Underappreciated dethklok things

- the way nathan holds his phone with 2 fingers
- every time pickles says “NYEH” (specifically when he said it in his sleep in renovationklok)
- the faces toki makes when he’s coloring
- “I would eats a hot dogs. Just puttings that out there.”
- dick’s laugh
- the way pickles pronounces “swans”
- toki and skwisgaar always saying “pickle”
- pickles’ side smile (seems to run in the family bcus seth does it too)
- pobody’s nerfect, this mess is a place
- how toki always seems to be using a skwisgaar skull mug even though he has one of his own
- “I’ll sees you in valhalska.”
- how nathan and pickles know at least a little bit of french
- pickles just tapping the glass with his drumsticks in the murmaider video
- how nathans nails are always perfectly painted
- murderface in general
- those few frames in the intro where nathans hair flies back and you can see his whole face
- how short pickles is compared to skwisgaar
- dr john twinkletits, the pastel metalhead therapist who got his arms eaten by yard wolves
- that girl clown with the pig tails in all of rockso’s videos
- how all their tv’s are hung up with giant hooks that’re shoved through the screens
- affectionate drunk charles
- the faces seth made when pickles was strangling him in dethfam
- when pickles or skwisgaar sings


drew some more cartoonklok!

Headcanon: Post doomstar, Nathan became a real mother goose to Toki.

Nathan basically acted like Toki’s personal bodyguard, making sure to keep the Norwegian man in his sights/arms length at all times. It wasn’t until the band convinced the band dad that it was getting a little weird that Nathan finally let off (somewhat). Toki didn’t mind tho. He quite enjoyed the attention.