I’ve had Sublime on the brain the past few days. Specifically Santeria. Hands down on of my favorite tracks.

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Hello there! I'd like to pass along a recommendation for a fic I recently came across that deserves a ton of love. It's a new A/B/O WIP and the author has been updating regularly. It's got a unique twist on the trope that I have not seen before, the world-building is really well done, and it is just a great read so far. An Accident of Time by Pickitup on AO3. Thanks!

thanks for your rec

An Accident of Time by Pickitup

Boys weren’t omegas. Not outside of blue movies, or bluer songs, at least, the kind of anecdotes too ribald even for soldiers to tell. Girls were omegas, sometimes, but rarely, even in those days. Dying breeds, he guessed. When he was the asset it had stopped entirely, he had thought it all over: feels sick thinking of what they would have done to exploit him if he had suffered back then. But now, 2014, eating three meals a day, sleeping regularly in a safe bed, the old ghost has come back.

Rules for Roommates


Rating: E

Setting: Modern AU

Word Count: 41,235


Modern AU. Arthur works in publishing and is ashamed to tell anyone he’s secretly editing erotica, and being bullied by one of his authors - the arrogant ‘Lake Anders’. He’s also just taken in a new roommate, the adorable Merlin Emrys, who is definitely Not His Type. Or is he?

Comments: First of all, let me just say how happy I am that this fic is on ao3 now, because I absolutely LOVE it. The dynamic and banter between Merlin and Arthur is wonderful, and I adore how they quickly become friends and how their relationship evolves from there. As well, there’s a lot of pining and obliviousness from the both of them with not knowing that Arthur edits Merlin erotica, and just how much they care for one another. Just wonderful!

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hello there, hope this is not a bother I know you reccomend fics for folks your favorite Merthur modern AU? the lengthier the better, i'm on break :) thank you so much!

no bother! let me try to rec you things you might have not read before lol and get things that are 30k+ soooo let’s start with:

  • my fic rec page, if you haven’t already, and search for 35k-50k or 50k+, these should mostly be modAUs
  • i have a list of bottom!arthur fics (that hasn’t been updated recently oops) that has a few long modAUs as well
  • i hope you’ve read the ‘classics’ as well, most of them are long and modAU

a lot more after the cut! i’d suggested looking through the links above first before going through the list below.

edit: i added *’s to my favs since i see you asked for my favs!

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Jealous Arthur fics



i’m sure there’s a million more canon ones out there.