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I see your “keith is the only one affected by lance’s pickup lines” and I raise you “Keith wildly misinterprets all of lance’s pickup lines”.

The lines for those that don’t know them:

I’m homesick for earth, but I’m lovesick for you.

I think you’re purr-fect.

You’re outta this world, and I would know!

I better use ice blast… because my heart’s on fire.

The one that does work of course is the first pickup line on the official list. Maybe one day I’ll draw Keith’s reaction to that one!

I finally did it!

At first I want to thank you all for more than 360 Followers!

I would have never thought about having so many people enjoying my art OvO

So to celebrate this, I thought about something really special!

With this picture I’m starting the “cringy pickup line” art chain!

Anyone can particpate, tag people you want to participate and  let’s spread some (cringy) love!

I´m tagging:

@pancakeuniverse, @nsfwsinningsans, @kakashisempaii, @redcarnationjana, @docanjing, @laz-va and @chameliomaniac.


~ 💕 for any one going through exams (☠️) or is just having a bad week in general, please enjoy the main boys of Yuri on Ice dancing (I know it’s the koi dance, but I really wanted to use this song 😜😜)💕 ~ PS: Sorry for the audio quality, still don’t know what I’m doing with IG videos yet 😭😭

•Art/Animation Credit: あんどう (@ando_yu_ri__) <—- GO CHECK THEM OUT AND FOLLOW ON TWITTER
•Music: Penguin of Galactic Railroad - Aiobahn & Yunomi ft. nicamoq

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