disarray. Her slender fingers reached out to his dark tresses, and gently brushed away the slightly damp strands to their rightful place.

Nyx could only do so much but stare at the royal highness, noticing the concentration she suddenly had on combing his hair. But his gaze on her eyes did not last long, as they began to wander, down from her nose until they lingered on the slight parting of her lips. Within, burned a sudden urge to feel them on his own—soft and warm. Yet as quick as the feeling came, he swallowed them down. Biting his lip, he turned his eyes away. A stupid thought he knew that would never be. Even with the soft pattering of rain, and the burning of candles to set the mood,  for him—a mere glaive—to kiss a princess like she was only something that came in his wildest dreams.

But not only that, he was scared. Scared of what may come to pass if he ever dared to approach her with feelings she may not even return.

“That’s better.” Lunafreya murmured. However upon averting her eyes away from him hair, she only met the gaze of his very own. They stared at her, holding a glint of longing she had never seen before. Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to tear away, and only returned it back with a look that spoke much the same. With a gentle hand, she brought it down to rest on his cheek, and instantly he leaned into her caress. “Are you cold?” she asked, noticing his slight shivering.

The hand which rested upon his cheek sent a sense of warmth upon Nyx’s skin. “Not really…” he replied.

She watched, gaze falling to his lips. Her thumb, lightly grazed against the surface, stubble prickling her fingertips. Leaning close, she leaned her forehead against his.

“Are you?” Nyx asked, his warm breath ghosted against her lips like a silent kiss.

“No…” Lunafreya whispered. And amongst the dim glow of candlelight her lips found his, stealing away his breath in a single kiss. Slow, soft and gentle were the lips that melded against his own, laced with unspoken endearment.

Like the small flicker of flames, a certain glow warmed the inside of Nyx’s chest, melting away the biting chill from the rain upon his skin. Resting his palm upon the curve of the princess’s waist, her drew her close to kiss her back with acceptance to her feelings that he himself had feared to express.

But this warming sensation wasn’t bound to him alone, for Lunafreya could feel it too. In the arms of her protector, came that sense of safety she had dearly missed as a child. However, this time, she didn’t feel like she was being held by the arms of a guardian, moreso the arms of a man she loved dearly.

No longer were they glaive and princess in that moment. But two beloveds who had sought for shelter away from the raging cold of the rain, only to find tranquility within each other.

summer slowness

I reread Kundera’s Slowness every summer; there is something about the correlation between the concept of slowness and the lethargy of summer: “There is a secret bond between slowness and memory, between speed and forgetting.” The thickness of the heat, oscillating from sweltering to oppressive; the very scent of the unrelenting sun, heady and acute.

Today, this means:

  • bare feet against cool azulejo
  • stepping into the sanctuary of a hidden church, away from the heat and dust
  • running fingers through cool cottons and linens, a hat of straw and counting grains of rice
  • an impromptu picnic in the grass: figs, foccaccia, rosemary butter, prosciutto, morels soaked in olive oil, serra da estrela, a flask of port (and an innumerable amount of pasteis de nata)
  • reading amongst the olive groves (Kundera, of course; Maugham, Hollinghurst, Forster)
  • awaiting with bated breath the early summer rain, precipitous and balming, threatening to rupture the pristine sky
  • forgetting to count the endless, hourless stretch of time; minutes that grow thick and viscous like honey and molasses in the crepuscular hours of the day

Hooked | Guard

Series: Worth Fighting For

Note: Part two is here! So this has been long overdue since it was supposed to be Worldwide Day for write-a-thon, but oh well. Writing this really made me wanna go to DC…so I did lmao. Anyway, enjoy. :)

Word Count: 4559

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Boxing

Warnings: cursing, mentions of death

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, a world-famous boxer who is pegged as a self-centered asshole that has everything — good looks, fame, fortune, talent — trains for his big fight against Alexander Hamilton. When he moves to Washington D.C. to be closer to his family, he meets someone who will look past his outer shell and get to know the real him.

“You’re going out with him again?” Alex asked. “This is like the seventh time in the last three weeks.”

You were currently facetiming your best friend before he had to leave to do an interview for some sports magazine. You both had tried to stay in contact with each other over the past few weeks even though he was really busy. Just because he was five states away didn’t mean that you couldn’t talk every once in awhile.

“You’ve been counting?” You snickered.

“That’s besides the point, Y/N.” He deadpanned. “He’s no good for you.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “You don’t know him, Alexander. He’s not as bad as you think.”

“I know enough about him, okay? Have you even done any research on him?” Alexander asked. “The guy rode to fame on his father’s back, he thinks he’s on the top of the world, and he’s a wannabe playboy…need I say more?”

You scoffed. “‘Wannabe playboy’?”

Keep reading