picks himself back up at the end of the day and hopes for the best

                                ❛ I  T H O U G H T  I would have been better at this. ❜

                Baby had just come back a hunting trip,
his first one of being a human and it certainly hadn’t gone how he had hoped. So he did have high expectations, a mind that imagined himself  K I L L I N G  bad guys left right and centre, saving Sam and Dean’s asses before getting a kiss at the end of the day, and not a single one of those things had happened– – or even got close to happening honestly.

                     ❛ I’m sure you’ll do better next time. ❜

                     Dean of course was the one to encourage him, Sam looking a
                     little disgruntled holding an ice pack to his head.

           They hadn’t really walked in the door when they were attacked,
Baby grabbed with ease, held a knifepoint until Sam and Dean lowered their own weapons. Then the three of them were tied up, picked him as the weakest and thought it was best to go for him first with their weird little  T O R T U R E  techniques. Considering he hadn’t felt a thing for over 40 years it was certainly something to go through, his head falling back, crying out loudly, his mind silently begging that he would be rescued.

                    And of course he was,
Sam and Dean took them out like they always did,
          though he was unfortunately the cause of the wound on Sam’s head. A shovel being all he could really find to defend his way back to the car, and he could have  S W O R N  he saw something out the corner of his eye and so went to hit it.

                               W H A C K !

          And then Sam was down.

                       ❛ Hey– –
            these things take time okay?
Me and Sammy didn’t just become hunters overnight, let alone after 40 years of being stuck as a piece of metal, so don’t worry about it. ❜

                     Baby looked up just as Dean went to the fridge,
presumably to get a beer or something like that. But still his lips turned upwards, smiling just a little bit at Dean’s words, there was always that bit of  F E A R  in him that he’d just be rejected as a human, that maybe Sam and Dean would prefer him to still be a car and be useful that way– – but maybe, just maybe, he was wrong.