((i just wanna say that vaguely related to that subject im totally fine with people i dont follow or who dont follow me talking about mickey

thats how reputations get formed and in a PUBLIC COMMUNITY WHERE EVERYONE CAN READ MY POSTS its only realistic to assume that people with a couple degrees of separation from me might discuss my characters

imo people who talk about a character do not have to pay that character a dividend in the form of a follow or interaction. its perfectly okay to talk about a character while not knowing if you wanna follow them yet or if itd be realistic for your character to do so

we are rping on a public forum, so naturally information gets around))

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That super tasting thing sound like something I have, though nowhere near as strong. Like things that have food in it that I don't like, I can taste, even if I don't know it's there, or how little there is in it. Is that the same thing or am I just really sensitive to the food I hate due to picky eating?

Super-tasting is like… having sweet things taste different degrees of sweet, or with different over/undertones.  Not necessarily god or bad, but different.  

If you’re consistently tasting stuff you don’t like in your food, you could have a food intolerance to something very specific.  If it’s a vegetable, esp something in the Brassica group (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts) I recommend not eating it for 3-4 years, then trying again.  Your taste buds are constantly changing and things can taste radically different over time as you gain/lose sensitivity.

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are you comfortable sharing your friend code? or is that something you'd like to keep private because it'd be really neat to play with you!

This time around I’m gonna be askin’ people to send me theirs instead!! :3 Reason being is there’s been a few unsavory people who haven’t been super kind to me so I’d rather know who wants to play with me this time rather than add people I barely know

Basically if you want me to add you, send me your friend code and Nintendo Switch username! I’ll write ‘em down so I can remember who’s who cause a lot of people have a different Switch name than their URL, I often forget who people are if I only play with them once or twice for like months and then I end up deleting ‘em 8(

mutuals! (and people who I might not be mutuals with but still interact with, you guys are honorary mutuals) reply with when your birthdays are!

important be more chill hc

michael has really refined music taste. he only listens to bands you’ve never heard of or albums from before the year 1987. there’s only one exception: the jonas brothers. michael is inexplicably obsessed with the jonas brothers. he can’t get enough of Those Boys. nobody knows why. he doesn’t know why. he just loves. the. jonas. brothers.


She wore a robe of linen dyed gold, she wore gold about her neck and on her wrists, while her springing red hair was trapped by a circle of gold. She looked like a goddess.
— Bernard Cornwell, Enemy of God  

who designed the armor in voltron like seriously, who did it?? it’s so non protective you shoot them anywhere between the thigh and the chest and you’re gonna hit someone where it hurts. you could literally land a clean shot on their ass or their stomach jesus christ please protect these people moRE

He’d evolved complex coping strategies for being told he was rubbish- he’d had plenty of time to work on those- but nobody had ever told him what he was supposed to do if people suddenly turned round and started using words like amazing and astonishing at him. He was completely overwhelmed, and fairly terrified.

Still re-reading Blue Sky. One of my favorite scenes is in Ch 9 between Garret and Wheatley, and I felt it deserved this meme (never thought I would have to make a meme from scratch, but sometimes you gotta make the content you wanna see in the world, ha)