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Gryffindor: roadtrips, 50s music blasting from the radio, deserted highways, a 1965 ford mustang convertible, milk shakes and burgers in a small diner, pink sunglasses, tracking your route on a map with sharpies, oversized sweaters, route 66, chasing the sun, pillows and blankets on the backseat, sleeping in rundown motels, neon signs, pastel colours, strawberry bubble gum, jukeboxes, country roads, a cloudless sky, let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress adventure, cold drinks, sticking your head out of the window while you’re riding shotgun, wind in your hair, cracked pavement and yellow lines, terrible cheap gas station food, laughing your soul out, sleeping with your head against the window, counting the miles you left behind, photos of road signs, let’s just go anywhere we want

Ravenclaw: faraway adventures, looking for wonderland, sleeping under dying stars, white mountaintops sharp against a bright sky, small wooden cottages, silvery waterfalls, darkness split only by moonlight, a rusty old compass in your hand, wildflowers growing on the side of the road, the middle of nowhere, cozy tents and warm sleepingbags, heavy backpacks, picnics next to a river high up in the mountains, blue valleys and wilderness, waiting for nightfall, writing on the back of your hands, roasting marshmallows over campfires, old leather boots, cornfields and rivers, candles, leaving footprints, discovering hidden paths in the mountains and woods, counting stars, an atlas underneath your pillow, faded postcards, deep forests, silence louder than your hearbeat, a neverending universe

Hufflepuff: beach holidays, the sand between your toes, collecting shells in a tin can, ice cream parlors, food markets, palm trees, warm bonfire nights, drinking from coconuts, sunburn on your nose, yellow surf boards, marveling at street artists, sand castles fit for kings and queens, holding hands, crystal waves crashing against rocks, a pink sky, salt water, the clear cyan colour of swimming pools, the smell of sunscreen, drawing hearts and writing quotes in the sand, walks on the shoreline while the sun is setting, feeding the seagulls, fruity cocktails, swimming in the ocean, loud heartbeats, a feverish smile, cold water rushing around you, white stones, let’s be mermaids, narrow alleys and corner shops, laughter filling the streets, heaven in your eyes

Slytherin: big cities, bright lights, time doesn’t seem to pass at all, short dresses and black skinny jeans, cash in your pockets, the smell of coffee and pollution, yellow taxis, the skyline against the setting sun, falling in love with strangers, the raw glamour of big cities, expensive restaurants and bars, the golden gate bridge at night, skyscrapers made of shining glass, 4am, waking up in hotel rooms high above the city, brief golden moments, photographs of people passing by, luxurious flats with huge glass fronts looking out at the city, watching dawn break on the rooftop of a skyscraper, loving out of lust, magazine covers, plane tickets, concrete jungles, traffic lights reflecting on wet streets, dancing until morning, exploring new places with every step, billboards with promises of better lives, hidden art galleries, live fast die young

The Sign's Aesthetics
  • Aries: A bright smile, scraped knees, evening, cloudy days, a crowded sidewalk.
  • Taurus: Retro diners, roller skates, holding hands, vintage records.
  • Gemini: Lipstick stains, headphones, puddles, kisses in the rain, peppermint gum.
  • Cancer: Candy hearts, pastels, Queen Anne's lace, ponds, blue eyes.
  • Leo: City skyline, big sunglasses, midnight, fancy cocktails, a flash of lightning.
  • Virgo: Ripped jeans, charcoal, fall, a campfire, the smell of rain.
  • Libra: Black and white, tattoos, concerts, smoke, secrets.
  • Scorpio: The middle of winter, holding hands, hot chocolate, cuddling, fluffy blankets.
  • Sagittarius: Backpacks, picnic tables, summer, popsicles, freedom.
  • Capricorn: Lined paper, a clean smell, cats, white sweaters, morning.
  • Aquarius: Chunky headphones, bubblegum, long days, best friends, dogs
  • Pisces: Huge waves, stormy skies, mist, white dresses, a promise.

Submitted by Nathan Beers

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I am a home-based analyst, and most days I walk or ride my motorcycle down to a park or coffee shop to work. I have everything I might need in this bag for work or play and it all weighs in at less than 13 lbs. A few notes on these items: -I ALWAYS have the Architect Wallet (with Space Pen and Moleskine notebook), iPhone with case, and Leatherman on my person. The rest still comes with me everywhere I go, but could be 10-15’ away at any given time. I have Tile locators on my bag, bluetooth speaker, and glasses case (this last one has been a real lifesaver!) -I searched for years for a bag to replace an old satchel I’d sewn back together half a dozen times over the past 10 years and finally settled on this Bluboon Backpack. I love the style, it’s fairly small while still able to carry everything I need, and it cost less than $40! I have had to strengthen a few of the stitches, but it’s worth it! -The Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer contains toiletry and first aid hand items. -The 145g Discraft is by far the best small size frisbee I have ever used. It flies as well as a regulation size 175g disc, but saves space in my bag. -The Eno Sub7 is a new release hammock that weighs just 6.9oz, less than half the weight of their Singlenest. It’s perfect for a go bag! -The Matador is another new find. It’s a super compact picnic blanket. Perfect for keeping in my bag and throwing out on some damp grass. -I’ve hacked the car keys and mounted a transponder on the steering column so that I can use a plain metal key without the plastic head. This allows me to fit my keys into the super compact True Utility Key Shackle. -I’ll often throw in my AEO Vintage Denim Western Shirt which works great as a stylish and comfortable extra layer when needed. -Any recommendations on a more compact umbrella?

Of One Mind

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 985
Fluff, Angst, Misunderstandings, POV Stiles

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For @sterekwriters​ Summer Bingo prompt: Movie in the Park

Stiles sits down on the blanket, kicks of his shoes, and pulls his knees to his chest. He sighs so loud the couple sitting next to him actually looks over with worried expressions. He ignores them. He’d hoped that going to the movie anyway, even if he had no date, would cheer him up a little. Hairspray isn’t exactly his favourite movie, but it’s cheerful and has a hot cast, so he’d hoped it would at least distract him enough to keep the scene from yesterday playing over and over in his head.

Yesterday, he’d finally gathered enough courage to ask Derek out. He’d thought of the perfect date: a movie he knew Derek loved, being outside on a beautiful summer night, snacks, and an extra blanket in case it got chilly and they had to cuddle for warmth. The perfect date. The only thing left to do was to actually ask Derek.

He’d stayed behind after pack night, helping Derek clean up. He’d been doing that a lot lately, so nobody thought anything of it. Halfway through doing the dishes, Stiles had turned to Derek, hoping Derek wouldn’t hear his erratic heartbeat. But before he could say anything, Derek had asked him a question.

‘Do you have any plans for tomorrow?’

‘Yeah, actually. I—‘

‘Oh. Great. Me, too,’ Derek had interrupted him.

‘That’s… good,’ Stiles nodded, not thinking it was good at all. His courage fled.

Derek already had plans. Which meant Derek couldn’t make plans with him. Which meant no date.

An awkward atmosphere had filled Derek’s kitchen, and they barely spoke another word to each other for the rest of the clean-up. Stiles had all but fled the apartment once they were done.

He pulls a bag chips out of his bag and starts chewing despondently. Maybe the crunching will drown out the noises of the cheerful songs from the movie, the giggles and the cheerful chattering of all the people around him.

He should’ve gone with classic pining: staying home and watching romcoms while crying in a tub of ice cream.


Stiles whips his head around at the voice. There’s a pair of nicely shaped legs right next to him. He follows the legs all the way up to a sculpted torso, then further up to his favourite face.

‘Derek? What are you doing here?’

‘I like Hairspray,’ Derek admits.

Stiles can’t see it, but he knows Derek’s ears are turning red. They always do when Derek admits he likes musicals. Stiles thinks it’s adorable.

‘Hey, sit down! You’re blocking the screen!’ someone behind them shouts.

Derek hurriedly drops down next to Stiles. He’s clutching a picnic blanket and a backpack that’s crunching like it’s full of bags of food.

‘You’re here alone?’ Derek asks.

‘Yeah. Wasn’t exactly the plan, though,’ Stiles can’t help adding. ‘You alone, too?’

‘Yeah,’ Derek says, staring straight ahead at the screen. ‘Wasn’t my plan either.’

Stiles feels fury rising up in his chest. Who the hell dared to stand up Derek? Derek is, well, Derek. There is no adjective that could sufficiently described Derek all on its own.  Derek is funny, smart, kind. He looks a little dangerous with the beard and the glare, but he’s made of nothing but marshmallow on the inside. He always helps you when you ask, and when you don’t ask. He’s a great hugger—Stiles has been on the receiving end of those plenty of times. When Derek smiles his eyes go crinkly at the corners. When he blushes his ears are the first thing to go red. When he’s reading there’s often a cute little frown of concentration between his brows that Stiles has a hard time resisting smoothing with his fingers. Derek talks with his eyebrows more than with his mouth. He’s a terrible cook, but it doesn’t stop him from trying. He loves musicals, and Russian literature, and can’t help smiling at every dog he sees. He also feels what is probably an unhealthy amount of protectiveness over his Camaro. He’s Derek.

‘I’m sorry,’ Stiles manages to get out somewhat calmly. He’s proud of himself for not demanding he name and address of whoever stood Derek up, so he could punch them in the face. Or get them arrested.

‘For what?’ Derek asks, confused.

‘That you got stood up. That sucks, dude.’

‘I didn’t get stood up.’

Stiles is the one who’s confused now.

‘The person I wanted to go with, they already had plans. So…’ Derek shrugs.

‘And they weren’t willing to change them for you?’

‘I didn’t ask.’

‘I would’ve changed them for you,’ Stiles says before he can stop himself.

Derek is staring at him now. A whole array of expressions and emotions flashing over his face so fast that Stiles can’t read them all. But he thinks he sees surprise, awe and understanding. Finally, with a cautious smile, Derek’s face appears to settle on joy.

‘It was you. I wanted to go with you,’ Derek admits.

Stiles’ jaw drops. Did they… And now…

‘I wanted to go with you, too,’ he grins, punching Derek softly in the thigh. ‘Well, this worked out great. In a weird way.’

Derek scoots a little closer, then cautiously places a hand on Stiles’ cheek. Stiles leans in to it, closing his eyes at the warm comfort of Derek’s hand.

‘I would’ve changed my plans for you, too,’ Derek whispers, he’s barely audible over John Travolta belting out his song. ‘Even if our plans were technically the same.’

‘If your plans involve kissing me right now, then we truly are in sync.’

Derek hums and presses their lips together.

‘Nooo! More,’ Stiles whines when Derek pulls back almost immediately.

Derek presses his lips against Stiles’ cheek. ‘The rest is for after the movie. I’m not that easy.’

‘I am,’ Stiles mumbles.

Derek’s goodnight kiss when they say goodnight by their cars was totally worth the wait.