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Here is my new podcast PROZD + PALS.

There will be two alternating types of episodes, ones with me and my regular co-hosts Anne Marie and Alex, and ones where I have one-on-one conversations with SPECIAL GUESTS.

In this episode, we do introdcutions, talk about Christmas, our Mario fanfiction pasts, my mom’s cooking, picky childhood eating habits, our fruit preferences, LiveJournal, AIM, the importance of internet friends, and most importantly ORANGES.

You can download the MP3 for this episode through Soundcloud.

If you have questions/topics that you want us to discuss, send an ask with “Podcast: [question/topic].”

anonymous asked:

What would it be like for a male s/o to date Konan?

I mean, to be honest with you, I’ve been trying to answer these in a way that it won’t be to my strictly female readers you know? Like, every time I write about Konan, I automatically think of her having a male S/O because that’s just how I am. But hopefully I’ve been doing a good job for all Sex or Genders or whoever reads, and I hope you all feel like you fit. Anyway, as for your request: Konan would be very patient with him and so very loving. She would often leave little notes or gifts around the house for him to find on accident. Perhaps one day he’d be on the toilet and come across a “hey handsome, I love you” note 😂 She doesn’t often cook because she’s a picky eater so the cooking would be his job. She got a gentle and motherly way about her, but during an argument, he could swear he sees something worse than Hell’s fire in her eyes. To wrap it all up, Konan’s S/O would indeed be a very happy and loved man 💜

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There should be a cooking show where chefs have to cook for picky eaters so the challenges will be something like they have to use only these few ingredients or they can’t use a very common one and the judges are little kids who only eat potatoes and mac and cheese