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Hi! Would you possibly be able to do a matchup for me please??? If you are able to. I'm 5'6, theatre major with a minor in art history. Cat person. Shy. Love photography, video games, hiking, baking, reading. I'm usually pretty quiet but once you get to know me I'm vocal. Picky eater. Blanket fort queen. Please and thank you!

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I have this HC that Iggy is really into theatre (and probably super into musicals he really wants to be Danny Zuko I know nothing about musicals or theatre except for Grease so anybody that does now about them please forgive me for my lack of knowledge) and you being in theatre would most likely rock his world.

I think you being shy won’t be a bother to him since he’s a pretty quiet and patient guy. That being said I bet he’d try to plan dates around things that you enjoy doing to see if it’ll help you come out of your shell and feel more comfortable around him.

I think the picky eater thing would irk him initially, but he’d see it as a chance to try opening you up to different kinds of cuisine, especially if it means spending time cooking or baking with you.

He’ll totally pretend to think the blanket forts are childish but secretly adore them.

it’s so hard to explain to someone what it’s like to be a picky eater. it’s not like being a vegan or vegetarian, because that’s a choice someone makes. it’s not like having allergies because you don’t get medical issues from eating certain foods and some people actually love the food they’re allergic to

it’s just like

my taste buds are literally rejecting the taste of so many foods and it’s awful

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hey TQ, since you're both the creator of this comic/askblog and autistic i was curious: are any of the characters in afac autistic? i write fanfic once in a while and usually write frisk and papyrus as autistic so i was curious if you do the same. if so which ones? if not, do you headcanon anyone from ut as autistic? (also high five fellow autistic creator!!! i love this blog, it's my favorite undertale askblog or comic which is saying something because undertale is my special interest ♥)

I’ve always felt that Papyrus is autistic. There’s a lot of evidence pointing toward this. He has a few very specific interests that he’s an expert in. He has trouble lying. He has trouble detecting sarcasm. He’s a picky eater. Lots of stuff.

That said I think he’s probably the only autistic person in AFAC. Not to say that the others don’t have their own mental weirdnesses. Sans has depression, and arguably so does Flowey. Alphys has social anxiety. Frisk has self esteem issues stemming from emotional abuse that they’ve started to overcome. Aidrian has anger management issues and trouble controlling her impulses stemming from her emotional abuse. Maverick has PTSD from …a lot of things.

hunk and keith headcanons [insert sunglasses emoi] 

  • “so hunk…how do you feel about cryptids?” “oh god. you’re just like pidge.” “don’t worry. we’ll convert you.”
  • a month later// hunk: i’ve decided my favorite cryptid is the jackalope. it’s cute and seems arguably nonviolent keith: oh that’s a good one. my favorite cryptid is pidge pidge, in the other room: i Heard that
  • hunk tries to help make the food coran cooks more palatable for all of them but keith is such a fucking picky eater when he’s able to be
  • hunk: how is it that you ate canned pears for months at a time and were satisfied but now that you’re in space you’ve decided to get all choosy
  • hunk is a really nice guy but that doesn’t mean that he won’t stand up for himself lmao so keith gives him an attitude he gives it right back
  • keith is secretly impressed
  • keith wants to be as strong as hunk wtf…hunk could lift the whole ship if he wanted to probably
  • but hunk is modest so keith says this to him one day and he almost passes out 
  • keith’s work here is done
  • hunk is the only person who can make keith laugh until he cries and nobody else understands it it’s a fucking anomaly
  • how does he do it? teach them hunk
  • keith feels most comfortable discussing concerns with hunk or shiro but because shiro is having such a tough time he starts going to hunk more and it’s really so hard for him to open up to people but it seems so nonthreatening when it’s hunk he’s talking to…it’s weird but he can dig it
  • and hunk never judges him or makes him feel unintelligent for asking about something most people probably know or think is common knowledge and keith really appreciates that
  • plus hunk is literally always both dying and on fire so he can understand the need for reassurance
  • which is actually a great plus side to being friends with keith too because he never gives anything but the reality and that’s very grounding for hunk and his anxiety like keith never makes up anything just to make him feel better he describes the situation as it is
  • on the flip side keith also causes hunk’s heart rate to skyrocket because he’s always doing some type of dangerous shit that everyone has heavily advised against
  • hunk: are you really sure you wanna do that we’ve all discussed at great length how much of a horrible idea that is keith: …anyways [does it]
  • keith is touch starved as hell even if he won’t admit it and hunk is the team’s Official Hug Dealer
  • hunk has had to carry keith away from a fight so many fucking times. can keith calm the hell down. hunk just slings him over his shoulder and walks away with him while keith seethes like an angry cat. 
  • keith cannot get over how strong hunk is. he tried to pick up hunk’s bayard while in gun form and almost broke his spine. what the fuck.
  • keith: so is hunk a nickname or…? hunk: no that’s my real name keith: hm. fitting. hunk: [screaming with his mouth closed]
  • hunk and pidge are So Smart it’s wild y’all. at first when they started talking to each other while keith was in the room he felt like they were speaking a different language but he’s like learning by osmosis and now he can understand like 20% of their technical talk
  • hunk: refers to something using the highly complex technical jargon no one but him understands keith: the what hunk: i’m so sorry. the tool to your right.
  • the nausea hunk experiences while in flight never really goes away even after they start flying on a daily basis so sometimes hunk will lay on the couch dying silently and keith will just rub his tummy
Help! My Ball Python won’t Eat!

Time and again we hear about ball pythons going on feeding strikes, being picky eaters, or missing a meal. They can be a bit of a challenge, and when they do refuse a meal it can be quite concerning. But, what is normal? When does it become a problem? When do we draw the line and say “okay, vet time?”

If you ask most people, they will say “it’s a normal thing for them to stop eating, don’t worry about it” but what most people don’t consider is the age and health of the ball python. For healthy, breeding-sized adults, feeding strikes can and do happen. However, if hatchlings and underweight ball pythons begin to miss consecutive meals, it is a concerning matter, as they should not skip out on eating multiple meals in a row. This guide was created to help you determine why your snake has stopped eating, or perhaps, why it is not eating consistently. This resource was intended for those whose snakes have missed multiple meals in a row or do not eat regularly. While a single skipped meal can cause panic in many new owners, it will not affect the snake negatively and is not of great concern. When many meals are missed, it becomes a problem.

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I love Aldrich so much it’s not even mathematecally calculable.
Scribbles of his pre transformation form, when he was still a huge bitch, both inside and out. Sulyvahn only appears once but believe me, he’s in every one of these scenes.

Picky eaters aren’t stubborn or closed-minded; their tastes are just built differently than yours. Most will try a variety of food and still wind up at the same end result: not liking it. And this isn’t a conscious decision anymore than other people enjoying all the other foods that they enjoy. It’s just there. 

Don’t make fun of them for it. Don’t tease them about the food they do eat. Don’t look through their pantries or watch what they order from the menu and make judgments. None of them will suddenly decide to like their hated food just because of your random comments on “wow, you’re eating that again?!" 

Guess what? We get tired of the same food, too, but if it’s the only thing we like, we don’t have much of a choice. 

Head Canons #21

Gaara doesn’t mind sweets.

Despite his least favorite foods having a sweetened taste, it isn’t an accurate representation of his preferences, as they aren’t just black and white. He does not prefer foods that have an overbearing amount of sugar, but wouldn’t mind eating them in small portions. A good example of this would be for him to have a small piece of cake for a celebration, but scraping off most of the icing to avoid the overpowering richness.     

Reasons why Robbie Rotten is actually a cat

-he sit
-he scream
-sleepy time, but also never sleeps when he should
-gets annoyed easily, but is also an attention seeker
-picky eater
-needs Sportacus to carry him around everywhere
-doesn’t like loud noises or bright lights
-gets stuck up in high places constantly
-does stupid and annoying things just because he can