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Heya! I just started following you so forgive my ignorance, but beside the wayfinder trio, who are your ultimate favorite characters in KH? :D

Before I played BbS, Roxas was my no 1 favorite and he’s still high on my list ❤ as for the others I often change who my top favorites are, atm it’s Sora and Xion

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Okay, but I'm 90% sure that that accidental "kiss" was not on the lips (I mean, why is Naruto not spitting as well? Why can I see his mouth clearly a second beforehand, but not Sasuke's? Why the apparent sucking sound effect?). I mean jeez, what's next after this? Accidental penetration? Accidental dating? Accidental marriage? Accidentally spending the rest of existence with one another? ;P

Anon, you can be 100% sure. :D 

Naruto obviously pulls his unzipped pants up after we hear sucking sounds, and Sasuke seems theatrically grossed out because yes… he sucked Naruto’s dick on accident.

Also, the best part comes when Sasuke is noticeably blushing. I know, I know, it’s not canon, but it’s definitely amusing and so intentionally gay. I guess our ship has it all. :P 

“(…) Accidental penetration? Accidental dating? Accidental marriage? Accidentally spending the rest of existence with one another? ;P”

Wait, what do you mean this hasn’t happened yet in canon? ;)

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Why are you so fucking nasty to non cis afab people? Obviously critiquing certain behaviors is really important but you just make fun of them for everything they do it's like so mean spirited it really just makes me so sad to read sometimes when I'm already having a bad day getting invalidated by the cis

This is just really strange to me, because like at a certain point, i feel like I haven’t even really been that harsh recently, esp. if we are talking about the general group of ‘cafab trans people’.

Like, beyond the fact that this ends up kinda sounding like “why are women so mean” sort of MRA coddling, like, at least in the past month or so, almost everything has been about specific people, or coming as a reaction to alienation.

So, for example, this message was sent right after I made fun of that Everydayfeminism article, and the responses. First of all, I was making fun of a very specific 00’s era form of cafab ‘dapper’ genderqueer fashion that I honestly think is played out and is also partially rooted in weird class/professionalism and masculinity issues that aren’t even worth talking abt right now.

And then I sort of complained abt the way the article is based on an extremely narrow idea of what the experience of being nonbinary is like, one that excludes a lot of people. One that I honestly think is more harmful than helpful for a lot of nonbinary people, especially in an article about Myths around being nonbinary!

The fact that me making a relatively tame joke abt a disproportionate represented group w/in nonbinary stuff automatically got me someone complaining (to me! a person who isn’t binary!) that I was attacking the 'nonbinary community’ (which I feel exceptionally alienated from, because of the reasons underpinning the article!) resulted in me making another relatively tame joke about suspenders, which is part of that dapper overrepresented aesthetic.

But like, think abt what it says that making fun of bowties gets people to think that you hate nonbinary people, and think abt how that informs the complete marginalization of so many other kinds of nonbinary people (of varying assignments).

And like, tbh, most of my discussions are coming from a perspective where most other trans people are continuously invalidating and attacking my experience of gender, while at the same time my embodiment is the butt of jokes in a wide variety of media, and most communities treat my presentation as artificial, predatory, or pathetic. The fact that I made a joke abt bowties and suspenders and the response people have given is just so incredibly disproportionate to the sort of shit that I receive almost continuously, and it’s just unreal that this feels in any way to you similar to being attacked by cis people.

And like! tbh I have no idea what the level of nice-ness has to be that will not be received like this, because no matter how nice I’ve been (and believe me, I used to be more), any sort of joke is gonna be treated as this Male Aggression, sooooo I guess I don’t have the time to find the Goldilocks zone of cattiness. Like, I’m a doomed queen, it partially comes with the territory.

I’m sorry this got so long, but it’s honestly just so confounding to me that like making fun of cliches within an identity that I’m actively marginalized from is now like the sign that I hate nonbinary people, or like that I’m too mean to the men/mascs/cafab trans people.

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is it too much to dream of a day when girls would refer themselves as heda/wanheda instead of lesbian/bi? because that's kinda of my dream right now.

this is my favorite ask from now on I’m not bisexual I’m wanheda

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Baby corn is the purest of foods, the combination of the flavors of corn and baby,

You heard it here first, folks. Baby corn apologists are filthy heathens who hunger for the flesh of America’s children.

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Can you write about zukaang? Just them being gay. Thank you(:

Iroh was getting old. He had been old as long as Aang had known him, but now, with his liver spots dotted over his hands, his breath rattled in his chest, and his slow moving, he finally looked it. And he seemed it in the way he moved, slower and more calculated than before.

Not that he really seemed to mind.

“This one is a special tea,” he told Aang, smiling and pouring the tea, “for a special visitor.”

Aang smiled in return. He thought he traveled to see Iroh and Zuko enough now that his visits would be mundane, but it was nice to be appreciated as ‘special.”

“Thank you,” he said after tapping the table. “I’m glad to be back.”

“So are we, Avatar, so are we!” Iroh returned. He patted Zuko’s shoulder as he walked away.

They were all getting old now, a fact Aang was thankful for. Zuko finally not only fit his robes, but looked comfortable in them. His hair, long now, was tied in a knot at the back of his head. He strummed his beard thoughtfully, his good eye trailing after Iroh as he crossed the room.

He sat close enough that his leg brushed against Aang’s.  Aang had to scratch at his own beard to cover the grin from the warmth of it.

“Are you not staying with us, Uncle?” Zuko asked, sipping at his cup.

“No, no,” answered Iroh. “It is far too late for a man as old as myself to be awake, even if such fine tea is being served—“ Aang gave a small laugh—“And besides,” Iroh added just before closing the door, “I think you two might appreciate he time alone.”

Aang’s stomach gave the familiar squirm. Iroh knew, of course he did. He was one of the few who did.

There was a strange comfort in that. Zuko shifted. His shoulder kissed Aang’s.

“Goodnight,” Iroh said. And he was gone. They were alone.

It only took a moment for Zuko’s hand to fall onto Aang’s, and for Aang to curl his fingers into his own. The room was quiet, and Aang could feel the warmth rising from his tea, lifting a soft, fruity fragrance. It felt safe.

He turned to grin at Zuko and Zuko pressed his mouth to his.

“What did Iroh put in the tea?” Aang teased after their kiss. His cheeks felt hot and his stomach light. This was getting easier, more comfortable. But still seldom enough to be special.

“Jasmine, I think,” Zuko answered. He didn’t get the joke; he never did.

It was one of the things Aang had grown to love about him.

6 things you didn't know about Jordi Alba

Chess fan

“I love playing it and I keep doing it with my father. It makes me think and that’s why I think it’s great that is thaught at schools”.

Sleeping 12 hours

“I can sleep for 12 or 13 hours. At night I do it from 12am to 9am and I have a nap of 2,3 or 4 hours at midday”

Salad mad

“Salad drives me crazy. I eat it for lunch and dinner… I can’t at breakfast but I am happy with a salad, some chicken and some rice. I drink about  3 litres of water a day”.

Driving licence

“I’m working on getting my driver’s licence. Did theoretical exam few years ago. Practising now, hope to get it before the summer! (he said in 2013 but in 2016 he claimed that he will make it soon)


"I like rumba and "flamenco”. 


“I love the Spanish TV show "La que se avecina”. I can watch the same episode five times and I keep laughing".

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Omfg your headcanons are 👌👌👌...i was wondering if u could do a yandere!jungkook and an oblivious jimin. Thank you thank you so much in advance 😘

Okay so since it doesn’t have a story line, I hope you don’t mind if I put in my own AU :) Hope you like it~

+ Jungkook has been in love with his brother’s best friend for nearly two years now and Jimin doesn’t have a clue

+ Although Taehyung and Jungkook are brothers, they still hang out within the same circle of friends—including Jimin

+ Jungkook is way too shy to confess his feelings for Jimin so he admires from afar. He knows that Jimin is completely clueless about Jungkook’s crush

+ Jimin always ruffles Jungkook’s hair like a little brother and talks about how cute he is when Jungkook secretly wishes they were kisses instead

+ Taehyung knows about Jungkook’s feelings for his best friend and he teases him non-stop. Giving him knowing looks when they hang out, making Jungkook furiously blush.

+ When all their friends are in a group together, Jungkook unconsciously stares at Jimin. And when he talks, he can’t keep his eyes off of those oh so plump lips

+ Sometimes Jungkook accidentally blurts out loving compliments like: “You’re really beautiful, hyung.” Jungkook smacks a hand over his mouth in surprise. Jimin just stares at him with wide eyes before relaxing and giggling. “Jungkook-ah, you’re so funny!”

+ Jungkook has to live through to pain of seeing many people confess their love for Jimin. The older turns all of them down but one.

+ Jungkook withdrawals from the group for a while when Jimin starts to date a new guy. Jimin becomes concerned and confronts him about it.

+ “Jungkook, I haven’t seen you in a while, where have you been?” Jimin asks, concerned. “I’m surprised you noticed, haven’t you been too busy with your boyfriend?” Jungkook bites, not meaning for it to be so bitter. Jimin was taken aback with guilt.

+ The next Monday, Jungkook finds out that Jimin broke it off with the guy.

+ “Hyung, I thought you liked him?” Jungkook asks. Jimin nods slowly. “Yeah. But I think I missed you more.” Jungkook screamed on the inside.

+ Jungkook notices that Jimin hangs around him more often. They now even sometimes go out alone.

+ His brother starts to complain: “Jungkoooooook, you’re taking away my best friend! Can’t you guys find some other time to make out?” Jungkook splutters. “Taehyung hyung, we aren’t even dating!” Taehyung smirks, walking away. “Are you sure? Cause Jimin seems to like you a lot.” Jungkook blushes.

+ On one of their outings, Jungkook decides to man up and ask Jimin out. But before he could even do it, Jimin beats to it. “Hyung I’ve been meaning to ask you…Do you—” “—want to go out with me Jeon Jungkook?” Jungkook was thrown in a full 360, choking on his own words.

+ Jimin gives him a little peck on the lips only after Jungkook squeaks out a ‘yes’

+ Taehyung says the next day in front of all their friends:  “I better not catch you two getting freaky anywhere near me.”

+ The couple sits there embarrassed yet laughing along. But they kept their pinky fingers linked under the table <3