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You’re In Love With Him But He Likes Your Best Friend: Part 2

A/N: This is a filler chapter. Meaning, this is much shorter than part 1. Do not feel dishearted, there will be a longer, more detailed part 3. 

Part 1

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“Are you ever going to speak to me?”

Y/n freezes as she hears Harry’s voice ask her the question she’s been dreading to answer.

It’s been two weeks since she’s heard that voice. It may sound rougher now, more stern and harsh than it normally is as it growls behind her at the counter of Lexi’s bar, but it’s still the first time she’s heard it in two weeks.

After her sober confessions to a very tipsy, slumberous Harry, Y/n had to understand what it truly meant to move on.

At first, she thought she would still be able to be around him as she searched for ways to rid her feelings. She distracted herself, mostly. She would interact more with Savannah than she would Harry, and even started picking up new habits whenever she felt her emotions creeping in. Anything that reminded her of him was disregarded entirely so that the only time he was able to consume her thoughts was whenever he was near her.

For the first couple weeks, she was holding up quite well, considering the circumstances. She was able to contain her emotions and take her mind off of the raging heartache that kept burning in her chest.

But it wasn’t much long after that night when Savannah and Harry finally became official, and if Y/n wasn’t anguished before, she surely was then. She was forced to witness the transition of their relationship in hindsight. What was once casual flirting and innocent touches turned into secretive giggles and loving hand gestures.

It was as if her heart broke all over again. What seemed to be almost completely mended was destructed all at once. The chase between Harry and Savannah was over, and reality set in that Harry was happy and in love with someone that wasn’t Y/n.

Watching them together was Y/n’s most devastating nightmare, and the thought of that alone meant she couldn’t mentally handle being alone anymore. With all of the emotions built up inside of her, being alone for Y/n meant enduring the pain and suffering she didn’t want to feel anymore. She just wanted it all to end, everything.

The earliest hours of the morning wrecked her the most. With only the moon illuminating the room and the radio silence throughout her house gave Y/n no choice but to be alone with her thoughts. She wasn’t loved, and no matter how many nights she’s tried to convince herself that this wasn’t the end, it was.

She had to let Harry go, completely this time. She gave up on him entirely because she couldn’t keep loving him when he didn’t love her. Not anymore, not like that.

She keeps her back to him as he heaves heavy breaths, eyes sending daggers and teeth clenched from his crippling frustration. 

“It’s Thursday, I see,” Harry grumbles before giving her the chance to answer, jaw locked as his fingers grip harshly around a stray, unfinished glass of alcohol. “You never work Thursdays. ’S this where your Friday shifts went?”

There’s an unpleasantly rough tone in his voice that makes Y/n’s breath hitch in her throat. She’s never witnessed this side of him, filled with anger and exasperation. He’s always been so soft and gentle, never having the heart to speak down to someone. But here he is, eyes dark with anger and words spewing venomously from his lips.

And as much she hates to admit it, she can’t blame him for being so angry with her. She knows she means the most to him—even if it’s not in a romantic sense—she’s become such an important part of his life. Ever since they met, she took in the truth about his past, understood the feelings and thoughts he’s carried all through his years, and was able to provide him with anything she was able to when he needed her most. She was one of the very few people he trusted and felt most comfortable with in his life. She was irreplaceable, he’d always tell her, nobody could compare to her. She meant everything.

And then, she left him. She distanced herself so far away from him until it was as if she was never apart of his life. She ignored him and all his attempts to reach out to her again. It hurt her tremendously, knowing that what they had together was completely and utterly helpless, but she never questioned how Harry felt about it. She did what was easiest for her and never thought about it twice. She left him so that he can be happy, but as he stands so tensely and confused before her, she can’t help but blame herself what’s happened between them.

She nods her head softly, still refusing to look up at him as she gathers all the used glasses in front of her, making herself seem distracted so she doesn’t have to make much effort into speaking to him.

“I—uh, yeah. Friday nights were getting hectic and I couldn’t keep up with the late hours. I thought Savannah told you.”

It’s a lie. A shitty, impulsive lie that Harry almost finds humorous. Of course, Y/n switched her Friday night shift. She felt as if she had no choice. She couldn’t bare to look at him with Savannah another goddamn second, and he thought of spending Friday nights with Harry without being alone with him and going to the 24-hour movie theater together was enough to make her sick to her stomach.

“She did,” he clicks his tongue, eyes narrowing as he watches her scramble around the bar, “didn’t have to, though. I knew she was lying.”

Y/n’s actions halt for a moment, a feeling of dread flowing in her veins before she goes back to cleaning off the bar, disregarded his statement completely.

Harry knows Y/n’s been avoiding him, she hasn’t exactly made it as subtle as she thought. Their entire friendship changed, and Harry knows he wasn’t the one ruining it.

The morning after Y/n drove Harry back from the bar, all he could really remember clearly was falling asleep with Y/n. There were other bits he remembered, but that was really the only moment that came to him when he woke up. And he was confused when he woke up alone because, in all honesty, he was looking forward to waking up next to her. It was all his drunk mind thought of, and that terrified him.

When Y/n started distancing herself from him, Harry kept wondering what he had done wrong. She was fine with Savannah, keeping up with their lives as usual. But she was different with Harry—closed off, in a way, and it made him feel something he’s never felt in his life before.

He was confused, to say the least. Because when he was kissing down the bare chest of the woman of his dreams, he couldn’t stop daydreaming about Y/n, and how he hasn’t heard her voice and how he hasn’t felt her in so long.

He had Savannah wrapped around his finger, yet he still felt as if everything about it was wrong. He changed when Y/n left him, because even when he was around the most loving company, he felt alone.

He was helpless. As much as he tried to love Savannah, Y/n was always in the back of his head. She was there, all the time, trapped in his mind with no escape route. 

At first, he was confused—upset and lost without Y/n. He didn’t know life without her would feel so lonely, so empty and incomplete. It was strange, not knowing how to live his life without her. He’d never expected her disappearance to be such a hindrance to him, but it was. Oh, how it was.

Then, he was angry—angry because as many times as he tried to get her to speak to him again, she never came back. She was gone, forever.

Now, he’s hurt. So damaged by her leaving his side, so incomplete and destroyed without her with him anymore. His heart is heavy with sadness and he couldn’t let himself feel this way anymore. 

He needs her, no matter how wrong and pathetic it sounds, he needs her. 

“So you gonna tell me why you’ve been avoiding me, or am I gonna have to force it out of you?” he seethes, nose flaring as he tries to steady his uneven breath.

Y/n shakes her head ignorantly, a flash on innocence in her eyes as she does so. But she damn knows well what he’s talking about, and her oblivion drives him crazy.

“I don’t—I don’t know what you’re talking ab—“

“Oh, fuck off with it!” Harry spits, slamming his closed fist down on the wooden counter.

He doesn’t seem to care about how sudden the bar falls silent, or the glisten of fear in Y/n’s eyes when she finally looks up at him. All he can seem to care about is how much pain he feels, all over. All he can think about is how now, after the last two weeks of not being able to understand why he cares so goddamn much, he’s finally able to feel some sense of sanity being in front of her now.

“You know what you’re doing to me, Y/n! You know damn fucking well what you’re fucking doing and—“

“Harry, please.” Y/n whispers and she isn’t sure as to whether or not she’s begging him to lower his voice or begging for him to understand.

“And it’s not fair!” he cries out, tears of frustration overflowing from his eyes as he grips tightly onto his hair.

His breaking point is approaching, he feels it. He feels it with every breath he takes and every word that emits from his mouth. His heart twists and breaks as he expresses every feeling that’s been consuming him for the past two weeks. He needs her to know what she’s doing to him, needs her to know how he feels in this moment.

“I did nothing to you and you keep pushing me away and that’s not fair because I don’t know how to live without you. Isn’t that something?! I don’t know what to do without you, and you know that!”

Suddenly, his head falls in his hands as he begins to sob. Complete heart-wrenching sobs, making his chest tight and breathing shallow.

Y/n reaches her hand out for him, her fingers clasping harshly around his wrist. Her own eyes start to brim with tears as she watches him sob below her, his body shaking with undying cries. She swallows harshly when he grabs ahold of her hand, bringing her palm against his forehead. His lips reach to kiss her wrist softly, quickly refraining from keeping them there longer.

To touch her, for the first time, is every answer he needs. She’s the only one to make him feel this way—she’s the only one to drive him to the brink of insanity and resurface him back to clarity. She has power over him he never understood until now, after he’s lost her.

“I don’t know why it hurts this much, Y/n,” He cries, his eyes squeezing shut as he inhales sharply, “I’ve never been more confused in my life.”

She chokes on her cries as she nods her head softly, her free hand reaching up to rake her fingers through his hair. Her lips shake from their craving to touch him, watching as he weakens beneath her. 

She’s missed him, in the most desperate of ways. She’s missed every part of him, and every atom in her body yearned to feel him again. Whether it was to feel the warmth of him from a distance or to feel his skin ignite her, she wanted every part of him against her. If she wasn’t with him, she was missing him, and craving him with every breath she took. 

Her lips press tentatively to his forehead, her breath fanning through his hair as she does so. The action is quick, leaving just as quickly as it comes, but it carries sentimental meaning for the both of them.

Harry frowns, his heart thumping in his chest. He looks up into her eyes, filled with concern and sanity as she maps his features.

“It’s been ever since me and Savannah got together.” He mumbles, eyes watching her face as it pales slightly at his words. “You haven’t spoken to me since.”

Her eyes flutter shut as he speaks, finding it completely pointless to try and make him believe otherwise. He deserves to know, one way or another, and even if it’s now, she feels like she’s already lost him. There isn’t much she’d be losing now, anyways. He was never hers.

“Please leave, Harry.” She whispers.

She backs away from him, her touch leaving him was like a gunshot to his chest. It’s a feeling he’s felt all too much that he can’t bare to feel again. 

His heart breaks as he watches her begin to cry, her usual glistening eyes now filled with tears of sorrow. He shakes his head, squeezing his eyes shut as he tentatively takes a step closer to her.

He’s desperate, and he doesn’t care how weak he seems. He’s desperate to see where he’s missed it all along, to know how long he’s been making her feel this way. He’ll never forgive himself for all the pain he’s caused her, for all her nights alone when all she wanted was to be with him.

He could have done so much to change this. If he had just listened to his heart from the beginning, this would all be different now. If he hadn’t been so blind, they would both be happy right now.

“Love, I—“

“Don’t.” she whispers, her voice cracking as she speaks, “Please, don’t.“

She isn’t exactly sure what she’s saying—isn’t quite sure what she’s begging him not to do. Maybe it’s the nickname he’s always called her that makes her stomach twist a bit more, or how he’s trying to make her feel better that makes her eyes sting with a fresh new wave of tears, or how he looks at her now the way he never did before that makes her throat tighten around a sob. Whatever it is that makes her beg, she can’t  handle it anymore.

“I’m trying, Y/n,” He whispers, “please.”

“Please just—“ her eyes flutter shut as she speaks, “just leave me alone.”

Harry lets out an unsteady breath, his green eyes brimmed with red as he watches her begin to sob. 

He nods, because he can’t let himself keep doing this to her. If he keeps trying with her in her current state of mind, she won’t be able to think properly. She’ll be a wreck, more so than she is now, and he can’t find it in his heart to do that. Even if it means fighting for her.

“It’s not worth it, you know.” He whispers, his eyes staring lovingly into hers, “Being with her, it’s not worth it if it means losing you.”

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No Escape

Genre: Apocalypse Au / Future Fluff / Future Angst / Future Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,140

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies and blood, gory 

“Find some food Y/n. Find shelter and water. If you see anyone that’s not dead, don’t approach them. Don’t trust anyone.”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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mellarkablegirl  asked:

for a prompt request: single mom katniss takes her infant daughter to college because her babysitter cancels , and her classmate Peeta helps take care of the kid so K can concentrate. .

So this took me a loooong time, and I’m sorry for that, @mellarkablegirl. I had some trouble with this prompt because it’s a little out of my comfort zone and I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s okay and that it’s worth the wait.

A HUGE thank you to @papofglencoe for the quick beta work and encouragement!!<3


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Use The Spare Bedroom

Summary: Phil starts bringing boys home. Dan starts tweeting song lyrics. 

Word Count: 3436

A/N: List of songs referenced at the end. 

It started one Friday night. Dan was sprawled out on the couch. Laptop up and open to tumblr. He was settled for the night.

Then Phil came out of his room. He was in black jeans and a button up shirt.

‘I’m going out with some friends from uni.’ He announced.

'Oh.’ Dan took a few moments to process the information. 'Since when?’

'About forty-five minutes ago. I got a message and I thought why not?’

'Why not.’ Dan echoed.

'So… I’m not sure how late we’ll be out. Don’t wait up for me.’


Dan didn’t normally get to bed until about 2am on a normal night. He sort of thought he would see Phil come in before he headed off to retire for the night. But at 1.30am when he was heading off there was still no sign of Phil whatsoever.

He was woken up at 3am to the sound of a door slamming.

'Sshh.’ Followed by a giggle. 'My roommate is asleep.’

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Sirius picked up a new habit and Remus doesn’t know how he feels about it.


Sirius : You okay, moony?

Remus : hm? *clears throat* um, Y-Yeah. It’s just a bit… Hot

Sirius : … It’s like 30 degrees in here…

Sirius :  So… is this because of the full moon or…. Something else? 

Sirius : Moony?!

Sirius : … Is that a yes? 

Sirius : …….. MOONY!

glaciya  asked:

Okay so I already posted my love for your addition to the cuddle hc in the tags but the part where Jason falls asleep to Tim playing with his hair? It killed me dead. That was beautiful. I now have this head canon that whenever Jason starts getting really worked up(anger or anxiety) Tim will just reach over and start rubbing slow circles on Jason's scalp and it instantly calms him down.

I did see that! Also, @tanekore with the touch starved addition! Hell yes! Might have to work on that touch starved Tim I started last week because damn do I love that HC! So good! I might even throw together a touch starved HC when I’m done doing dishes.

Oh, my goodness gravy gracious! Let me start by say I’m not a fan of touching, but fuck are head touches and playing with hair the absolute best. No lie, I’ll just rub my own head sometimes because it feels all nice and tingly and it’s just the best! It’s nice and comforting and here come HCs!

So, Jay’s not a big fan of people hugging him because it makes him feel trapped and vulnerable. He’ll hug certain people and occasionally accept a one armed hug, but for the most part it’s not something he enjoys. He’s not fond of random touches either because it puts him on edge and once he’s on high alert it’s hard to switch off. For a long time, he’s the one that has to initiate contact because anything else can end up sending his mind places he doesn’t want it to go, then Tim happens.

They’re just spending time together on the couch one day watching movies and relaxing, when Jay decides he’s comfortable enough to just rest his head on Tim’s lap. The other just goes on autopilot as he runs his fingers through Jason’s hair and Jay didn’t think it would feel so good, but holy shit it’s the best. After that, he just starts resting his head in Tim’s lap whenever he can and Tim’s not considered one of the greatest detectives ever for no reason.

He picks up on Jay’s new habit and starts running his fingers through his hair and gently rubbing his head when he can reach. He’ll come up behind him when he’s sitting down or when he has pinned Jay during training. It doesn’t even set off Jay’s instincts because his body just goes limp right away and enjoys the feeling. Jay even starts to push up into Tim’s hand if he dares to stop before Jay is satisfied.

With how relaxed it makes him, Tim decides it’s the perfect weapon to combat Jay’s anxiety and anger. It makes visits to the Manor easier and helps them both sleep at night because the sound of Jay slow, peaceful breathing is a pretty good way to combat his insomnia. Tim doesn’t ever expect to use it while they’re out being Red Robin and Red Hood, but one night Jay and Bruce get into and huge fight.

They’re screaming at each other and seem pretty close to throwing punch, when Tim steps in between them to rip off Jason’s helmet. Everyone just stares at Tim as he jumps high enough to wrap his legs around Jason’s waist to give him the height he needs to get at his hair. At first, Jay kind of resists, then he leans into it and Tim drops back on his feet so he can get them out of there while Jay’s still relaxed. They spend the rest of the night curled up in bed with Tim’s hands running through Jay’s hair.

This got super long! Point is, head rubs and hair playing is the ultimate Jay stress reliever. Obviously, Tim is the best at it because Jay’s admittedly always had a thing for Tim’s hand. They’re just really nice, okay? Don’t judge him!

anonymous asked:

Could you do an imagine with kara where her and reader like each other but never say anything, but then she gets hurt somehow and when she wakes up they kiss?

Thank you so much for sending in a request! Since this is my first imagine, I decided to go all out, so it’s kinda long. I’m sorry it took two days for me to post this. I had written a large chunk of it and made the rookie mistake of deciding to try something, which caused it all to disappear. I got frustrated and waited a bit before writing it again. I started from the beginning again and a third of the way through, decided to save it as a draft so what happened before wouldn’t happen again, and somehow saved over it, causing all of my work to be erased. So then I started all over AGAIN and finally wrote it all before I had the opportunity to somehow mess up and erase it all again. I guess the third time really is the charm. Lol. It was my first time so I didn’t really know how to use tumblr in this regard very well. But now I know, so we’re good! :) So… here it is! My first imagine! Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy it!

You exited the elevator and entered the office floor as you always did: on the constant look out for Kara. You had been working at CatCo for five months now and had taken a special liking to a certain reporter on your very first day when she brought you a cup of coffee from Noonan’s. She had written your name on it, along with a little drawn heart and a sweet welcome message. You remembered the cute gesture as you continued to walk through shuffling employees towards your desk, steeling quick nervous glances down at your shoes, making sure you wouldn’t trip over your own two feet and embarrass yourself. It was a new habit you had picked up not too long ago after an embarrassing incident in front of your crush. 

It was your third week at CatCo and you were walking some files over to marketing when the elevator door opened and out walked Kara in a new tight sleeveless dress carrying four densely packed boxes of paperwork. You knew from experience how heavy they were and could barely even carry just one yourself. She was so strong, and the dress showed it. The moment your eyes met hers, you forgot how to walk. You tripped over absolutely nothing, just air, and fell to the ground, dropping all of the files that were in your hands. You tried getting up but you’re mind was in such shock over Kara’s outfit and the embarrassment of what just happened that your miserable attempt failed. You just sat on the ground and stared down at the files scattered on the floor, beginning to pick them up. You were stretching your arm for the few files left that were out of your reach when you saw a soft but strong hand come down, slowly pick them up, and nicely place them in the pile you had created in your lap. You were very grateful but too nervous and embarrassed to look up, so you just continued to stare down at your own hands, aligning the files in the pile into a nice stack. The same hand as before entered your vision, this time outstretched to you. You finally looked up and saw Kara. She glistened in the morning rays seeping through the building and had the softest and nicest smile you had ever seen. You gave her a small smile, hugged the stack of files to your chest with one arm, and gave her your hand. Although your smile came off as shy and appreciative, Kara could see the worry and self-doubt in your eyes. Kara grabbed your hand and gave it a soft squeeze before easily pulling you up. The moment you were on your feet, Kara placed her hands on your shoulders, making sure you were stabilized. You fell out of your trance over Kara’s beautiful face and your embarrassment hit you again. You stared down at your feet, scared to look up at Kara, scared to be rejected or looked down upon. Kara noticed your hesitance and gently but reassuringly squeezed your shoulders. You shyly moved your gaze from the floor to her blue eyes. To your surprise, they weren’t filled with pity, but with genuine support. You were overcome with emotion and suddenly wrapped your one free arm around her waist to hug her. The moment your body made contact with hers, you were stricken with fear, afraid you had overstepped. Before she could even hug you back, you immediately backed away and said a soft “thank you” before quickly walking off towards marketing again, cursing at yourself under your breath once you thought you were far enough for her to not hear you. But Kara heard. She thought it was absolutely adorable. Kara turned around and picked up the four boxes of paperwork again. She walked over to her desk with a slight pink to her cheeks and the biggest smile on her face. That was the moment Kara knew she liked you more than a friend. She really really liked you. 

You reached your desk without spotting Kara, you figured she wasn’t here yet. You did tend to get to work a little earlier than she did. You were busy typing away at an email when someone walked up to your desk. You looked up and there she was- perfect blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and the brightest smile on the planet.

“Hi Kara!” you said excitedly as you gave her the biggest smile you could.

“Good morning, (Y/N)!” she giggled as she adjusted her glasses like she always did. You found it absolutely adorable and couldn’t help but giggle back. You were entranced by her.

Kara handed you your cup of coffee from Noonan’s just the way you liked it. This is something she did quite often. She would bring you coffee in the morning a few times a week. And sometimes, if you seemed really stressed or over consumed by work, she would go out in the afternoon and get you coffee. You weren’t the only person Kara brought morning coffee for in the office, but you did get it more than anyone else. And you were the only person she brought afternoon coffee to. 

You looked down at the hot cup of coffee in your hands and noticed your name beautifully written on it as always. Expecting to find a heart drawn next to your name as always since your first day, something she also never did for anyone else but you, you were surprised to find something a little different. Instead of one heart, there were two. Two bubbly hearts beautifully connected by a series of swirls. You beamed up at her and Kara blushed in return.

“Kara, it’s beautiful. I can’t believe you took the time to draw this this morning. I hope you didn’t have to wake up early to do this. Please tell me you didn’t,” you said worriedly as you didn’t want her sacrificing her sleep for you. No matter how much you liked her or how head over heels you were, you didn’t think you were worth it.

“Actually, I didn’t draw it this morning. I went to Noonan’s and grabbed a few cups last night and drew it. It took me a few times but I had to get it perfect. I couldn’t risk only having the one cup they give your coffee in. So I brought it with me this morning and asked them to fill it with your order. I also added a bit of whipped cream on the top to make it fun. I know you had an especially rough day yesterday and you crashed the moment you got home. I didn’t want to keep you from your very much needed sleep so I thought I’d do a little something for you in the morning.”

“Awwww, Karaaaa…..” you got up from your chair, walked around your desk, and gave her the biggest hug. Kara wrapped her arms around you as tight as she could without hurting you. 

You both separated from the hug at the same time and took a step back. She smiled at you and you turned your head away to blush. 

All of a sudden, something came crashing through the window. A big piece of bright green crystal was flying directly at you. You froze in fear and couldn’t move. Kara saw it. She knew what it was. There wasn’t enough time to safely push you out of the way, but she couldn’t let you get hurt. Kara stepped in front of you and the next thing you knew, she was sent flying back across the building, landing on a desk, causing it to collapse under her. 

“Kara!” you screamed. You ran over to her, bending down and pushing the broken desk pieces out of the way so you could get to her. 

“Kara? Kara!? Kara, can you hear me?”

She wasn’t responding. She was knocked unconscious. You examined her and saw a few small green shards embedded in her skin and one large piece that had stabbed her in the stomach. You looked back up at her face and saw green lines beginning to form, almost like veins. You had no idea what was happening and had no idea what to do.

“Kara! KARA!” You began to softly slap her face a little bit. “Kara! Come on, Kara! Wake up, Kara! Wake up!”

You looked down at her body, trying to see if there was anything you could do. You knew that taking out the big stake-like piece in her stomach could cause even more harm and damage her body more than it already was. So you tried to get out the little shards that littered her body like glass. You didn’t know what it was, but you figured it was probably hurting her a lot more than just small cuts. You had a feeling that getting the most you could out and away from her would help. 

You turned to her face again. “Kara! Wake up! Get up! I know you can do this!” You tried slapping her face a bit again. Nothing. 

“Somebody! Anybody! Help her! Please!” you screamed. You saw the green on her face glow brighter and begin to spread across her body. Her wounds were starting to do the same. You looked back up into that beautiful face of hers, usually so happy and full of life, now struggling to live and covered in pain. You began to cry.

“HELP HER! HELP HER! SOMEBODY HELP HER, PLEASE! SHE NEEDS HELP! PLEASE!” you now screamed as loud as you possibly could, nearly screeching.

At that moment, as if it were some miracle, like your prayers had been answered, people in black tactical uniforms came barging into the building. 

“FBI!” a young white woman with short auburn brown hair yelled as the agents moved towards Kara.

“Please get out of the way, Miss,” an older taller black man with a short buzz cut asked you. 

You looked down at Kara and cupped her face with your hand. You didn’t say anything.

“Get out of the way,” the same lady, now standing next to you and the man, said sternly.

Still on the ground with Kara, you finally turned around to look up at them both, tears streaking down your face. “No.”

“You need to get out of the way. We can’t help her if we can’t get to her,” the man said.

You stood up and took a step back. “Okay. But I won’t leave her.”

The two quickly examined her and began to lift her off of the ground. The man picked Kara up bridal style and the woman helped him adjust her. They suddenly turned to walk away with no explanation.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing!? Where are you taking her!?” you yelled at them. 

“It’s classified,” the woman said as they kept walking. You chased after them and stood in front of them to block them from going any further.

“I don’t care if it’s classified! I’m not leaving her! She’s my best friend and she just saved my life! She’s in this situation because of me!” you began to cry harder but continued on, “I need to help her! I need to know that she is okay! I promise I won’t get in the way. Please…….. I love her.”

And it was in that moment that the auburn brown haired woman’s demeanor softened, “Okay.”


You were sitting next to Kara in the medical bay of what seemed like a big government facility. For some reason, everything was very secretive. You brushed Kara’s hair back from her face as you held her hand close to your chest. The doctors were able to take out all of the green crystal shards, including the large one in her stomach, and stabilize her. But they didn’t know when, or if, she’d wake up. The lady and man from before had stepped into the room for a bit before letting you see her. You wondered why two random people would want to spend private time with her, especially when she’s unconscious. You had also noticed that Kara’s body had healed it’s wounds remarkably fast.  

You moved your hand from Kara’s hair to her face, cupping it gently, softly rubbing her cheek with your thumb. “Kara, I don’t know if you can hear me, but, please wake up. I need you to wake up. I can’t lose you. You’re the closest thing I have. Please. If anyone can do it, it’s you. Come on, show ‘em. Show those doctors you can do it. Show them just how strong you are. You’re strong enough to get through this, I know you are. You have to be…” you wiped away the tears falling from your eyes, “I believe in you Kara.”

You waited a few minutes but there was no response. You should have known, it was stupid to think she could hear you. You leaned back in your chair, praying she would wake up.

You sighed and looked at Kara’s tired face. “Why did you do that Kara? Why did you step in front of me? You should have let it hit me, then you wouldn’t be hurt. You could’ve died Kara,” you began crying again, “The world needs Kara Danvers. You should have let it hit me Kara. You should have let it hit me. I’m not worth saving, especially at your expense.”

You felt a soft squeeze in your hand and you froze.

“Kara? Oh my gosh, Kara! Kara, wake up! Kara, come on, you can do it! Please come back to me Kara. I can’t live without you. Please wake up. You can do it.”

You kissed her hand, “I believe in you……. I need you Kara.”

Kara’s eyes began to open and you stood up, holding Kara’s face in your hands. “Kara?”

Kara’s blue eyes met yours and she smiled.

“Kara!” you threw yourself over her and gave her a gentle hug. She wrapped the one arm that wasn’t trapped under yours and laughed. You pulled away to look at her again, take her all in, when she began to sit up. 

“Hey, Kara. Slow down. You got really hurt and you just woke up. Take it easy, okay?” 

“I’m fine, (Y/N)” You gave her an uncertain look. “I promise (Y/N), I’m okay.”

“Are you sure? You were knocked unconscious. Do you feel a lot of pain?”

“No. I barely feel any pain at all.” 

You stared at her in confusion. “But how? How are you not in pain? You almost died Kara.” You dozed off for a second, “You almost died….”

All of a sudden, you felt anger building up inside of you.

“Kara. Are you insane? Why did you do that Kara? Why did you step in front of me?”

Kara opened her mouth to say something but you continued. 

“No, Kara. No. You could have died. You could have died! Why did you step in front of me? Why did you take the blow for me? Why did you save me? You should have let it hit me, Kara. I’m not–”

You were interrupted by Kara crashing her lips against yours. You froze for a second in shock but soon fell into the kiss, closing your eyes and synching your lips with hers.

Kara held your face in her hands and slowly separated from the kiss, looking deeply into your eyes.

“You ARE worth saving (Y/N), ESPECIALLY at my expense. I will always protect you (Y/N), even if it means I have to die doing so. I will do anything I have to in order to keep you safe, ALWAYS. I promise.”

This time you crashed your lips against hers, kissing her passionately. You put your hands on the back of her head, pulling her closer to you, your fingers intertwining with her blonde locks. Kara wrapped her arms around your waist and pulled your bodies even closer together. You continued kissing for what felt like an eternity. And in this magical long-awaited moment, it felt like it was just the two of you, just you and her in the world.

Kara pulled back from the kiss and rested her forehead against yours, grabbing one side of your face with one hand and passing her other hand through your hair until it reached the back of your upper neck.

“(Y/N)?” Kara asked.

“Hmm?” you replied happily, not moving and eyes still closed, relishing in Kara’s touch.

“Do you remember what you said, at CatCo?” Kara asked hesitantly. You pulled your head back to look at her, a look of confusion on your face.

“I heard you, (Y/N). I heard what you said when I was hurt, when they were carrying me away.”

Your eyes widened a bit in panic and you looked away. Kara gently placed her hands under your chin and turned your head to face hers. She could sense your worry.

“(Y/N),” Your name beautifully rolled off Kara’s tongue in the sweetest and most reassuring tone you had ever heard. You looked at her and she gazed deeply into your (Y/E/C) eyes like they held the world.

“I love you too.”

Avenging Angel: Part 21

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1880

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19 – Part 20

Braxton Covington was making it so very hard to remember that you were on a mission. Maybe you’d been starved of physical contact like this for too long, but every touch on the dance floor seemed to lower your inhibitions and make you forget why you should be wary of him.

The last time someone had paid attention to you like this was your college boyfriend, junior year. But even his touch hadn’t made you crave for more and feel as wanted as Braxton’s was right now.

It was in the way he gripped your hand to pull you back to him every time you teasingly started dancing away. The way his hand flattened against your stomach, holding your back against his muscular chest. The heavy breaths in your ear as he rolled your body with his.

There was no question. Braxton knew what he was doing on the dance floor.

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anonymous asked:

Hey not sure if you would know this, but I'm just curious. I recently adopted a 5 year old dog who is somewhat reactive, very tense around other dogs and barks at them. I would like to get another dog somewhere down the line... do you think after a few years if I bring a puppy in that my dog would have a better reaction to it?

Honestly, no I don’t think so. It’s much more likely that the new puppy will pick up on your older dog’s habits and then you’ll have two reactive dogs to deal with. Worst case scenario, your older dog’s reactivity progresses into aggression and that messes up the puppy. 

HOWEVER, there are some things you can do to help reactivity! Of course seeing a trainer should be a priority because reactivity can devolve into aggression if not dealt with properly, but there are things you can do at home too.

Micromanage the environment. Cross the street, body-block dogs trying to say hi to yours. Don’t leave things up to chance, because one bad experience can and likely will set you back.

Counter-conditioning and desensitization. Honestly, cc/ds is a slow process but often has lasting results. At the very least, you learn your dog’s tolerance levels in different situations.

Here are some links to advice about dealing with leash reactivity. They are great sources, but you’ll be most benefited from having someone come to watch your dog and help you plan accordingly. 

Good luck anon! I hope you’re able to get a puppy in a while -C

A Bundle of Questions

(Requested by an anon)

1. What animal would your character say they are like, and what animal do you (the writer) say they are?
2. Would your character have a Youtube channel, and if so what sort of content would they put out?
3. When playing videogames, how hard do they rage, and how long do they keep playing a difficult part before they give up?
4. Do they like going to the beach? What do they do there?
5. How often do they clean their room? Their home? Their workspace?
6. Does your character believe in horoscopes?
7. Has your character ever experienced discrimination?
8. What does your character write? (Bonus: give an excerpt of their writing)
9. Has your character ever ‘trolled’ another on the internet?
10. What was your character’s best birthday party? Their worst?
11. How easily do they pick up new habits?
12. What is their opinion on pineapple on pizza? Do they get into the discourse?
13. How argumentative is your character?
14. What works up your character the most?
15. Does your character like apps like Snapchat?
16. How good would your character be at Trivia games?
17. How trusting is your character?
18. Would your character be able to kill a stranger to save themselves or a loved one?
19. Does your character like memes, and what’s their favorite kind?
20. What kind of blog would they run?

With any long term relationship you pick up new habits and mannerisms, along with likes. For example, I️ can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about the New England patriots because my husband absolutely loves them. But before I️ met him I️d never watched a single NFL game. Another example, my husbands entire overall style has changed from band tees and board shorts and skate shoes (Cali boy) to mainly work khakis and button ups and boots (we live in the south and it’s what he has to wear for work). He hunts now, but he’s always been into guns it’s just harder to hunt in California and much more expensive.

But what jenelle is doing isn’t the common “growing to like and enjoy new things” that you do in a relationship. If you look at single jenelle vs dating jenelle, she doesn’t do a single thing the same. She’s a beach bunny that hasn’t been to the beach in over a year even though she lives like 2 hours from one. If you told single jenelle to put on sweatpants and boots to go mudding on a four wheeler she’d probably throw a mason jar at your face. And yet that’s her almost daily life now. If you told single jenelle that she was now going to have to live in the middle of nowhere with no one but her kids and husband she’d fly off the walls, because she’s the kind of person that NORMALLY wants people around.

You can’t really compare that to Chelsea. Yes, Chelsea has picked up some new habits. But she didn’t get rid of old ones in the process. Her style evolved, but you can bet your ass she’s still gonna put her hair in a messy bun and toss on some uggs to take Aubrey to school. Chelsea has always been a bit of a country girl (her family hunts and she used to spend every school holiday at her dads cabin in the woods by the lake), cole has just amplified that. Chelsea still has her same friends, still talks the same, still enjoys doing makeup and skin care. She grew up and changed, but she didn’t change completely.

bigbadmama  asked:

how can i celebrate ostara on a budget. im hella broke but i neeeeed to do something.

Celebrating Sabbats can actually be insanely cheap. You’d be surprised. Some general info, Ostara is all about new beginnings. The earth is new, babies are being born and it’s beautiful.

Discounted holidays items. Yep, Ostara falls around Easter, so after Easter grab all those highly discounted and on sale items at your local store. This is great after the fact if you should need to restock items and such.

Go outside. Ostara is all about spring. Use newly blossoming flowers on your altar. Worship nature. Take a walk/hike in the woods/nature trail. Go to the beach. Do things that are nature specific. 

Celebrate Easter. Easter and Ostara are more or less the same in many aspects. So, if you have items for Easter, you may already have stuff for Ostara. 

Say prayers. You don’t need a fancy altar, or anything expensive to celebrate sabbats. So, go outside, and say some prayers for the world. They can be personal or generic. 

Start something new, or stop something harmful. Ostara is a great time to pick  up a new hobby, and stop that pestering habit. 

Spring cleaning. Cleaning your home, or personal space is a great way to celebrate. New, clean space. New, clean beginnings. 

Hope this helps.


danifaithisme  asked:

16 with harry please!! I can see it going many ways so I'm excited to see how you will take it :)

16. “I lost our child.”

Hide And Help Me Seek

Cute, fluffy, Dad!Harry piece. Enjoy!

“Okay seriously, this isn’t funny anymore! Where are you, baby girl?” I could hear my husband shouting through the house as I walked in. I had been out running errands and had left Harry in charge of our daughter. She was an absolute daddy’s girl from the moment she was born. Immediately having Harry wrapped around her finger and she absolutely knew it.

“Harry?” I yelled out into our large house as I placed some bags on the kitchen table.

“Babe,” Harry was out of breath as he walked into the kitchen. “I lost our child.”

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