pickled carrot and radish

These kinda meals 😍👌🏼
Pretty much a deconstructed sushi bowl with all the goods! Loads of rice, greens, edamame, carrot, cucumber, purple cabbage, tofu, radish pickled ginger, sesame & soy sauce 🙌🏼🌱✨
✖️Will be back to making YouTube vids/regular post & vid uploads tomorrow! 🙂👋🏼

The next four days

Tomorrow I will wake up at 6:30am, make two pots of coffee pack two lunches kiss my baby and send him out to work. I will get to work eat my breakfast while training, I will train all day from 8:30am-12pm and from 12:30pm-4. At 4 I gotta run upstairs and pick up a chocolate sugar free cake that’s a week late for my dads birthday. Then I gotta clean the whole house because Tuesday after doing the same training schedule (except my going away party is from 11-1) I will be having company to watch the robot showdown happening on twitch. Part of me loves this because my boys are coming to my house and we are probably ordering food and curling up around the tv to watch this together but also because it is harvest season and my boys who have brought me mint and tomato plants are now bringing me carrots and pickled radishes, salsa and zucchini bread and we will give them red and white potatoes for their troubles. Not a fair trade I know but it’s what I got. This only encourages me to garden better next year. Anyway so that’s Tuesday’. Wednesday’s my last day at my job with dept of health. I have worked there since June of 2015 and although I love them they’re really fucked when I leave and they know this - I haven’t even begun to pack up my desk I’ll be training till 4:30 I’m sure of it. Thursday I start my new job I have no idea what I’ll be doing I’m working for performance evaluation so I assume HR.

For the last two years my job has worked me to the bone and for the most part they’ve been very good to me, getting me a promotion as soon as they realized I was a good worker, not caring too much about lunch or break time changes or lateness as long as it was accounted for. But this past January when I miscarried they were fucking assholes when I tried to file fmla and I ended up having to take 2mo off of work unpaid when all I wanted was to change my schedule by half n hour. Since returning to work I’ve reviewed my personnel folder and they called HR and there are notes about my fmla.. something by law they are not allowed to question. They tried to use emails I wrote against me to say I was lying about needing medical time accomodations. When I gave my resignation someone from HR pulled me aside at an outside of work social event and told me they would secure the same position in house for me if I would promise to stay. This was clearly the work of my director, basically saying we need you even though you’ve given your two weeks can we bribe you into staying with the same pay here? I bust my ass daily, I cry at my desk and I often feel overwhelmed because I am the office mom. How do I fax? Did you get my fax? Can you refil the printer? The toilets broken? Can I get a temp badge? Some visitor is here for a meeting? There’s a delivery? How do I send mail? Can you schedule a meeting? Can you order something? How do I file fmla? How do I file reasonable accomodations? Should I cheat on my husband? Can you do double the work of people being paid double your wages? Here you’re single handedly responsible for logging all incoming work for four units! Everything from birthday invitation labels for grandsons 1st birthday to cutting out gingerbread men for all the 50+ yr old women in my office to decorate. No one in the office knows how any computer works, no idea what resolution is, how to change a desktop how to use ctrl +f.. any problem in word, access, excel or power point is brought to me. I am also the only one who knows how to submit a help desk ticket. I have submitted over 70 in the last three months. Also about 20 times a day I’m interrupted to set up the wifi on someone’s phone.

It’s like having 50 navi from Zelda at all times.

I love these women but I cannot for my sanity stay no matter the pay and I want to progress based on my own merit and not someone’s dependence on me to keep their piece of shit unit that is severely understaffed afloat as a one person savior. I was nine minutes late to work Friday and they had a melt down that they might have to find someone to do one of my major tasks that I’ve been training someone on four five weeks.. I leave in three days.