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(IF YOU REPOST, PLEASE CREDIT ME!) Stupid Mario Part Who Gives A Flying Pickle, “Tongue Tied” tag friends , and eat nothing but Mario Keeses (I have nothing else better to do, but it makes me happy to see you guys laugh at these) . #Mario #nintendo #luigi #smash #Funny #drawing #yoshi

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1408

Warning: FLUFF, Dean being a sugar-coated smol bean, Dean defending a burger

Summary: Dean and Y/N have been friends all of their life and are finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other. How will the relationship life treat them?

A/N: This is my piece for Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My Quote was “I think you pissed off my sandwich” Dean. Congrats on 2,000 followers, sugar! Thanks for letting me participate @dancingalone21 :)

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anonymous asked:

where does the pickle mans tongue go.....when he opens his mouth it just rolls out i am Concerned hes like a dog whos tongue just hangs out constantly

It’s like………

a fruit roll up..

Grave Grit

The thing about grit is that it doesn’t rot. Not like flesh does. If you put it in the ground, it is not torn apart by the hungry earth and turned into so much fertiliser; it simply becomes sharper, its impurities sucked away into mulch by the gaping mouth of nature.

Grit abides. No, more than that: it endures. No, more than that: it *matures*.

At least, this is what Deputy Gujarwal would tell you on the rare occasions when her tongue was pickled enough to form words (an occasion that had gotten more and more rare in the years since her rising; for while her grit was sharp as ever, her flesh continued to slew from her bones no matter how much whisky she poured down herself to preserve it).

Certainly, Doc had met no-one in her long years as sawbones at Fort Keen who had quite as much grit or who was quite as sharp as the Deputy. And Fort Keen was a town with a reputation for *tough*. It was said that if a gunhand walked round one of its long, circular roads at high noon that no matter how long they trudged they’d find a scoundrel ready to draw at every step. It was said that this was a place where even the cattle were made of stone.

Yep, Deputy Gujarwal, she was the meanest and toughest of all the gunfolk that had been carved by the rough winds of that town.

Not that Ferrous Kid had believed those rumours. 

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the signs as minor characters in spongebob
  • Aries: the hash slinging slasher
  • Taurus: mr. seaweed monster man
  • Gemini: "BIG!MEATY!CLAWS!" guy
  • Cancer: that fish that always shouts "MY LEG!"
  • Leo: squilliam fancyson
  • Virgo: the asshole that hid the pickles underneath his tongue to destroy spongebob's career
  • Libra: smitty werben jagerman jensen (he was #1)
  • Scorpio: the health inspector
  • Sagittarius: the guy that chases spongebob & patrick while trying to buy all their chocolate
  • Capricorn: old man jenkins
  • Aquarius: flatts the flounder
  • Pisces: the fish news reporter

anonymous asked:

mc telling the MLFK guys she is pregnant? Dont care who you do but, Please include Hiroki. I wanted you to write something good. I love your stories so much. No matter if they are good or bad I can tell you put yourself into it. I know I am asking Anonymously but we have messaged before and the last time we have messaged you went through a bad break up and got cheated on. you are amazing to go on with life like how you do and how you are nice to everyone

Ah geez.
This honestly made me tear up. I have no words other than thank you, so here is your baby story..

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Sum up Yokai with Spongebob quotes


“This isn’t your average everyday darkness. This is…Advance darkness…”

“He was hiding the pickles under his tongue this all along!”

“1% evil, 99% hot gas” 

“ Ja, buns and thighs” 

“All hail the magic conch!” 

“Because of her mysterious behavior, I have decided to name her Mystery. Now that I think of it, she is very graceful and majestic. Perhaps I should name her Grace, or Majesty, or Debbie “ 

“He was so ugly that everyone died. The end” 


“I was a wimp before Anchor arms. Now, I’m a jerk and everybody loves me” 


“But sadly I’m only an eel” 

“Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE” 


“I’m not a shopping list, I’m a ghost” 

“Well, the way I see it there are three possibilities: One, you stole it; Two, you stole it; Or three, you stole it!” 

“Take it easy, it’s just a drawing”

“April fools, jerk” 

anonymous asked:

You might not be able to speak for The Body, but what influences do you all have to make such nihilistic and dark music? I don't say that as a bad thing either, this shit is evil as fuck and I listen to it when I workout, makes me want to destroy everything in sight. Where do you come up with the ideas for the lyrics? Do you guys feel this way about living? Or is it just for the music?

I’ll give you the easiest explanation I can, but it’s kind of personal and I haven’t been very open about this before now. So here goes… I worked at a restaurant when I was younger. I worked in the kitchen and I took alot of pride in what I did. I never wanted to work anywhere else. One day, this older guy came into the restaurant that had a reputation for judging places and ripping them down in a pretty brutal way. He was mentally abusive and basically just an awful person. I did everything I could to make sure his order was made perfectly. Even so, he found a glaring error and made me spiral into a depression that kept me out of work for days and made me question why I had even gotten into cooking in the first place. My boss convinced me to come back after a few days and I tried to get back on my feet. This critic came back in, taunting me, telling me I was bound to mess up again. I was confident, I made the order correctly and served him… He claimed AGAIN that I made the order incorrectly. I crumbled.. I couldn’t believe it.. As he laughed in my face, something clicked. I sprung up and grabbed his tongue. The pickles were under his tongue the whole time… so were the pickles from last time!! He ran off panting. I won.

This guy went out of his way just to make my life difficult. So yeah, people are garbage and living is hard.