pickled ramps


Gathered ramps today. Every year I post on gathering ramps, but I think I evolve a bit each time. I now only get ramps that are no bigger then my index finger, and no smaller then my pinky. This is because I pickle the bulbs and the best bulbs for canning are that size. I also used a pressure washer to speed up processing a big time saver. I also now value the leaves more then the builds. I make pesto that I add to bread, noodles and hummus. It is one of my all time favorite flavors.

I made 7 cups of pesto, and pickled the bulbs.


We went to a tasting restaurant run by an Iron Chef participant for my husband’s birthday. It was delicious but we passed on the most likely small desserts to go stuff our faces with cheap frozen custard.

Octopus with shiso and aioli, maitake with wakame. Heirloom tomatoes with tofu, salmon, green onions, ponzu, creamy miso sauce. Asparagus with crab and crab aioli. Eringi, barely cooked prawn, white fish, pickled ramps, sea beans, onion potato purée. Whiskey cocktail made to look like something… familiar…….