Eren: Hey Levi, are you a Milktank? Because I`m positive you`re using `ATTRACT` on me!

Levi: Eren stop.

Eren: What!? You remind me of Pokemon!

Levi: Why?

Eren: Because I always wanna `Pikachu`!

Levi: Eren if you don`t stop playing that game we`re breaking up.

Eren: But Levi…

Levi: What?

Eren: Then you won`t be able to play with my Pokeballs.



So I was snickering with @dwarfqueenbaena about this post because we are slowly turning into klance trash and it occurred to me; what half of my #1 OTP has a penchant for horrible pickup lines?

James fucking did-you-really-just-use-that-line Bond

How many has he thrown at Q? And with Q’s terrible sense of humor and habit of laughing at his own jokes, how many has he thrown back at him?? I just came up with the dumbest drabble idea- these two idiots throwing increasingly awful pickup lines at each other like it’s a fucking contest.

Someone needs to write the thing. I think I may write the thing…