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Having a baby with Tom Holland would include:

@rachel-mariah-lynn requested: I was wondering if you could do a ‘having a baby with tom holland would include’ because im unable to find that certain one anywhere.

this was fun to write but im not sure if i did a good job, i wrote this while my wifi was out at around midnight!! i hope you enjoy, all criticism is welcome this is my first time writing a piece in this format.

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  • when your cravings kick in tom rushes to make whatever you need, even if it’s pickles and peanut butter saying something along the lines of “babe ill cook whatever and if i have to look up the recipe i will.”
  • while picking out names tom obviously says, “well if it’s a boy y/n jr and if it’s a girl y/n jr! it’s the most logical thing darling”
  • when you can’t sleep because the baby keeps kicking tom stays up with you to read it a story. even if he got home from work late or has to go in early he is by your side through it all.
  • when the baby kicks for the first time the smile on his face is glowing proudly and a tear runs down his face.
  • “boy or girl me and mama will love you till the end of the world” while tom is cooking he sings horrible free styles to the baby.
  • “y/n i’m gonna be the best dad ever. not just that we’re gonna be the best parents ever”
  • painting the baby’s room a light pastel green because that suits a boy or a girl, tom thinks that it’s a good idea to paint your tummy as well just so the baby can get an idea of what his/her room will be like.
  • when shopping for baby clothes tom can’t help but grab the spider-man onesies.
  • “but please babe!” “you can have two spider-man’s running around the house”
  • when you finally give in tom has the largest smile on his face as he walks around the store, while your pushing the cart tom would wrap his arms around you tapping your belly lightly as he’d hum in your ear.
  • even if it’s 2am tom would fetch you a large fry, large iced tea, and a big mac from mcdonalds and just because he loves you so much he would go the extra mile and get an oreo mcfleury for you and a caramel sundae with extra caramel for him.
  • when your water breaks tom would first ask why you dropped your water bottle before realization hits him.
  • “oh fuck!” he’d shout “it’s really happening i’m gonna be a dad!” tom would get overly excited.
  • “tom i’m not having this baby in a bath tub call the damn ambulance for god sake” you would have to shout at him.
  • toms hands would be shaking as he dialled the three numbers. tom would try to soothe you saying thing like, “soon you will be a mother”, “they’re coming soon hold it together”, “in here with you every step of the way, y/n darling your never alone in this journey.”
  • after the child is born tom would be in the room with you secretly wondering what it is covered in before it gets washed.
  • when you’re told it’s a baby boy you and tom decided that mitchell harrison holland will be the full name of your baby boy.
  • while tom is holding him, tom and you sharing the hospital bed he would say cute things to him, “hey mitchy welcome to the world”, “this is daddy and that is mommy”, “i love you mitchy, daddy loves you.”
  • tom would look at this little boy in awe and in complete shock wondering how he and you could make something so beautiful and pure.
  • tom trying to figure out breast feeding.
  • “so he just gets to suck your nipple?”
  • when harrison comes to visit tom is overjoyed that he gets to introduce mitchell his son to his godfather harrison.
  • when it’s finally time to take mitchell home tom can’t wait to show him his room.
  • mitch is already in his spider-man onesie and tom can’t wait to wear this suit knowing that his son will be matching him.
  • when it’s late at night and the baby starts screaming you begin to get up hoping that all he’s just hungry or needs a diaper change.
  • tom also gets up telling you “no it’s okay babe i got it” or “i’ll go check on him you get some sleep love” he’ll even place a light kiss on your forehead trying to get you to lay back down.
  • after some three am bickering tom and you both get up to assist a screaming mitchell.
  • when you pick him up he continues crying but when tom takes him from your hands it immediately hushes into small sniffles.
  • tom then takes a seat in the large rocking chair that has a large comfy cushion at the bottom and one supporting the back.
  • with mitchell in his arms tom pats his lap tiredly looking at you, you go and sit on his lap, “lay down and get some sleep.”
  • you would rest your head on the arm rest of the chair that had a soft cushion and your bum would be right in toms lap as he would let his arms rest on what’s left of your small baby bump.
  • slowly you would hear toms breath begin to slow and you knew he was asleep, mitchell obviously was sound asleep and now you could be sound asleep because you knew that both of your boys were safe and sound right here with you.

“You know you don’t always have to put on a brave face”

matt making pike say this killed me a bit inside,,,
but yeah
i haven’t drawn the babe ever so here we are
have a heartbroken pike </3 :^) 
if i have to suffer, you do.

boyfriend does my makeup! | youtuber AU

yoongi/jimin + yoongi does jimin’s makeup! + rated FC for FLUFFY AND CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHA  + i hope you guys enjoy this! + for my baby @yoonminist ♥♥♥ + THE HEARTS ARE THOSE CUTS IN YOUTUBE VIDEOS HAHAHAHA you know that thing they do where they just cut and like…yeah, i hope you guys don’t get confused since this is mainly dialogue!

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For the Love of Harry, Chapter 9 (conclusion)

Thank you for all the wonderful messages you’ve sent, telling me how much you love this story! It means so much to me!

The first 8 chapters are at the top of the Masterlist page, so make sure you’ve not missed any of it so far, or refresh your memory by rereading it before starting this conclusion.

I hope you enjoy this final chapter. So much fun to write this saga!

Enjoy! xo



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anonymous asked:

How the band react to finding out their s/o is good at art and draw their partner draws them a lot as practice?

2D: 2D would be a bit bashful about it, he never would have thought you’d use him as model. He’d ask to see some more of your sketches and just gush about how talented you are. He’d always ask you if you needed him to do something specific to get inspired. If you had the basic sketch of what you would draw down, he’d sit there a watch as you work. 2D would make little noises while admiring your work, things like. “Woaaah!”, “Oh my.”, “Wow!” It made you giggle and kiss him. You needed a break anyway.

Murdoc: This man would be all over it. He’d immediately start posing for you, try on different outfits. He’d even try to get you to post some of your work on the Gorillaz’s social media. You’d laugh at the pickle man and knew exactly what to do. “Babe?” You yelled into the hallway. Within seconds Murdoc was in front of you grinning. “Can I help you?” You pulled him into the room and said, “Could you model for me?” He chuckled and agreed rather enthusiastically. “Okay stand there and just look natural!” You pushed him against the wall. He leaned against it and brought his left leg up. He looked out into the distance while lighting a cigarette. You giggled as you worked. Murdoc thought that meant he looked too dramatic and often changed his pose. “Done!” You chirped and he ran over to look at your work. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!” You had drawn a giant pickle with Murdoc’s face on in. “I think this is a great piece for your Instagram page.” You laughed as Murdoc stomped away.

Noodle: Noodle would be a bit shocked she hadn’t noticed before. She would ask to look at some of the pictures you drew and admire your work. “These are amazing… I had no idea you were so talented.” Noodle then gently touched the paper. You blushed a little at her actions. “Is it easy to draw these when I’m moving around?” You take a second to think, “I mean no not really but if I can get the general outline of your body, I can usually come up with the rest.” Noodle smiled and asked, “Do you want me to model for you?” You giggled and kissed her. “That’d be nice.”

Russel: Russel would be confused as to why you would want to use him in your pictures but he’s also very flattered at the same time. When he catches you sketching him, he asks if he can watch you work. He watches your techniques closely and follows the movement of your hands. After the picture is finished, he kisses your sore hands and looks at the piece. He smiles and kisses you before hanging it on the fridge. “I want everyone to see this.” You giggled and hug your boyfriend before admiring the work yourself.

@wwefangirl69 This is my frist time writing a “would include” kinda thing. Hope you like it!

Being pregnant with Sheamus’s son would include:

-  Sheamus helping you pick out a name for him over the facetime.

“Are you okay with him having a traditionally Irish name babe?” he would ask as you see him flipping scrolling through his phone for the few names that he has picked out.

“I really like Cullen, Declan, Lorcan, and Liam. What do you think?” he’d ask excitedly as you just nod along and read out the names you like and don’t like on his list.

-Helping you rub your belly with stretch mark serum and massaging your swollen feet.

It’s not often that he’s home but when he is he treats you like a queen. He doesn’t like when you have to do a lot of things and he definitely doesn’t like seeing you in pain. So once the day is done and you are on the sofa catching up Game of Thrones he’ll prop your feet onto his lap and start massaging them with his strong hands. He’ll casually kiss them and watch as you squeal and wrinkle your nose.

“What love? I’ve had your toes in my mouth. Kissing your feet is nothing weird.”

When you two are laying in bed and talking about if you should go with trees or mountains for your baby boy’s room. Sheamus will lean on the side of the bed and grab your serums that are safe for you to rub onto your belly to help with your stretch marks. He’ll nod along and suggest things here and there but he’s really just enjoying being home with his wife and being able to make you feel more comfortable.

-He constantly reminds you that you’re still the sexiest woman he has laid eyes on.

You weren’t having a good day today. First you find out that you were told the wrong date for your ultrasound appointment and Sheamus won’t be in town on the new date. And now the zipper to the dress that were going to wear to the award ceremony tonight won’t zip anymore. You slide off the dress and sit on the floor of your bedroom huffing and sniffling as you hold it in your hands.

“Why are you sitting on the floor my love?” He asks as he drops his gym bag and kneels in front of you taking your chin in his hand. His thumb swipes at the tear on your cheek and he looks down at the dress in your hands. He puts it together before you even answer him and he gives you a small nod.

“19 pounds. I’ve gained 19 pounds so far in my pregnancy and it shows.” you’d say as you lay your forehead on his shoulder.

“That’s what this is about? You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I see hundreds of women all the time all over the world and not once has one ever looked like you. You’re so ridiculously gorgeous and if anything this pregnancy has solidified that. Come on.” he’d say as he pulls you up and stands you in front of the full length mirror in your bedroom. “See.” he asks as he stands behind you and rubs your belly gently before turning your around and lifting you onto him before pecking your lips.

-Sheamus can’t accept the fact that he can’t build furniture and he refuses to call Cesaro.

You stand behind him giggling and watching as he screws the final screw into the crib and stands back feeling extremely proud of himself.

“Sheamus-baby- honey. Why does Liam’s crib look like a rocking chair? We can just call Cesaro.” you’d suggest and he’d drop the screwdriver and walk away muttering to himself about “call Cesaro”.

“Baby I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” you’d call after him before telling him that the crib is lovely and kissing his temple.

-Late night grocery store runs because you don’t get many cravings but when you did you have to have it.

“I don’t see pickled okra? What the hell is that even babe? I’ve never seen you eat that.”

-He felt bad for you in the beginning of your pregnancy because of your morning sickness. He couldn’t be there most of the time to help you so he’d get his mother to stay on the phone with you every morning coaching you through it.

-You two watching childbirth/parenting videos in bed and he hides his face every two seconds or either asks you a billion questions.

“Is that her… Good God- I can see the head. I can literally see the head babe” She’s screaming/  Why’re they all just standing there?” “We’re going to have to get you those giant pads babe”

-He documents everything. On his phone. With a Polaroid. And with his dslr. He loves taking photos and little videos of you.

-He loves to get his late night chats in with little fella as well. He’ll lay beside your belly and tell the little fetus about how he’s going to teach him to be strong and kind and smart like you. 

“And I pray that you’ll look like your mother. You don’t need this ugly mug. But I think you’re going to be a ginger like your old man bub.”

-Finally. This is probably  a wildcard but he gets surprisingly a bit emotional thinking about how strong you are and how you’re literally carrying a life inside of you. He’s always complimenting you and telling you about how in love he is with you.

*bonus* He doesn’t talk about the time that you bought a fake belly for him to wear all day so that he could slightly know what it feels like. He quit after 3 hours.

“My back hurt. I’m tired. I’ve knocked over my beer twice. I don’t waste a good pint.”

A night to forget Part 2/5

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Warnings: Swearing, Cheating Maybe (?) 

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/F/S - Your favorite show

A/N - Steve meets reader and she helps him deal with life in the present until somethign tears them apart.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II  Part 4 II Part 5

The next day Y/N woke up on cloud nine. She had hardly slept the night before; she was so excited for her date with Steve today. For the past month she had been working on a gift for Steve. She got the basket all ready. Inside was an iPod filled with every noteworthy song from 1946 to 2015, and his very own copy of A Farewell to Arms (which he loved when he read it) finally she placed the last item in the basket which was the best item of all. She had compiled a pocket sized reference book for Steve that was in alphabetical order.  That way when someone made a reference around him, all he had to do we look it up and he would understand. In the front she wrote an inscription.
For my man out of time, never feel lost again.
Remember babe, home is where your heart is.
Love Y/N

It was 5:00pm; she still had a few hours before her date with Steve. She put on some music and turned on the shower. Right when she was about to step in she heard her phone ring and ran to answer it. 

“Why hello handsome” She smiled into the phone

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For the Anon who asked for 297 (I think that you might be pregnant) with Morgan

“Babe will you grab the pickles?” You call from your spot on the couch.
“You want pickles with your ice cream?”

“Sweetheart, you have chocolate ice cream, chips and dip and now you want pickles?”
“Yea, what about it?”
“If I ask you a question are you going to get mad at me?” Derek asks coming over to the couch with the jar of pickles in his hand and a fork.
“That entirely depends on the question you’re planning on asking.”
“I think you’re pregnant. Is it possible?”

“Well, since I’m only sleeping with you you’d know that the answer to that one is yes.”
“You’re late aren’t you?” He asks dropping down on the couch next to you.
“And how do you know that?” You demand taking the jar of pickles.
“Baby. I love you. I notice the mood changes and the food cravings. It’s not coincidence that we always have the right food in the house when you’re PMSing or on your period.”
“I’ve never loved you more in my life.” You grin at him while taking a bite of one of the baby pickles he’d brought over to the couch.
“So? What do you think?”

“Could I be pregnant? Yea, possible.”
“Want me to go get some tests?”

“Derek. It’s almost 11 o’clock. You want to go out there in the middle of the night and go get a pregnancy test?”

“Well now I want to know.” You shake your head at him and laugh softly.
“Okay, well if you’re going to go go so we can start the movie.”
“You’re not curious?”
“Not really. I’ve had weird cravings before.”
“Not like this sweetheart.” He stands up and takes his coat off of the coat tree then shrugs it on.
“Really?” You ask after another bite of ice cream.
“Really babe.” He leaves the house and you watch his lights slide across the wall. You switch back to the normal tv and click through the different channels until finding something that looks interesting. Derek gets home quicker than you thought he would. He passes you the box and nods toward the bathroom.
“I don’t have to pee yet. Let’s get the movie started and when I have to pause for a bathroom break I will.”
“Deal.” He wraps an arm around you and passes you a cup of water and you smirk at him.

“Come on babe I’m dying. I need to know.”
“Okay fine. I’ll go pee on it.” You groan. Derek has been wanting kids of a while and while you’ve wanted kids too but maybe not as badly as he has. Five minutes later you come out of the bathroom with the test in your hand.
“So?” Derek asks, you don’t say anything just hand him the test. He looks down at it and presses his lips to yours then rests his forehead against yours and whispers.

the overdramatic bitch in me loves flower language because of ~symbolism~ but at the same time I find it so frickin hilarious like

abor vitae means true friendship. wanna show your friends you love them?? just send them a whole fuckig tree. do it

or how about wanting to suggest being ‘powerful against evil’? ? how bout some of that dill babe go make some righteous evil repelling pickles