5 Ways to MotivateYourself to Work Hard

1. Get clear on the end goal

The secret to keeping your motivation up through low focuses and depleted periods, voyager Marie Stein demands, isn’t a specific productivity technique or energy boosting thought; rather, it’s being really, really clear about why you’re doing what you doing.

“There is stand out way for me to motivate myself to work hard: I don’t consider it as hard work. I consider it as a part of making myself into who I need to be,” she writes. “The "hard” part for me is picking and accepting what it is that I need to do… Once I’ve settled on the decision to accomplish something, I make an effort not to contemplate how troublesome or disappointing or unimaginable that may be; I simply consider how great it must feel to be that, or how pleased I may be to have done that.“

Struggling to keep your concentration on that end vision? "Simply ask yourself: If you were the individual that you need to be, then what might that individual do?”

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dante-heller  asked:

DBZ Asks: 13, 17, 23, 26 & 31 ☺


13. favourite quote

“Kakarot I think I’m going to puke” makes me laugh every single time :D

17. moment that made you cry

Vegeta dying on Namek - when he started crying and reaching out to Goku my little heart was broken into a million pieces. Then Goku picked him up and burred him - I was dead. It hurt then and it still hurts now, waah

23. most overrated


26. non canon favourite character

GOGETA :D I know technically Fusion Reborn and GT aren’t canon so technically these two haven’t fused to form him but…he’s amazing in both forms. He’s amazing with both of their faces joined together and his gorgeous fighting techniques and he’s amazing as a puffy monkey who likes party tricks and being silly. I want him to be canon now :D OH. Also Tarble. I’m not sure if he’s canon or not? But he should be!

31. least favourite arc

To be honest I never really cared for the buu saga? When it came back on TV when I was younger the episodes started right as I finished school so by the time I got home I had already missed most of it. That and the act that they decided to move it from cartoon network to a digital channel that we didn’t have :/ so I never saw what happened. It wasn’t until…last november that I finally decided to watch most of it and see what happened!! It’s really cool if a little messy but totally worth it for Goku and Vegeta dicking around inside Buu and fighting together at the end <3 So I really like all the arcs but I’m not quite as attached to this one.

DBZ Ask Game

At this point on the manuscript, GW wrote and crossed out the words “but as a friend my dear Marquis I would.”  [source on founders.archive.gov]


anonymous asked:

What's your favourite robron moment, quote and kiss? :)

hiiii youuu, anon!
I’m so late omg I’m so sorry but here is my answer:

it’s so hard to pick a favourite robron moment because there are so many good ones. but if I had to pick one I would say the scene after gordons funeral when they are at the pub and they look at each other. and I know this is like the most unpopular opinion ever and that the scene lasted for literally 5 seconds, but it’s the cutest thing ever. you can really see the love in their eyes and you can see how proud Robert is of Aaron for going to the funeral and for saying all the things he said to Gordon. and even though I’m a sucker for hugs, I’m also a sucker for stares, so that explains a lot lmao.

it’s so hard to pick a favourite quote as well but I absolutely love the “you’re the strongest person I know” quote because, let’s be honest, it’s cute af and that whole scene is such an important scene. Aaron has always had problems with believing in himself and I think hearing Robert say that, that he is the strongest person he knows, meant a lot to Aaron. then ofc the “I don’t need therapy, I got you”. is a favourite as well!

and my favourite kiss would be either their first kiss, the reunion kiss or the kiss after they joked about liv having taylor swift albums (omg!!!).

thank you so much for the question! <’3

nereidyke  asked:

bands, combat boots, sunrise??

bands: talk about a song/band/lyric that has affected your life in some way.

Marina and the diamonds,,,, tbh,,,

combat boots: are you a very forgiving person? do you like being this way?

I try to be but my bpd makes it kinda hard

sunrise: pick a quote and describe what it means to you personally.

“it’s gay” because….. I’m gay

the-casbah-way  asked:

notebook? :)))

notebook: what’s your favourite quote?

hmm well its hard to pick just one but heres one of my favorites: 

“If all those leaps of attention, flexing of eye muscles, fluctuations of the psyche, if all the effort it takes for a man just to hold himself upright within the flow of traffic on a busy street could be measured…the grand total would surely dwarf the energy needed by Atlas to hold up the world, and one could then estimate the enormous undertaking it is nowadays to merely be a person who does nothing at all.” 

from “The Man Without Qualities” but tbh theres so many great quotes from that book