you:  takes your girl out to a fancy movie at a nice restaraunt

me:  takes my girl out to the creek where we tell each other stories about our lives while we pick up the garbage in the creek bed.  she tells me about her dream to one day go to the moon and I tell her about how to fix a grandfather clock

PJO/HoO characters as things I’ve done

Percy Jackson- tried to make blue colored cookies, but they turned out green so no one ate any because everyone said they looked poisoned. They were actually really good cookies

Annabeth Chase- got really mad at my best friend because she threw a sock at a spider in my room to kill it. The spider fell from the ceiling as I knew it would because socks don’t kill spiders. I didn’t enter my room until a day later. 

Grover Underwood- picked up garbage with three of my friends around our school. We were all in sneakers except my one friend who was in boots, we sent her down into the creek to get the garbage.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare-  told all my friends I was psychic after having a dream that sorta happened and guessing a few numbers that my friends were thinking of.  

Nico di Angelo- told my best friend that there was a secret door in my basement that led to a secret room. I told her that in the room a young girl Elizabeth died there and haunts our house. My friend no longer believes me when I tell her stories. 

Jason Grace- tried to levitate. I seriously thought I could with enough will power. It didn’t exactly work. (this was only two years ago)

Piper McLean- went a month as a “vegetarian”. I tried so hard not to eat meat after watching videos of these baby chicks being beheaded and other stuff, but I failed. I’m too weak for the vegetarian life. 

Leo Valdez- tried to show off my pogo sticking skills but ended up falling from it and cutting myself on the metal. I still have a scar/bruise thing from the incident

Hazel Levesque-  one time I rode a horse at the circus… yea I don’t have much for Hazel :(

Frank Zhang- got banned from eating mac and cheese in the morning by parents. It was for the best though, eating dairy products on an empty stomach used to make me feel sick. 

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano- beat five different guys in a rap battle at a birthday party last year. The guys still say how they’re dead from my insults. 

5 More Ways to Practice Witchcraft With Little or No Money
  1. Clean up a roadside or beach. Take a walk down any road or on most beaches, and you will probably see evidence of human beings and our debris. Take a plastic bag with you; as you enjoy your walk, pick up any garbage you find along the way. The earth will thank you.
  2. Take off your shoes and feel the earth. Focus on the way the dirt or sand feels, and connect your energy to the planet beneath you. Send down roots and draw up the energy of the planet.
  3. Explore your senses. Go outside and listen. Do you hear birds, or the wind, or the sound of children’s laughter? What can you smell? Is it pleasant or unpleasant, natural or manmade? Notice the little things you might normally ignore; see tiny insects moving in the earth or the trails from an airplane overhead.
  4. Pay attention to your dreams. Dreams can have many messages for us. Try to remember what you dreamed about, and maybe even write down the ones that seem important. You may be getting a message from your own inner wisdom or from some outside source. Pay attention to those dreams that reoccur or seem to carry a special weight.
  5. Explore someone else’s viewpoint. We want people to accept us and our particular form of spiritual belief. In return, it is good to make an effort to see what other people believe and how they worship.

Witchcraft On A Shoestring, Deborah Blake


honestly I think we all go through the correcting people’s grammar on the internet phase.  luckily mine was only a week long and I spent six months picking up garbage on the freeway as atonement

when i was growing up my parents were never afraid to tell me when i sucked at something even when i was trying my hardest and i think they thought they were doing me a favor but really all it did was make me not want to try anything at all ever

Winnipeg program that pays homeless $11/hr to clean streets full every day
Siloam Mission runs program that provides daily employment for homeless and cleaner streets

A program run out of the Siloam Mission that hires homeless people to clean up the downtown streets is so successful it fills up nearly every day.

The program, part of Mission: Off the Streets, or MOST, pays $11 an hour, and for some, is a path out of homelessness.

People who stay at the shelter can sign up each day to be part of a team of eight that goes out to pick up garbage, shovel snow and do other street maintenance duties.

“A lot of people go each day,” said Randy Malbranck, who’s been working nearly every day on the team for the past 6 months. “You don’t always get in but sometimes — usually — you do.”

Malbranck and the daily team pick up garbage from an area extending from Higgins Avenue and Main Street to Isabel Street and William Avenue. Last year, 86 people were employed through the program.

“People see their capabilities and believe in themselves again,” said organizer Cathy Ste. Marie. “They’ve still got gas in the engine. They’re still capable, and it’s a catalyst to get back into the workforce.”

She added people who are able to keep employment through the program for a few months can then get references and valuable job experience.

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thinking about domestic!asanoya and considering early death. happy monday guys.