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We need to talk about: Muriel Siebert.

The first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, Muriel Siebert has rightly earned her title as The First Lady of Wall Street. A groundbreaking female figure in Finance, Siebert was a dedicated advocate for women and minorities in industry and worked tirelessly to promote financial literacy for all. Despite never graduating from university, Siebert worked her way up the ranks not only to break into what was a spectacularly male dominated workplace, but to eventually become Superintendent of Banks for the State of New York, during which time not a single bank failed under her. Definitely recommend watching this quick interview on MAKERS.

Muriel Faye “Mickie” Siebert, an inspiring woman who firmly believed in the truth that companies can never reach their full potential if they “limit their talent pool to the male 50 percent of the population”. 

A girl after our own heart. OJBit.

To guys upset about Feminists blaming them when they've done nothing wrong

We all hear it. “Men do this ____” “Men have to stop doing that_____” and we think “hang on, I don’t rape women. I don’t catcall. I believe in gender equality. It’s not me, I didn’t do it! Stop hating me!”

Remember when you used to play baseball, or WoW, and after a particularly shitty game or raid, the coach gave you that speech like “Come on, guys! That was garbage! There were absolutely no batters on tonight, no one was stealing bases, and how the FUCK did you miss that pickoff attempt, Jim?! You guys have to know better - throw to your cutoff, always, always be looking for the next play…” and the coach goes on and on addressing the issues, even when those issues were committed by, I don’t know, maybe three players on your team of 16 people. But they were massive mistakes that led to your team losing. Do you remember that speech?

This is the Feminist rhetoric right now. There are massive issues with our team right now, and it’s true, not everyone is doing it. But for us to stand here like fucking apes and say “yeah, it was Jim’s fault” isn’t going to get us to the fucking pennant. Time to pull Jim aside at practice, tell him how he fucked up, and then run some drills so he doesn’t pull that same shit again and maybe you’ll have a shot of winning a game! You’re right - you were awesome with your 2 RBI double, but with everyone else’s performance, it wasn’t enough.

I really hope and pray you are wise enough to apply this analogy to your life.

And, as always, if someone disagrees with this, I’d love to start a dialogue. Prove me wrong!