RFA pickup lines ;)))
  • You: *sneezes*
  • Zen: I would say God bless you, but he already did.
  • You: B L U S H I N G
  • Yoosung: MC!
  • You: Yeah?
  • Yoosung: Can you hold this? *offers piece of candy*
  • You: *takes it* yeah-
  • Yoosung: *is now holding hands with you*
  • slim fucker
  • Jumin: I know you're perfect, but the one thing I would change is your last name.
  • Seven: Are you a hipster? Becoz you make my hips STIR
  • You: ..
  • Seven: 8D
  • V: *is already turning red* I'm not this tall, I'm just standing on my love for you.
  • Saeran: If I told you your body was hot would you hold it against me
  • You: What did you just say
  • Saeran: nOTHING
The Signs as Pickup Lines


I’ll treat you like my homework: Slam you on the table and do you all night long!


If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser, I’m brave enough to ask you out!


You dropped something! What? (Point at the ground) Your standards.


I just wanna let you know how beautiful you are and was wondering if you could buy me a drink?


Is there a cellphone in your backpocket? Cause that ass is calling me!


Did you die recently? Cause girl, you look like an angel to me.


Your eyes are as blue as the sea I dumped my ex’s body in.


You work at a post office? Cause I saw you checking out my package.


Can you touch me? I want to tell my friends I was touched by an Angel.


Are you made out of grapes? Because you are fine as wine!


Damn Girl is your name Wifi? Because I’m feeling a connection!


I saw you girls from over there and just want to let you know that I’m taken.