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So, first off, hi there! Second... what kind of things do you think nerd!Derek would do to try and get jock!Stiles' attention? Or, what kind of cutesy things do you think jock!Stiles would attempt to make nerd!Derek notice him and laugh. (Spoiler alert, Derek already does notice him, but shhhh!)

So I combined these two prompts, I hope you guys don’t mind! Have some more nerd!Derek from me ^^

(Also, my eternal thanks to both @pale-silver-comb and @halesheart for telling me my writing isn’t horseshit and I should continue)

Title: You Hold My Attention (Without Even Trying)

“Oh my god, again?”

Scott frowns. “This is seriously getting out of hand.”

“Ugh, I know,” Stiles says as he bends down to pick up the flowers – tulips today – that dropped out of his locker when he opened it. “I mean, it was cute at first, but after the fifth time you get wet flowers smacked into your face, it kind of gets old.”

Speaking of wet flowers, they’re soaking through his shirt where he was cradling them under his arm. He holds them out in front of him, scrunching his face when they drip onto his sneakers. He’s not exaggerating when he says he’s kind of tired of them. Don’t get him wrong, he still appreciates the fact that someone takes the time out of their day to buy him flowers, but it’s just a bit – well – too much.

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Days Of Summer


jk, but it is on the lighter side! The ever loved rock camp au, insipred by the masterpiece that was Camp Rock. Idk if you have me to blame or @hannah-nobody, but you are all welcome either way. 

This here is the collab her and I have been talking about for forever, and now we’re posting it in an attempt to make ourselves actually fucking finish it, but there is no motivator like disappointment.

Have Hannah’s made up reviews!

  • a beautiful coming of age story - ny times 
  • one giant shit post - person

Quick notes - Every chapter will have a set of songs to go along with it, all being added to this spotify playlist with each chapter! All genres are used, and we hope it will be as cringey as possible!

Summer has arrived, and with it the start of the two month long music camp; Fairy Tail! Full of new songs, friends, and adventures, the campers learn things they never knew about themselves and one another. And just how easy it is to sneak booze and a full sized karaoke machine out into the middle of the woods.

Camp Rock!AU

Pairing: Nalu, Gajevy, Gruiva, others mentioned; Fairy Tail

Words: 5631

Rating: T

Parts: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter ThreeChapter Four

Chapter One: The Start of Something New

Now who’d have ever thought that

we’d both be here tonight?

Oh yeah

And the world looks so much brighter

with you by my side

The music pounded through Natsu’s veins as the last notes of the song faded away and the crowd erupted into a series of screams. The band members on stage smiled as they tossed various mementos to their mud-splattered fans; picks, drumsticks, water bottles. Hands groped desperately at the air, his own among them.

He wasn’t really paying attention. His own voice joined in with the noise as he let go of all the energy the atmosphere of the festival has stirred within him. His head tipped back and he squeezed his eyes shut as he cheered.

When the band finally left the stage, Natsu looked around. He stood on his tip toes, trying to find Gajeel’s unruly mane of black hair in the sea of sweat-soaked festival-goers. When Natsu couldn’t spot him, he decided to head back to the tent.

Still on high from the previous band’s performance, Natsu made his way almost absently through the crowd. Most people lingered, waiting eagerly for the next act to come on, leading him to gently push a few people out of his way. Some people decided to sit during the break, not caring about the mud beneath them. Others remained on the shoulders of their friends, basking in the heat of the sun that had come and gone for most of the weekend.

One of the shoulder-riding music lovers caught his attention.

She was perched on someone a few people in front of him, and she was stunning. He altered his route in order to take in more of her. She was screaming as though the band were still on stage, making rock signs with her fists as she waved her arms in the air. Her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, but strands fell loosely on her sunburned shoulders.  A pink crop-top exposed her stomach, where someone had painted a peace sign in neon green paint around her belly button.

He grinned as she wobbled on a dark-haired boys shoulders, but the blonde’s own expression turned from laughter to panic as she lost her balance.

Instinctively, Natsu pushed through the crowd and got to her just in time to soften her fall with his own body. The two of them fell to the ground in an ungraceful heap.

“Oooooowwww,” The blonde groaned from on top of him.

She raised her head, and a splotch of mud had somehow made its way onto her cheek. Natsu stared at her in bewilderment as she looked at him, eyes wide, then giggled.

He could feel the heat in his cheeks as he became aware of her body pressed against his. He’d thrown his tattered shirt away long ago, and surprisingly he didn’t feel self-conscious going shirtless among the energetic crowd. Especially not now that the pretty blondes’ hands roamed over his bare chest. Natsu quickly sat up before he became too absorbed with her wandering hands, tightening the scarf around his neck before helping her up and sheepishly apologising.

“No, no, no,” She smiled at him, “Don’t be sorry! It was Gray’s fault. He’s so meeeean.“

The girl pouted and Natsu felt a smirk pulling at his lips. He had no idea who Gray was, but he was very glad that they’d chosen to shrug her off their shoulders, for whatever reason.

Seeing his smirk, the girl’s laughter died off and she bit her lip in thought. She stepped closer, invading his personal space. His breath hitched when she placed a hand back on his chest.

“Thanks,” She told him, her voice low, before leaning up on her tip-toes and placing a light kiss on his cheek.

Her lips were sticky with pink lip gloss, and he found himself wondering what they tasted like when she drew back.

Her hand remained on his chest.

“Y’know, you’re pretty cute,“ She mused aloud.

“Erm…” He had no idea what to reply. He’d never been called cute before.

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First of all love your blog. Your posts really brighten my day ☺️ If it’s not too much trouble Could you write protective lams?
I’d be down to do a trade for a Hamilton ship (same rules as you posted) or naw whatever works - @lilachason

Glad you enjoy my blog! I’m hoping to become a better writer so! <3! Also - fair warning - a few of my head cannons will be in this!


Alex really enjoyed fall Saturday’s. The evenings to be more precise. The cool, crisp air, leaves turning all different hues of gold and fluttering around him, He enjoyed being able to steal some of John’s sweaters before he was awake, he loved beanies and apple cider. What he didn’t enjoy though, was when people trickled from the uni to go home. Those that were left were him and a few of his friends.

And some of the campus creeps. By creep he means those kid of guys that cat call anything that moves or breathes, but according to campus rules “Without illegal cause there is no reason to have them expelled.” Right, not because the dean was fucking their moms. 

This particular evening, clouds hung in the air, the smell of rain wafting across the college quickly, wind picking up a bit. Alex, hands in his pockets, snuggled his head further into the sweater of John’s, enjoying the scent. He and John were meeting Laf and Herc for dinner at a local cafe, John and Alex having later classes so they were meeting up soon.

Well, Alex was trying to.

People had passed, some saying hi or just waving and smiling, others ignoring him which he was okay with. He felt his blood run cold when he heard a wolf whistle, hair standing on end. Even if it wasn’t at him, he hated when people got cat called.

“Hey Hamilton! Fancy seeing you out here baby!” He huffed - of course Jacob Eaker and his stupid friends were out at this time.

Ignoring the idiot jocks - he had nothing against jocks, Herc was on the football team, and Alex tutored a few in Spanish, some were quite nice and sweet - these ones, however, weren’t. 

“Don’t ignore me baby girl!” His stomach rolled at the way the pet name left his lips, eyes automatically springing a few tears and he snuffed, pushing them back.

Head still down he stopped short, seeing Jacob’s shoes in front of him and he grunted. “Move, Eaker.”

A finger, curled at the bottom of his chin, forced him to look up, Alex’s mocha eyes meeting those cold, cruel ones. A smirk plastered on Eaker’s face, making Alex want to spit on him. “No need to be like that Rachel.” 

He cringed, face screwing up, stepping back, only to bump into one of the others. “Leave me alone Jacob.”

“You know,” He grabbed a lock of Alex’s hair, fallen from the beanie and twirled it around his finger, “You were so pretty when you first arrived. Long hair, eyes so wide and innocent, excited to even just be in the country I bet.” His goons laughed, “I wanted to strut over there, we’d have talked and you would have known what you wanted. Then you cut off your hair, flattened your chest more than it was, and started calling yourself Alexander Hamilton.” Jacob scoffed.

“I am Alexander Hamilton. And if you don’t mind I have to meet my boyfriend and our friends for dinner so once again, Eaker, move.” Jacob tutted, and he felt arms - CJ he thinks - wrap around his biceps, pulling them back.

His breath stuttered in his chest. “Let go of me.”

“But c’mon baby,” Jacob’s face was inching near his, and try as he might to turn his head, his face was gripped in Eaker’s hands, and he felt the nails digging in, drawing blood up to the surface. His voice dropped, “We could have so much fun tonight…let me show you what you’re missing by pretending to be someone you’re not…”

Alex bit his tongue, holding down a whimper as Jacob pecked right beside his lips, flinching, tears forming as he fought as much as he could. Being only 5′6 was not fun.

“Get the fuck off of him!”

Alex peeked his eyes open, Jacob turning as a few of his friends scattered, John standing at least five feet in front of them, Laf, Herc, Eliza and Maria behind him.

“Ah Johnathan! So good to see you - your girlfriend and I were just having a little chat, weren’t we?”

His face turned back, smirk on, and Alex took the opportunity, and spat all he could on his face. A wad landed right on his nose, dripping quickly down onto his lips. 

“You little shit!” A hard hit, decking him in the cheek and he went down, landing sideways, eyes blurring as he saw John leap forward, grabbing Eaker around the neck. Herc rushed forward - either to help or limit, not sure.

Eliza, Maria and Laf rushed to Alex, Eliza propping his head on her lap, brushing his hair away from the side of his cheek. “Alex, Alex hey hey! You okay?”


She let out a breathy laugh, and turned and watched as Eaker and the two goons left ran for it, Jacob’s nose bloody and eyes bruised.

John dropped heavily by Alex, running his hands softly over Alex’s face, kissing every inch of his skin. “Hey, hey baby boy, hey.”

Alex giggled, though it sounded groggy, “Hey Johnny…”

“God I hate that prick, he didn’t do anything worse did he?”

Alex shook his head. “Just, corned me. Kept saying he wish he’d gotten to me freshman year before I had met you.

John tried to lighten the situation. “Everyone wants you, I tell you, you’re too beautiful.”

“But he didn’t want…me.” John understood, pulling Alex to his chest, kissing the top of his head.

“Ignore that bastard baby.  His head’s so far up his ass the only thing bound to come out is shit. I’m surprised he’s still able to breath at this point.”

~     ~

Alex groaned, feeling John’s arm weigh heavily across his shoulders, his face being buried into Alex’s neck. “John, stop, we’re in class.”

“Hmmm, I know.” He peppered kisses slowly, and Alex, feeling the soft brush, had to hold in his giggly sighed, and John, knowing this, only tried harder. “Jefferson won’t stop looking at you though…”

“He’s looking because you’re being a distraction and he’s bitter his own boyfriend doesn’t love him this much.”

John sat up, and Alex turned to him, and he leaned forward, planting a kiss on Alex’s nose, smiling at the cross eyed, dopy grin he got.

He turned back to his notes quickly, and John sighed, over dramatically, leaning back onto his shoulders and burying his face back.

Alex huffed. “You’re not going to back off are you?”

John smiled. “Course not baby boy.”

mandymooremm: This was from nearly one year ago, when @nbcthisisus was picked up to series and I walked the red carpet with these guys for the first time (where we collectively scratched our heads trying to explain the concept of our show without revealing anything). I can’t even begin to comprehend how much life has changed over the course of these past 12 months but I sure am super grateful. Can’t wait to celebrate 2 more seasons with the entire cast next week. #bestjobever #thisisus


This weekend has by far been the highest point of my entire sugaring career. I don’t even know where to begin. So I matched with this man on Tinder and we had a fairly normal conversation and then he invited me to spend the weekend with him in his city, I wanted to go see @sugarbabybunny who lives near there so I figured even if it didn’t work out it would still be fun.

My weekend was off to a really rough start. Long story short I was assaulted and left in a hurry with a mess of stuff. This bitch bunny totally saves me when I get there by picking up my luggage so I can meet this guy for lunch, we went to this really nice place and when I met him it was pretty clear he’s next level rich. Everything on him was expensive. 

This is where the genius scamming came in. He of course asked me where my luggage was, and without even thinking I told him I forgot it in the train and that I filed for it missing but they hadn’t called me. OMG. YOU ALL NEED TO TRY THIS. He immediately felt so bad and asked if I wanted to go shopping to replace my things. Um, hell yeah?? 

I fucked up this department store and he spent over a thousand euros. A ton of high end make up, Calvin Klein underwear, cute sleep set, lingerie, a few outfits, and last but not least a beautiful handbag. This was one of my big sugar goals this year, get a guy to buy me a designer bag. I’m so happy to have met my goal so fast. 

The weekend goes on and he ends up telling me he’s in love with me. Umm what. Obviously I play along but this dude is really like obsessing over me. Keep in mind we still haven’t gone past kissing, and he’s still hanging on everything I say. I guess I must’ve been looking off looking sad cause he asked me what’s wrong and I said I just need to pay my rent on the 15th and I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it. Without a beat he says he’ll pay it. As were walking he slips 1000 euros in my pocket. Holy shit. 

We all go to dinner together with his friends and Bunny and we ended up ordering a ton of food and Bunny said she was feeling a little sick. I was like biiih go to the bathroom pretend like you threw up so we can dip out with the CASH. i swear to god you guys me and Bunny are the ultimate scam duo, we are true actresses at heart. We pulled off that stunt perfectly and got the fuck out of there. 

This dude is really in love with me, and me and Bunny did some research and found out he is a multi millionaire. I am going to milk the hell out of this in any way I can, I think I can eventually get things like a car and an apartment from him. Within 48 hours of knowing me he’s shelled out close to 3k, and all we’ve done is kiss/cuddle!!! Bless the sugar gods. Still recovering from the shock. 

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This is cute, and I hope I got everything right. I hope you like this. If you have any questions, message me.

I tried to pick the guys with weapons that I find funny watching someone else try to use. These all happen to be the guys with my favorite weapons, too.


• Honestly, it’d be a shock to anyone if you could even pick up his weapon. However, he’d love to watch you try to pick up the hammer.

• If you somehow managed to carry it without a problem, Reinhardt would be impressed (and amused). He’d watch you at all times, laughing when you nearly drop it on your foot.

• He’d secretly love to watch you carry it around, even if it was just you dragging it.


• Honestly, Reaper would find it amusing to see you with his weapons. It looked so strange seeing them in the hands of someone else.

• I’m not saying he wouldn’t be turned on by seeing you firing his gun without a problem (but he so would).

• If you couldn’t fire a single bullet without nearly breaking your nose, then Reaper would tease you relentlessly. He can br am ass when he wants to.


• You’re probably smaller than him, so seeing you with the hook would be an interesting sight. He’d probably laugh a little.

• If you somehow knew how to use it, he would be more impressed than anything. The hook would be hard to control, so he’d definitely find it interesting to see you wielding it like an expert.

• If you ended up just dropping it more than anything, he’d try not to laugh as he took it from you, claiming you could get hurt if you kept trying.


• You probably would have to beg him to let you even touch the bow. When he handed it to you, he’d try to hold himself back from taking it from you again.

• If you could easily use the bow and hit each of your targets, Hanzo would truly be impressed. Shooting an arrow at a target is much harder than firing a bullet.

• If you couldn’t fire the arrow at all, he’d probably chuckle and help teach you, secretly pleased by the idea of spending even more time with you.

How to Know You’re an INFJ

Or not.

First thing:
Do the letters match up with your personality? It seems basic but there are a decent amount of “INFJs” I’ve come across that seem very ISFJ or even INTJ to me. Are you introverted? Are you intuitive? Are you a feeler? Are you a judger?

So we’ve established that you think the letters match up. Are you SURE?

Introverted Intuition is supposed to be your dominant function. Now check and see. Does the following criteria match?

  • You see interconnected patterns and without even trying, intuit the implications behind those patterns.
  • For example: Shae says she thinks that every interview she has could be a potential audition. This means that her life must revolve around acting in every way; everything she does could be noticed and picked up on by casting directors or agents. That explains her ever-changing behavior and why I am certain that she will have to marry some sort of average-minded, big-hearted guy; she’s so smart and deceptive that it’d take a pure-hearted man who really loves her to tolerate her. But I know she’ll never be happy. How could she be?
  • In centuries past, INFJs served as oracles or fortune-tellers because they were so incredibly gifted with the ability to read people and predict how their lives would turn out. The pattern to them was evident; they weren’t able to explain the pattern, per se; it’s intuitive to them. However, they could explain the result, and that’s what got them their positions.
  • INFJs are serious, mysterious, focused, and driven.

Next is extroverted feeling. This means that introverted intuition is like a “lens” for it. This is what differentiates INFJs from INTJs, primarily. Does the following criteria match?

  • You understand the emotions and feelings of others and empathize with them. You are a shoulder to cry on. You believe that individuality can be seconded for greater harmony, for a greater cause, or a greater goal.
  • For example: Zach has been through a lot lately. I wonder if he’s okay? Something tells me he’s not. …I knew it, it looks like he’s been doing risky things lately. I ought to help him or offer advice since he matters a lot to me.
  • Another example: I really don’t like socializing for this long, but everyone else in the group seems to be having a great time. If I left now, I might ruin the atmosphere. I’ll wait a bit longer and see if anyone else leaves.
  • INFJs are nurturers who believe in long-term success in terms of emotions and healthy-standing; in other words, when they help you, they give you advice because they believe it will help you not only now, but down the road. Their lessons are meaningful and have been thought-through and felt-through. They are saying what is best for you and your future when they help you.
  • INFJs are compassionate, will lend a helping-hand, understand human emotions, and see into the hearts of others.

Third is introverted thinking. This function serves the INFJ in that all of their thoughts and feelings about their lives are sorted into an internal database to categorize and sort their findings and experiences.

  • You have found objective truths about humans and human nature (and other topics) and have certain ways of understanding the different types of them in your mind. While you might not be able to explain it all that well, it helps you when helping others or even on individual projects, and that’s what matters.
  • For example: All of my family members act in the ways I’ve realized because of one factor. This factor goes along with another that I have seen before. The only explanation is that they produce the same outcome. I will have to remember this for future situations. This observation will be to my advantage in times to come.
  • INFJs, despite being feelers, have a strong logical side that can, at times, override their emotional side. Since this function is not dominant or auxiliary, it can really surface in times of stress or sadness or anger in the form of biting criticism, cold truths, and a belief that their observations are always correct because “there’s evidence!”
  • INFJs are thoughtful, intricate, mentally organized, and logical.

At the tail-end of the function stack of the INFJ is extroverted sensing. This function is not apparent in the everyday INFJ personality; it surfaces only when “triggered” (lmao) by external stimuli, and tends to be most prevalent when the INFJ is distressed.

  • You are attracted to aesthetics, nature, and observing the patterns of everyday life. While you are not the type to go out and engage yourself in strenuous physical activity, you have a respect for those who do, and those who put themselves “out there” without second thought.
  • For example: Nature is wonderful. I’d like to sit by the window with hot cocoa and watch as the snow falls down. Maybe take a few pictures. I get so cooped up within my own mind, it’s nice to see the wonders of the outside world at times.
  • INFJs, despite primarily thinking and feeling all inside their minds, do have an underlying desire to see the world and appreciate the present moment. It is usually suppressed by their dominant and auxiliary functions, but, when relaxed and content, this inferior function may surface and the INFJ may decide to go out and enjoy the world from time to time.
  • INFJs are inspired by nature, appreciate those who are immersed in the present, and wish to see what the world has to offer.


  • INFJs are focused more on other people’s emotions than their own.
  • INFPs are focused more on their own emotions than other people’s.
  • INFJs are drawn to analysis, production, and underlying beauty.
  • INFPs are drawn to understanding their emotions,  abstract ideas, and concepts.
  • INFJs do not fall in love easily. They are capable of sizing someone up in an instant and deeming them worthy or unworthy of their time in a matter of seconds. In addition, on the rare occasion that they do find someone worthy, it takes effort, time, and patience to win over the heart of an INFJ. Even then, in a flash, an INFJ will cut someone out of their life if they do something the INFJ does not approve of. Prone to overthinking and even “stalker-ish” behavior when it comes to love.
  • INFPs do fall in love easily. They are not as quick to judge as their INFJ counterparts, and may find themselves enchanted with someone within the first few encounters. It takes time for them to act on their feelings, but they may have them for a significant amount of time after only a few interactions with someone. Prone to obsessive behavior/idealization/romanticization when it comes to love.
  • INFPs are drawn to fantasy things that are unrealistic, that would never exist in the actual world.
  • INFJs are drawn to mystical things that could exist in the world, but may be “unseen” by the majority of people.


  • ENFJs exhibit more self-confidence and individuality than INFJs, who, at times, doubt their purpose or who they are.
  • ENFJs are more sensitive and will be more open about how they are feeling.
  • INFJs are more quiet and withdrawn, so that no one really knows how they are feeling.
  • ENFJs are more focused on motivating others, inspiring others, and bringing peace to social situations.
  • INFJs are more focused on self-reflection, analyzing feelings of others, and will have more logical tendencies.
  • ENFJs have wide circles of friends.
  • INFJs have a VERY FEW close friends.
  • ENFJs encourage outward warmth and participation among themselves and others.
  • INFJs encourage depth of relationships and intimacy with few loved ones.
  • In short, ENFJs are, on the surface, closer to ESFJs, and INFJs are, on the surface, closer to INTJs or sometimes INFPs


  • INTJs are focused on factual information, studying, and objective analysis of problems.
  • INFJs are focused on understanding the underlying meaning of life, understanding and observing people, and working their way through problems with their heart and head.
  • When analyzing people, INTJ will know exactly how that person thinks and feels and be able to explain why very quickly and with solid logical evidence, whereas the INFJ will just know and won’t be able to explain it quite so well. However, the INFJ is far more likely to act based on their observations of how people are thinking or feeling (Fe), whereas INTJs will end their actions at their analysis and keep on doing their thing (Fi).
  • Both INFJs and INTJs are capable of being sarcastic, but INTJ will be far more sardonic, where are the INFJ is more likely to sugarcoat harsh words.
  • Even when they don’t want to talk to you, INFJs will be more approachable than their INTJ counterparts, who will blatantly ignore you if they do not wish to speak with you.
  • INTJs will make jokes about how stupid people are to their face on a regular basis.
  • INFJs, even when extremely irritated, are not likely to do this (though they may make the joke within the person’s earshot when remarkably pissed off)
  • INFJs will spend more time considering the consequences of and observing a problem.
  • INTJs will spend more time solving and fixing the problem.
  • INFJs are more likely to store helpful information within their minds for later use.
  • INTJs are more likely to use that information as quickly as possible to their advantage.


PLEASE let me know if I’m missing any key information! As an ENTP, I’m not an expert on INFJs and I’d be totally open to taking suggestions on this. Thanks for reading, I hope it helps some of you!

thatvolyova  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers :)

Ah, thanks!

1) I have grey eyes (in clear light, you can see that they’re not even a little bit blue or green) and dark hair, which as a Gondor fan is very satisfying.

2) IRL, I have a very calm temperament. Most people find me soothing to be around.

3) I registered as a Democrat when I turned eighteen, and have voted regularly ever since. 

(As a teen, I had a vague impression from my center-right upbringing that Republicans were the Good Guys, but the Bush administration quickly disabused me. Though even in the earlier phase, I had an immensely positive impression of the First Lady without quite knowing why.)

4) Academically, I’ve had things go horrifically wrong a lot of times (largely for mental instability reasons), but almost always picked myself up and kept plugging away and trying to become a better writer, a better critic, etc. I was actually on academic suspension and ended up having to withdraw over extreme disassociation, but I pulled myself together, marched myself to treatment, and stuck with it for years—even though it often didn’t help in any immediate way (sometimes at all), and even when I thought my therapist was full of shit. After clawing my way to a BA, I sailed through my MA, and got accepted to a fully funded PhD program.

5) I’ll defend anyone who I think is being treated unfairly, even if I profoundly disagree with them. In fandom, for instance, I almost always end up defending fans of things I personally dislike.

mandymooremm: This was from nearly one year ago, when @nbcthisisus was picked up to series and I walked the red carpet with these guys for the first time (where we collectively scratched our heads trying to explain the concept of our show without revealing anything). I can’t even begin to comprehend how much life has changed over the course of these past 12 months but I sure am super grateful. Can’t wait to celebrate 2 more seasons with the entire cast next week. #bestjobever #thisisus

r3zuri  asked:

I feel like “fight me, you attractive stranger!” is perfect for nyx/noct hahaha

this is hella cracky… but i might go back to swords n’ shields verse someday because i kinda love it lol

“Fight me, you attractive stranger.”

Nyx was pretty sure that Crowe made that particular line up. He wished that he could be so sure she’d made the rest of it up, as well. But his memory was slowly betraying him with the truth. That he’d made a complete and utter asshole of himself in front of who he now knew to be the next King of Lucis.

He remembered the brat introducing himself as he loomed over Nyx’s prone body on the tavern floor. His lips curled into a smirk, eyes hooded in satisfaction, and he let each syllable of his name drop onto Nyx like bags of sand: “Noctis Lucis Caelum.”

Nyx didn’t know what had come over him last night… Which was, technically, half-true. He didn’t remember what had possessed him to drink so much. Contrary to what Crowe suggested it was not because he was stifling any “sexual frustrations” about the attractive blue-eyed devil that befell Nyx’s liege-lady.

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This is the villa Kol takes Caroline to in this story.

Protect Caroline part 2 for @austennerdita2533 she asked for a part two of the Drabble I wrote for her on Valentine’s Day.

“ Where is she. Is she safe?”

“I have other problems to deal with than your crush on Caroline.”

“ I currently reside in this pathetic dogs body but that doesn’t mean I won’t kill you. Find out where she is?

Bonnie pulls out her phone and calls Caroline.


Caroline and Kol just passed the welcome to New Orleans sign. ” Hey Bonnie.“

Bonnie glares over at Klaus in Tyler’s body ” Hey care where are you? Are you safe?“

” Alaric outed us to the council and my mom told me to run so I’m in New Orleans.“

By the shocked look on Tyler’s face Bonnie puts her hand up ” Care are you by your self?“

Caroline looks over at Kol who is finding a radio station to listen to. ” Um not exactly you remember Kol, Klaus younger brother. I’m with him.“


” Welcome to your new home darling.“

Kol and Caroline pull into a courtyard of a big house and are stopped by vampires surrounding the courtyard. ” Kol who are these people?“

” I have no idea. This was our home two hundred years ago.“

One of the vampires comes up to the car Kol rolls down the window ” Who are you? “

Kol doesn’t look pleased ” Really.“

Kol rips his heart out and is out of the car kicking his body out of the way in seconds. He looks at Caroline ” This will be fun stay in the car if you don’t want to get messy.“

Kol kills all the vampires outside and pulls the car Into the garage. "Let me show you around.”

Kol takes her upstairs “ Now this is Nik’s old room I’m guessing you want to sleep here. I’ll be down the hall in my old room.”


Caroline is looking around the house when she is pinned to the wall by a handsome vampire yelling in her face “ Who are you. What are you doing in my house?”

When Caroline was pinned she dropped her mug of blood and Kol who was upstairs looking around for anymore vampires heard it and vamped to her. “ I’m going to have my hands full with you.”

Kol looks at Caroline’s attacker “ Marcellus I was told you died. You always did have a thing for blondes.”

Marcel looks glares at Kol “ What are you doing here.”

“ Vacation what we can’t visit our home in our town. Also let my friend go.”

“ Is Rebekah with you?”

Kol smirks. “ No I only brought one blonde with me the one your choking.”

Marcel lets Caroline go. “ Rude.”


Caroline and Kol were eavesdropping on Marcel talking to his guys after he found some of them dead in the courtyard. That there was a witch ritual going on to tonight and that they need to stop it.

Caroline doesn’t know Marcel but Kol does and he doesn’t trust him. So he suggested that they go to the cemetery and stop it before Marcel has a chance.

Kol and Caroline and hiding on top of a crypt watching as four girls are lead out and stand in front of an older witch. “ This isn’t just a ritual. It’s a sacrifice.”

Caroline looks at the girls then at Kol “ We have to save them.”

“ No yet. I know witches we are trespassing on their territory. Plus there are to many witches for just me to kill. So we choose one to save.”

“ I can’t choose one to save and I’m sorry but I’m a good vampire I don’t go around killing people or choosing which people die and which people live.”

Kol lets out a sigh “ Fine I’ll choose are you capable of saving the person I pick?”

Caroline nods.


Caroline watched as the first three girls one after another went up to the older witch and got their throats sliced and every girl yelling no. “ Now and hurry Marcel will be here any moment.”

Kol and Caroline jump down and Caroline vamps over to the brown haired scared girl “ It’s going to be ok.”

Kol kills the older witch and every witch except two.

They take the youngest witch they saved back to the house. While Caroline is making sure she’s ok. Marcel storms in. “ You killed the witches and my guys, you need to leave.”

“No it’s you who needs to leave Marcellus. This is our house, and our town. Did you forget that the M’s all around here stand for Mikaelson not Marcellus. Your not a Mikaelson you never were get over it. Your not even half the ruler of this town that my family still is. We all forgot about you Rebekah moved on from her little school girl crush on you, Klaus moved on, Elijah well he didn’t even like you growing up did he, even I forgot all about you until I see you choking my friend.”


A couple days later Kol comes into Klaus studio where Caroline has been spending most of her time since they arrived “ What do you think about Saint. Tropez?”

Caroline was reading she looks up at Kol. “ I’ve never been. Why do you ask?”

“ I think it’s time we leave this awful city. The witches haven’t found us yet but Marcel and his guys want us dead and I love a fight but I can’t fight vampires and witches if I have to protect you and Davina.”

“ I will kill if I have to. And your right we can’t even leave the house without Marcel’s guys trying to kill us or the witches finding out we are keeping their harvest girl. We are taking Davina with us right without us the witches will kill her.”

Kol nods “ Pack your bags we leave in an hour. I’ll go tell our little witch.”

An hour later they get in Kol’s car he looks at his two passengers “ Just so you ladies know I am not picking up anymore people. I’m not in the business to help every vampire and witch.”


They arrive in Saint Tropez and Kol kills a guy who has a convertible “ Get in ladies.”

Kol takes them to the Mikaelson villa just outside of town. The house is huge and has a private pool. Every window and door face out to the sea and pool.

Davina is floored “ This is where we are hiding from the witches.”

“ Yes I know it takes some time to get used to the Mikaelsons way of life. They live glamorous.”

Kol looks over at Caroline who is carrying her bags in “ Should I assume you want Nik’s room again.”

“ Maybe I want your room after all you are protecting me from the council and protecting Davina from the witches plus you took us to this beautiful place.”

Kol smiles at her joke. “ Up the stairs second door on the left your room.”


Bonnie is doing another locator spell “ She’s in Saint Tropez.”


Rebekah has been putting off clearing the mansion she still can’t believe her brother is dead she goes into his studio and shoves his drawings over the table. Damon comes into the room tries to kill her she gets the stake out of his hand but gets shot in the back when she turns around he gets shot in the front with an arrow.

Tyler is in the caves when he gets call from his mother “ Are you ok please tell me your far away from Mystic Falls.”

“ What’s wrong?”

“ The council has been getting names of all the vampires in town and now they were gathering them up.”

Tyler knows Caroline is not in town but Rebekah is.

Rebekah wakes up in the back of a van with vervain ropes around her wrists and stomach. As she’s looking for a way out a car smashes into the van flipping it on its side. Tyler breaks the door off “ Let’s go little sister.”

“That’s not possible.”

Tyler breaks her restraints “ I’ll explain later.”


“I didn’t die little sister Bonnie put me in this ridiculously pathetic dogs body.”

“My heart broke thinking I would never see you again.”

Klaus takes Rebekah to the old witch house Bonnie is in. “ Put me back in my body.”

“ It’s not that simple I’ve upset the ancestors I’m not strong enough to put you back in your body.”

Rebekah steps forward towards the Bennett witch “You had enough power to put my brother in this body you can take him out.”

“The ancestors got mad at me for trying to fix your mistake. I can’t do it.”

Rebekah looks offended “ My mistake what did i do?”

Bonnie looks at her shocked she doesn’t understand how what Rebekah did she can just move on like it didn’t mean anything. “ You killed Elena making her vampire.”

“We had every reason to kill Elena and we did what everyone in this town would do if someone they loved was in trouble. Kol and I killed precious Elena to save our family but let’s remember Elena has daggered and tried to kill not only my brothers and me several times.”

Klaus is sick of being in this body and tired of his sister and Bonnie going back and forth. “ Let’s try this another way.”

Klaus rips the top of his shirt open and extends his claws and stick them around his heart “ Your choice Bonnie save Tyler or yourself. ”

Bonnie starts freaking out “ What are doing stop your hurting him.”

“ He dies I jump Into another body maybe Jeremy will be my next body.”

“ You need a witch to do that for you.”

Klaus squeezes the heart harder “ We’re the original family you don’t think we have witches on standby.”

“Choose Bonnie.”

Bonnie looks at Klaus then at Rebekah. “ Fine I ’ll do it.”


Kol took Caroline and Davina to a Private beach. Caroline is tanning while Kol is in the water with Davina. When Kol’s phone who is next to Caroline rings. Caroline answers it. “ Kol’s phone Caroline speaking. ”

Klaus smiles at the voice he’s longed to hear over the last couple of days. “ Hello love.”

Caroline gasps and sits up “ Oh my god Klaus.”

“It’s me.”

“ How is this possible you died.”

Klaus hates the vulnerability he hears in Caroline’s voice because of him. “ I will explain where are you?”

Caroline looks around she’s so happy he’s alive. “ A private beach in Saint Tropez.”

Klaus smiles he’s also a little sad he wished he could show her France instead of Kol. He is happy she’s far away from Mystic Falls. “I’ll see you soon love.”

Klaus hangs up and Caroline runs to the water “ Kol, Klaus is alive.”

Kol looks up at her “ How I saw Alaric burn his body.”

“ He just called you I answered he’s coming here.”


Rebekah had called Elijah and told him Klaus is alive and to meet them in Saint Tropez. Elijah was waiting for Rebekah at the airport and when Rebekah got off the plane she had Klaus with her Elijah hugs his brother.

They arrive at their Saint Tropez home and it seems empty. “ Kol.”

“ In the kitchen.”

The siblings enter the kitchen and Kol is in swim trunks and shirtless “ Nik your alive.”

Kol hugs his brother. “ Where is Caroline I’m told you took her.”

“ She’s by the pool with Davina.”

His siblings look at him with confused looks “ Who’s Davina?”

“ She’s a young witch we met in New Orleans a couple days ago she was about to be killed and we saved her now the witches want her dead. By the way Marcel is alive calls himself king of the city, lives in our house and tried to kill Caroline, still hates me and asked about you sister.”

Klaus Elijah and Rebekah are shocked “ Marcel is still alive.”

“ Marcel tried to kill Caroline.”

“ Relax brother Marcel only choked her I got downstairs when I heard her mug hit the ground and got Marcel off her. We left New Orleans because the witches wanted us dead for rescuing Davina and Marcel and his guys wanted us dead for being in town plus why didn’t anyone tell me Caroline is basically a Mary Sue vampire.”

Elijah and Rebekah shrug their shoulders and Klaus looks to the ceiling. “ In my defense I was a little busy dealing with the Bennett witch and saving the vampire population of Mystic Falls.”

“I took her to find out what it is about her that has you so fascinated brother but I can’t figure it out.”

Klaus smiles thinking about Caroline. “ She’s not afraid to tell me when I’m being stupid or just acting out of anger.”


Kol brings his siblings to the backyard and they see Caroline laughing in the pool with Davina. Klaus just looks at her she looks so beautiful in her pink bikini her wet hair draped across her shoulders. He notices a bracelet around her wrist it’s the bracelet she threw in his face at the ball.

When Caroline was still in Mystic Falls she found the bracelet in his room and has been wearing it since.

“You look ravishing love.”

Both Caroline and Davina look up at the Mikaelson siblings Caroline smiles and vamps up to Klaus “How are you alive?”

“ To save you and my sire line Bonnie put me in Tyler’s body. She just put me back in my body yesterday.”

Caroline hugs him and whispers in his ear “ I was so scared when I saw you laying on the ground with grey skin I was coming over to tell you I wanted to be with you.”

Klaus smiles into her hair “ There is nothing more that would please me then to be with you Caroline.”

Caroline leans up and kisses him. While Klaus pulls her in closer. He puts his forehead on hers “ You will never lose me love I’m yours.”


Damon x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Will you stop moping.” Stefan sighed when he found Damon slouched on the sofa.


“Ah yes I forgot my dear brother’s the only one allowed to retreat into despair when his heart is broken.” Damon grunted.


“You’ve been there for a week, go and eat something, change… have a shower.” Stefan offered and went to the door. “It’s almost eleven on a Saturday so someone will be about.”


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We're taking your youngest brother and there is nothing you or your machines can do about it.

“Well…” Scott scratches his nose to show his disinterest in the whole affair. “Say you got past me. Which isn’t gonna happen in a million years because nobody gets between me and my baby brothers. And somehow you made it past @gordoncoopertracy without getting shot. And then past @starman-john-tracy and that big-ass claw he can use to pick up a pizza from space…even if you got past us…”

“Nobody gets past @sonatanotwo. Literally. All the big guy’s gotta do is stand in the doorway and you’re going nowhere, bud, so don’t even try it.”

Memories of the past

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary:  None of them ended up graduating college but they all promised to keep in contact. When the future comes you always get to see them on TV but that’s as close as you’ve gotten even after being one of their best-friends for 5 years. You’re stuck remembering the past and wondering if they were just too famous to talk to you anymore.

Warnings: Sexual conversations?

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“Hurry up, already….” Namjoon groaned seeing Yoongi slowly walking down the hall as he held the roof top door open. 

Yoongi made a face. 

“I’m coming. It’s not like we’re gonna get caught up here. Nobody cares that we’re up here.”

Hoseok laughed. “Yeah that’s true.”

You put one of your blankets down on the roof, sitting with Jungkook, taehyung, Jimin, and Jin waiting for the rest of them to come over and sit with you. Yoongi finally made it through the door and Namjoon shut it behind him. The three of them made their way over and sat down. Taehyung stared up at the sky, pouting.

“It’s too cloudy to see the stars…we basically came up here for nothing.”

Jin sighed. “We might as well stay up here since we already brought everything.”

You laid down on your back, also looking up at the sky.

“I guess so. Can one of you guys pass me a drink?”

Yoongi reached over and handed you one. “Here you go, princess.”

“Princess huh? Is that the kind of thing you’re into?” Jimin jokingly asked.

You shrugged. “Maybe. Wanna find out?”

“I’m sure Taehyung does.” Jin laughed, sipping his drink.

Taehyung looked up turning red. “Huh? I what?”

They all started laughing, leaving Taehyung confused.

“What I spaced out?? Seriously, what did you say?”

Jimin patted his shoulder in attempt to comfort him. Jungkook leaned back on his hand.

“If we’re all talking about kinks I think everyone knows Namjoon’s.”

You could hear him choke on his drink at the mention of his name. He wiped his mouth, looking at all of your face’s reactions. 

“What’s that supposed to mean??”

Practically everyone burst out laughing again.

“Yeah, When you bring your girlfriend over could you be quieter? Even I can hear it from two rooms down.” You told him.

“…w-what did you hear?” He asked, defensively.

“I can’t really remember right now….daddy.”

You smirked, not being able to hold in your own laughter. Namjoon looked around at the group looking for someone to target as they all laughed at him. His eyes narrowed onto Jimin.

“Alright if this the game you guys wanna play, Jimin told me he’s into bondage.”

Jimin’s eyes widened as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. “Hey, I told you that with trust!”

Taehyung laughed. “Yeah, what the hell. Do you not trust us?”

Jimin blushed. “It’s not something you just tell someone! It just happened to come up in the conversation! If it’s not a big deal then you say yours…”

Taehyung quickly made a reference glance over to you as if he was questioning whether or not he wanted to be completely honest. 

“I don’t think there much to mine.” He said blankly.

Yoongi sighed. “Well then just tell us something you haven’t before. something interesting.”

“Uh, Well..I’m in love with Y/N.” 

All of them grew quiet and focused their attention on you. You were speechless, not knowing what to say back.


Jungkook pushed Taehyung’s shoulder. 

“You’re putting her in a weird spot. Why did you tell her now?”

Taehyung shrugged. “I didn’t feel like hiding it anymore.”

Namjoon laid down, letting his back touch the floor. “….What if we don’t make it with our music and we end up having to use the majors we’re studying for…I’m not saying that would be awful but we didn’t even get a shot at our dream”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Here we go.”

The whole group gave a chuckle at Jimin’s remark knowing exactly what he was talking about. Namjoon tended to go off about stuff even when it wasn’t a big issue. You knew he just wanted feedback but sometimes his theories didn’t even make sense. Regardless you all started to listen.

“I’m serious. We can all sit up here and mess around and be happy for now but we could just be waiting for our future selves to end up jobless and unsuccessful. I don’t want to end up disappointing my family..”

You set your drink down slowly, crawling over and sitting next to him. 

“I think all of you guys will be successful.”

Namjoon turned his head and looked over at you.


You gave him a small shrug. “I just have a feeling. You guys are pretty hard workers, you’re all genuinely nice and caring….Honestly, I’d be surprised if your parents weren’t already proud.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Just because you work hard it doesn’t always mean you’ll succeed.”

You looked back at him. “Yeah, sometimes life’s cruel. But just trust me. Everything will work out for you guys. Hey, If you end up becoming famous you better not forget about me!”

Your request was followed by a bunch of, “I won’t!’s “ and the smiling faces of your friends. 

That night was something that was starting to become a re-occurring day dream in your head. What was constantly bringing it up? You couldn’t shake the weird feeling of missing them since it’d only been 3 years since you last saw them. As you walked around the streets, just coming back from getting coffee, you felt yourself spacing out a lot more as well. That resulted in you running into someone on accident.

“Oh, sorry!”

When you looked up you noticed your coffee spilled on his white shirt.

“…Oh my god, I am really sorry! I’ll pay for your shirt if you want-”

Taehyung laughed. “You’re still the same, Y/N. You should watch where you’re going.”

You finally moved your gaze to Taehyung’s face as he smiled at you. 

“Taehyung-.. Oh wait. Stay there!” You said, running back into the coffee shop to get napkins. Instead of listening he just followed you inside. When you rushed back over to attempt to wipe the coffee off his shirt he stopped you and took it from your hands.

“It’s okay, I got it. How have you been?”

“..Uh. Good, I guess.” That was a lie. Today was your birthday and nobody in your family even remembered. You just spent the day buying yourself stuff to make yourself feel better.

“Well, if you’re not busy do you wanna come to our new place? I know it’s been a while but i’m sure the guys would be up for it. Or I mean we could go out-”

You shook your head. “It’s fine. We don’t have to pretend we’re still friends.”

His facial expression darkened. “Pretend?”

You looked down at the table, not wanting to explain since it would just make things awkward. Taehyung walked over and put his arms around you, pulling you into his chest.

“Y/N…I know it’s been a few years but we can all still figure you out. Your eyes are swollen…come on we can take you out and cheer you up.”

You nodded slowly. “Sure. Let’s go out tonight. Also since you guys are pretty famous do you really think it’s a good idea to hug me in public? People might get the wrong idea.”

He pulled away “But you looked sad. Plus I couldn’t help it since i’ve missed you so much.”

“Then why did you guys stop contacting me? I even tried to talk to you but none of you ever answered back…”

Taehyung picked up your bags, holding them for you. 

“We had out phones taken away in the beginning so we could focus on getting better as a group and then we got new phones without all our old numbers. Sorry, Y/N. I’ll try to make it up to you, okay?”

“Okay.” You agreed, not wanting to hold a grudge against him.

The two of you walked back to the dorms. Taehyung slid his shoes off and set down your bags in the living room. 

“Hey! Guys come here I have a surprise!’

Instantly, Hoseok and Jimin came out of their room. Their faces lit up seeing you and they ran over to hug you. Taehyung took the opportunity to sneak out of the door and leave. You didn’t even notice trying to catch up with everyone one by one. When it started getting dark outside Taehyung came up from behind you and covered your eyes. You let out a giggle, knowing it was him.

“Come on, Tae I know it’s you.”

Now you could hear his low-toned laugh as well.

‘Come with me for a second. Please? But you have to keep your eyes closed.”

You nodded, letting him hold your wrist to guide you. You felt yourself going up a set of stairs but you didn’t know the layout of their house so you really had no idea where he was taking you. Suddenly you heard the sound of a door opening and felt the cold breeze hit your skin. When Taehyung finally came to a stop he told you to open your eyes. When you did you looked out to notice you were on the roof of their place. The view was a lot more beautiful then the one 3 years ago was. You could see the whole city from where you were standing. Taehyung placed a blanket down on the ground. 


You did as you were told, looking up at him.

“Why aren’t you sitting down too?”

A big smile plastered on his face he pulled out a small box. 


You stared at the box for a few seconds and looked back at him again.

“…What is this?”

He reached down and grabbed your hand, placing the box in your hand. 

“I know when your birthday is. We came up on the roof at our old university the last time it was your birthday, remember?”

You opened the small box slowly to see a necklace inside. You started to tear up and didn’t realize until it started to block your clear vision. Not being able to hold it back anymore you just started sobbing. Taehyung’s eyes widened and he bent down to hold you. 

“What’s wrong? I can buy you a new one-”

You buried your face into jacket’s chest, shaking your head. He slowly patted your back. You sat up and tried to wipe the tears off your face.

“I’m just really happy….Thank you Tae..”

He used his thumb to wipe away your tears, smiling. “You’re welcome. but don’t do that you scared me.”

You couldn’t help but laugh as well. “Sorry.”

He took the necklace out of the box and placed it on for you. 

“I was right…it does look beautiful on you.”

You couldn’t stop staring at his eyes. The same innocence was still there.

“Do you remember that night when we told each other secrets?” You asked him.

He nodded. 

“Well, I never got to tell everyone mine. I was also in love with someone at the time. I gave up on him for a while but I think he still has my heart. I hope you still feel the same…Taehyung I-”

He didn’t even wait for you to finish your sentence before he had already had his lips pressed up against yours and his hand softly holding your head in place by your neck. You could feel him trying not to smile while he was kissing you but he was just really happy to finally hear it. 

Dating Bruce Wayne would include

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•Meeting most of the Bat-kids and them more or less accepting you, Damian being very grouchy in the beginning, Dick on the other hand asks if he should call you mom right away.

•Bonding over Bruces reckless behaviour with Alfred.

•Being a bit heart broken every time Bruce has to act like a drunk idiot even though it is necessary to hide his identity.

•Meeting Clark Kent at some charity event and asking yourself how blind the general public can be, still wondering who the man of steel is.

•Not understanding why people ask you all the time why you won’t move away. Gotham is your City, your home, you were born here and most likely will die here.

•Trying to keep in your laughter when Bruce whispers sarcastic comments on Gothams elite in your ear, while his hands sneak lower and lower down your back and now you also have to suppress your blush.

•Dancing to Frank Sinatras “Strangers in the night” while Bruce hums the melody into your ear.

•The Joker developing a small obsession with you since his Bat saved you more than one time.

•Going by days without hearing from Bruce.

•Randomly finding Alfred parked outside your work, waiting to pick you up.

(Later you will find out that some new tragedy happened that day in Gotham)

•Being an absolute failure in the kitchen and Alfred patiently trying to teach you how to cook (he taught all the Bat-Kids) with no results yet.

•Damian slowly warming up to you since you approached him to teach you a bit of self defense, since you’re both more on the slighter side and the moves of the other guys might not even work for you.

•Being kidnapped by the villain of the week since you’re now officially Waynes lover.

•Kisses that taste like dark and foreboding things.

•Trying to watch Bruce train in the Batcave but getting too flustered when Damian enters it so you leave.

•Finding out later that Bruce put a tracker on both you and your car.

(Not being able to be mad about it since you know Gotham all too well.)

•Waking up in his glass house with only vague memories of Bruce leaving.

•Finding Jasons old uniform and being smart enough not to ask about it, head lines of old newspapers proclaiming the assumed death of Robin appearing before your eyes.

•Him showing up in your home in the middle of the night (out of the suit, he would never risk your life like that) and staying with you till morning.

•Spending lazy afternoons together reading to each other.

•Wondering if you’ll ever be as important to Bruce as Gotham is, without realising that you’re one of the parts that still makes him love this mad city.

Behind The Scenes (6/???)

Author’s note: I don’t know if I will be able to post part 7 tomorrow. I will be going out of town for a few days and I wont have my laptop with me. I will try by best to put up part 7, but after that I won’t be able to put up any other parts for about a week >.

Summary: It’s your first day working as Rap Monster’s personal assistant.

Genre: microscopic amounts of fluff…

Word Count: 2616

Other Parts: HERE

This GIF is mine. I made it based off of this scenario series.

A few days later you arrived at the dorm at 6:30 am to start your job as Rap Monster’s personal assistant.

You used the key Rap Monster gave you, and you let yourself in. You quietly entered the dorm and found everyone surrounding Jin as he was passing food out to each of them.

Jimin was the first one to notice you. When he laid his eyes on you his expression went sour and let out an annoyed sigh. Then very loudly, in reference to the guys he asked, “What is she doing here?” then looking back at you he said, “How did you even sneak your way in here? No one even let you in!”

“Hey, hey, hey calm down” Rap monster said, jumping in between you and Jimin. He walked over to you, putting a hand on your shoulder and announced that you were going to be his new personal assistant.

V, Jin, and Jhope gave an excited “Yay”, Suga gave a small smile, and Jungkook and Jimin shared the same upset face.

Rap monster went to his room and quickly returned, handing you your ID. He told you that today they were going to be practicing at the studio. The manager was going to be picking you all up. He said he will tell you later what you have to do that day.

He told you to eat a bit and to exchange numbers with the rest of the members. He announced to the others that you will also be helping the other guys out too, but only when you are done doing what he needs you to do first. He mentioned that if you didn’t have to do whatever the other guys asked you to do if you were too tired already.

You already had Suga’s and Jungkook’s numbers so you went to the rest of the guys. Everyone exchanged numbers with you except for Jimin. Without really looking at you, he told you to get his number from one of the guys, and that he’d do the same about you.

The manager soon arrived to pick you guys up. Unfortunately, since you didn’t have a car, you had to ride with the guys. This wouldn’t have been a problem if the van was able to hold 9 people, it could only hold 8. Even though it was now your job to be with them you couldn’t help but feel as though you were in the way.

Everyone started at you a bit, trying to figure out a sitting order. Then Jimin came up the brilliant idea of sitting in Jungkook’s lap for the car ride so everyone can fit. Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Jhope sat in the back. You sat in between Jin and Suga in the middle seats, and the manager and Rap Monster sat in the front.

Once arriving, Rap Monster told you to follow him, while the manager took the guys to the practice room. You ended up following Rap Monster to a small, hidden away office in the third floor of the company building. In the tiny office was a desk with many boxes messily stacked all over it. The boxes ranged from the size of your hand to the size of a shoe box.

“Sorry y/n, but your first day is going to be a bit tough…” he said. “That you need to deliver these boxes for me all over the city. It’ll be hard because you don’t have a car to take all these boxes at once, so you’d have to take multiple trips back and forth to get all of it delivered. But don’t worry too much, I’ll compensate the amount of money you end up using today to get around… Some of the people you deliver these boxes to will be giving you a small box or envelope in return. Those are meant to be given to me. All you really have to do for me today is just deliver these boxes. Make sure to deliver them all today. They have a deadline to be sent.”

“Don’t worry… I’ll get it all done. What in all these boxes anyway?”

He pretended not to hear you and began telling you that he will tell the manager to let the security guards know that you might be coming back and forth late tonight. They should still be able to let you come in and out even if BTS was done practicing, assuming that you weren’t done by the time they were done.

He told you that whatever stuff is given to you, to bring it back and make a new stack on the desk for him to look at later. He handed you a paper of all the addresses that the boxes had to go to, and gave you a backpack to carry multiple boxes at once. “Make sure you don’t open, drop, or lose any of the boxes. When you drop off the boxes all you really have to do is go up to the person and say “I’m dropping off something from Namjoon”, and they’ll accept whatever you give them and probably give you something meant for me.” Then he left to go the practice.

Hearing all this made you tried already. It doesn’t seem like a hard task, just tiring and time consuming. And you dreaded the thought of walking around in the outfit you wore today. It was cute, but not the best to wear for what was in store for you today.

Luckily, he had things somewhat organized. Each box had a different colored piece of tape on it. The tape corresponded the address written in the same colored ink. Most of the places were located in one general area of the city. All the boxes need to be dropped off at what seemed to be small personally owned business. This was good. It wouldn’t feel like you were going to be holding up a line or taking too much time from people

You spent the day on bus after bus and taxi after taxi, walking a lot and getting lost a few times. A few of the places and people were pretty creepy and intimidating. You actually wished you had V to walk with you from place to place. Thankfully, your encounters with people were very short. With the employees all you had to do was tell them what Rap Monster told you and they would go get their boss to pick up the boxes and give you whatever they had to give you.

Despite the numerous trips you had to make, you were able to finish the deliveries by 8pm. BTS wasn’t supposed to be finished practicing that day until 10pm. You dropped off the boxes meant for Rap Monster and stacked them neatly on the tiny desk, then went off the find the practice room.

You were so tired you limped your way to where Rap Monster said the practice room was, of course getting lost a few times. You finally found the practice room. From the little window you saw them practicing new choreography. You quietly let yourself in and shuffled your way to one corner of the room, doing your best to not distract them.

When that piece ended, Rap Monster had Jhope stop the music so they could take a short break. They were all really tired and went to one side of the room to wipe themselves off and to drink water. Rap monster went to you and asked how it went the day. You told him you were able to delivery everything and you put all the boxes meant for him on the desk in the small office.

“Wow! I’m impressed that you were able to get it all done so quickly. When I do it, it takes me much longer, mostly because I would keep dropping or forgetting some boxes back at the office.”

The guys started to complain that they were getting hungry, so he turned to you and asked, “Could you go get them some sweets?”. He handed you some money and said that you could get something for yourself if you wanted anything too.

Seeing how tired they all were, you gladly got up and went to get them something. Luckily, there was a convenience store at the corner and you got stuff for you and the guys. You got back and watched them practice until it was time to go. You handed everyone some snacks and then Rap Monster had you help him move his packages to the van.

By the time you two got back to the van the other guys had already taken their seats in the van, but Jimin wasn’t sitting on Jungkook’s Instead, he was sitting down, napping next to Jungkook. There was no spot for you to sit because now Jhope was in your spot. Then from the window seat, Suga spoke up, “Y/n just come sit on my lap.”  You wanted to say no, but you just wanted to leave already. You slowly got into the car and moved over to Suga.

You felt very weird about the whole thing. Before sitting on his lap you double checked that he was okay with it because he seemed tired. You wished that he would change his mind but he told you “C’mon just sit down. I want to go home”

You felt so weird sitting in his lap. Despite your intense dislike of Jungkook, you would rather be forced to sit on his lap than Suga’s. It’s not that you didn’t like Suga, he was an okay guy. You just didn’t feel too close to him, even if he did turn to you when he was drunk. You never really interacted with him when he was sober.

You felt as if all the guys were staring at you, but in reality they couldn’t care less about you on Suga’s lap. When you looked over they were either eating, napping, or on their phones. Suga in particular was just looking out the window.

“At least he wasn’t touching me. That would be so awkward”, you thought to yourself. You must have jinxed everything with that thought because another car almost drove into the van while changing lanes, causing the manager to make an intense lane switch. You all were all swung to the right and Suga instinctively wrapped his arm around your waist to keep you from falling.

“Sorry about that” the manager said from the driver’s seat. You couldn’t help but blush at the thought of Suga’s arms still being wrapped around you. You looked down at Suga and gave him the tiniest “thanks”. It was so quiet even it was almost inaudible. He cleared his throat and gave you and even smaller “you’re welcome”, bringing down his arms and going back to staring out the window.

Finally, you reached the dorm and all got off and went up to the dorm. Before you could go home, Rap Monster called you to go up with them because he wanted to talk more with you.

Up in his room, he asked you again how you felt about the day in general. You were honest with him and told him that it was very tiring, but actually kind of fun, you then apologized about being tired because it seems that he and the guys must be much more tired.

“Sorry about a rough first day. Don’t worry I’ll have a talk with the manager about getting you a car to help with the deliveries and helping us out some more. You did a good job today, thanks.”. Then he called V over to take you home.

As you and V were about to head out, Suga urgently busted out of his room and asked if he could talk to you again before you leave. You really wanted to go home, but it seemed like he had something important to say.

You go into his room expecting to hear a similar rant about being stressed. Out of routine, you were already heading to his desk chair. Instead of him going to his bed, he quickly sat down in it and looked to his computer, before you were even in the room.

     You stood there awkwardly for a bit before he turned around and realized that you were just standing there. “You know you could have just gone to the bed and sat or laid down, right?” and he turned back to his computer. “I hope you don’t mind me typing while we talk. I, uh, had some inspiration today and, um, didn’t want it to get away from me.”

You said you didn’t mind and told him you were happy that he was finally able to get some ideas flowing again, turning to sit in the edge of his bed. You asked him why he wanted to talk to you today.

“Um, well”, he began, “there was something I wanted to tell you, but uh, now that I think about it… it doesn’t seem too important.”

“Oh well if that the case I’ll just go home now” you said getting off the bed.

“Wait!” he said almost shouting. You sat there a bit in shock. You wanted to laugh a bit. You never heard him be so loud before. And the face he made was pretty funny. “Why does he want me to stay so bad?”, you thought to yourself.

His face changed again, realizing how loud he had gotten. He quickly turned to his computer to hide his face. “Uh, I mean, don’t go yet. Um, we barely got back and you seemed really tired. You should lie down and rest before you have to go home.”

“Oh. Ok.”, you responded, awkwardly laying down on his bed. Maybe it’s because you were pretty tired from that day, but Suga’s bed was so comfortable. It felt more comfortable than your own bed. You laid there staring at him suspiciously. Honestly, if his bed hadn’t had turned out to be this comfortable, you would have changed your mind and gone home.

Suga still hadn’t had said anything, but the longer you stayed in his bed the more relaxed you felt. Your feet and back were hurting you all day and this bed was just hugging you in all the right places. Within a minute or so all you can focus on was Suga’s bed and his rhythmic typing, rocking you to sleep.

Suddenly he broke the silence by asking you how your day was. “Why is he being so weird right now? He never asks me anything.”, you thought. “Whatever, as long as he isn’t going to complain to me, I don’t care.” You vaguely told him that you were really tired from all that you had done that day. You told him of all the places you had gone by that day.

“Oh, so … he had you delivering boxes…?” he asked looking back at you.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Oh, uh, a while back he had Hoseok helping him with all that. But then things got too crazy and Namjoon started doing it himself.”

“Why did he start doing it himself?”

He slowly turned back to his computer and said, “Well, I don’t remember anymore. It was a while back. Either pre-debut, or not long after debuting”

At this point Suga’s bed was beyond comfortable. You knew that it was late already, that you should be getting up and heading home, but your body was too relaxed to move. Suga started talking again but you were too tired to pay attention. You fell asleep to the image of him typing away on his computer.

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riarkle prompt based on "I'm done pretending that I don't like you"

Update on the asks situation. As a reminder, I answer everyone’s asks in the order I get them. That being said, the next 6 asks I’m answering are are riarkle with one being an optional Lucaya, so I’m not ignoring any asks for my fandom OTP, I’m just going through them first-come, first serve.

This one’s steamy, but not quite R.

Here’s  “I’m Done”:

He’d broken up with Isadora a month ago. She was done waiting. Riley had given him time, given him space. She thought that he was still mourning over Smackle, but the other day, he’d flirted with Yindra. If he was done waiting, so was she.

Maya already knew about her feelings. Even if she could have kept something like this from Maya, it had actually been instrumental in helping Maya to let herself be happy.

Maya had spent months after Riley and Lucas’s breakup trying to protect Riley from her feelings. Riley was already mostly over Lucas when the time came for them to break up, but Maya was still the unofficial head of the Riley committee.

The Riley Committee hadn’t been functioning for a while, but it was hard for Maya to break her instincts regarding Riley’s naivete. Riley had even begged her to just go out with him, but Maya wouldn’t budge.

Riley could see the toll it was taking on Maya and Lucas’s happiness, so she fibbed.

“Wait, you like someone? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Maya was staring at her intently, so she ditched her chump persona enough to pull off the lie. “Yeah, but it doesn’t mean anything, not really.” She couldn’t really think of a person, so she just started telling a story. “He’s in a relationship. I don’t want to be that person - again.”

Maya raised her eyebrows. “Matthews, you dog! Do I know him? What does he look like?”

Riley shook her head vigorously, knowing that until she found someone to like, she couldn’t give Maya any ideas. “Nope, I’m not going to say anything until he’s not with her anymore. I can wait”

Maya frowned, seeing the somewhat negative look on Riley’s face. “Riles, I don’t want to get your hopes up. I just - is he happy with her?”

Riley looked down at her hands, trying to think of a way to stretch out her story without making him someone that Maya would know. “I think he is? I just wonder sometimes. Obviously, I’d never do anything to mess with the relationship, it’s just nice to hope for something again.” Maya smiled and put an arm around her, glad that Riley was still herself, even if she was a bit more mature.

For the next few days, she’d been looking around, trying to find someone to develop feelings for and she was coming up empty. There weren’t any guys that she wanted, none in relationships at least. She needed to just pick someone or Maya would get suspicious.

After looking hard at every guy she saw with a girl - for the third day in a row - trying to find someone that she could sort of like, she’d found nothing. For that reason, she was shocked and astounded when Maya pounced on her after school, declaring that she knew who it was.

After Riley shook Maya off of her back, she looked at her in confusion. “How could you possibly know?”

Maya shrugged and smirked, proud of herself. “You’re not that sneaky, Riley. Honestly, anyone would have seen it.”

Riley was losing patience. Maya had always known her better than she knew herself, so what was she not seeing that Maya was? “What the hell did you see?”

“I saw you making heart eyes like you weren’t even trying to hide it. You could have just told me, Riles.” Maya didn’t seem to notice the tension in Riley, or if she did, she probably thought that Riley was just embarrassed to be caught.

Riley took her by the shoulders and tried to convey her seriousness. “What would I have told you? I was making it up! There’s no one, Maya.”

Maya raised her eyebrows, and Riley knew that she hadn’t gotten her point across. “That’s not what I saw…”

Riley was starting to get pissed off because this wasn’t a game. The last time that Maya had seen something that Riley should have known, not knowing had caused them all a year’s worth of heartache. “What the hell did you see then?”

Maya let the smirk slip from her face. “You really don’t know, do you? I saw you, staring at Farkle like he hung the moon.”

“But that’s not - I don’t - what?” She was trying to wrap her head around the idea, but she couldn’t quite manage.

A look of realization dawned on Maya’s face. “You like Farkle like really like him! Even when you were making up a story, you were talking about him. Oh, that’s so cute.”

Riley buried her face in her hands and sighed. She shouldn’t have lied.

It had been two months since that day, and Riley had embraced how she felt. She’d waited patiently, just trying to be a good friend in the meantime, but when Farkle had broken up with Isadora, her hope soared. Riley waited patiently, trying to ascertain how he was feeling.

Farkle wasn’t reacting in any way that she would have expected. He wasn’t miserable, he didn’t withdraw, he was just himself. Farkle went on like it had been a minor speedbump, and he was fine. She had no idea how he was feeling. What she did know was that his feelings for her hadn’t changed since she’d come to terms with hers. Nothing had changed.

It left her feeling cold, and try as she might to resign herself to his lack of feelings, every so often, he’d send her a mixed signal. It was maddening.

She spent a month like that before she’d decided that she was done. She’d waited for so many things, but all that it had taught her was that waiting was overrated and that she should go after what she wants.

Riley and Maya had spoken about it a few times, but they hadn’t really come up with any schemes or ideas. You can’t really scheme your way into love, can you? You can help someone else, but when it’s you, your feelings, it has to be real.

That was all well and good, and waiting did have its merits, but he’d been flirting, with Yindra. Something about Dave not being man enough for her. She liked Yindra, she really did, but that set her off in a way that she couldn’t really explain. If he wasn’t waiting for anything, then neither was she.

When Maya and Riley got to school they met their friends and started talking when Riley broke off from Maya to go stand by Farkle. When he saw her, he smiled and continued the conversation that he was already having with Lucas.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to interrupt his conversation, and not wanting him to, Riley slipped her arm around his waist.

While he wrapped his arm around her, he looked at her in confusion but didn’t brush her off. At his look, she shrugged and rested her head on his shoulder - the side of his shoulder, since she couldn’t even reach his shoulder anymore.

While that was going on, Lucas was giving her questioning looks, but she didn’t mind. She stayed like that with her arm wrapped around Farkle until the warning bell rang, and they had to separate to go to class.

Riley felt confident in at least shaking him up a bit, but she didn’t think that one little thing would accomplish her goal by half.

When the group finally got reunited for lunch she saw that almost everyone had already gotten there, but there weren’t any seats next to or across from Farkle. She’d settle for lingering looks, but cringed when she saw where the remaining seat was.

The only place that she could sit if she wanted to be with the group was next to Lucas and across from Maya. This was going to be hell.

The entire meal was spent with her looking at Farkle, Farkle not noticing her looking at him, Maya and Lucas smirking in her direction, and Riley avoiding all contact with the new matchmakers-to-be.

It was awkward, to say the least. Obviously, Maya had let Lucas in on her feelings, and while he was a close friend, she’d hoped that Maya might keep it to herself. To be fair, Maya had kept her mouth shut until Riley’d started making her move. She couldn’t really fault Maya.

The rest of lunch passed without too many flirting opportunities because he was on the opposite corner of the table and left halfway through the period. To say that it was disappointing would be an understatement. She wasn’t all that worried about where he was going, though. He usually spent his free time in the chemistry lab, finishing up a project or starting something that hadn’t been assigned.

They all met up later for their last class of the day, History.

Her dad usually got to the point - of their lives - fairly quickly. This time, however, the lesson wasn’t jumping out at her. The message must have been aimed at Darby and Yogi or any of the 10 people that they usually forgot about. They’d have to look at that in themselves…

Her dad was talking about the Salem Witch Trials, and the way that a close community could either build itself up or dissolve into anarchy. How the way that we fear others and the things that we don’t know about them can lead to catastrophe. That openness and understanding were keys to interpersonal relationships.

It was a relief to not be the subject of her father’s lecturing for once.

They all got through the last class without too much awkwardness, save for Cornchip Dave who was blushing and not meeting anyone’s eyes.

Maya, Riley, Lucas, Farkle, and Isadora all split up to get their things before heading to Topanga’s - Zay had things to take care of at home, but was meeting up with them later.

When they got there, Maya and Isadora got out their books and started their Biology tutoring session. Farkle used to tutor Maya, but she kept teasing him and they never got anything done. It was interesting to see them work together. Riley and Maya had always worried that if Isadora and Farkle broke up, she’d just drift away.

Somehow, their breakup only brought Isadora closer and brought her closer to the group. Farkle had felt awkward about that for a while, but they slipped into a relationship of friendly competition rather than the eternal awkwardness that usually follows a breakup.

Lucas settled down into one of the chairs and started reading one of the required texts for his English class. That only left two spots open, so Farkle and Riley took the loveseat. Damn irony.

She sat down next to him and tucked her legs underneath her, but she couldn’t get comfortable. She kept switching positions until Farkle laid a hand on her shoulder. “Riley, you have to get off of the struggle bus.”

Riley looked up at him and frowned. “I would if I could. I just can’t get comfortable.”

Farkle tried to keep an amused smirk off of his face. He usually didn’t laugh at her, but she knew that she didn’t make it easy. “Maybe stretch out? That could help.”

Riley felt a little lightbulb go off over her head as she thought of a wonderful way to move things along. “That’s a great idea, Farkle, thanks.”

She said it with sincerity and he gave her a confused look in return. Once he’d looked away and gone back to his book, she removed her legs from underneath her and stretched them out over Farkle’s.

Riley didn’t bother to look up at him after she’d done it. She just picked up her book and read as if she hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. If she had, she would have seen Farkle look of stifled shock, Maya’s smirk, Isadora’s amused smile, and Lucas’s look of dawning realization.

Farkle composed himself as well as he could, trying to act with as much indifference as Riley was showing. She wanted a reaction out of him, and she hadn’t even gotten a gasp or audible breath. She was going to have to work harder. Riley didn’t have to wait long though, because once Farkle had gotten back into his book on spacetime and wormholes, Zay showed up.

Everyone waved and greeted him in one way or another before they realized that there wasn’t anywhere for him to sit. Maya and Isadora started clearing up their papers so that he could sit with them, but before they could, Riley slid herself entirely onto Farkle’s lap.

It was a spontaneous decision, and quite frankly, very out of character for her, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

With that, she got the kind of reaction that she was looking for. It was probably only due to her closer proximity, but she heard him swallow a strangled noise. Having already accomplished her goal, she didn’t bother swallowing her smirk.

The rest of the group all looked at her with a mix of amusement, shock, and pride. When no one said anything, she shrugged innocently. “There wasn’t a spot for Zay, now there is.”

Maya snorted and went back to picking up her things. She took the seat next to Farkle and Riley and smiled at them derisively. A somewhat panicked Farkle looked to Maya for help, receiving only a grin in return.

Zay sat down next to Isadora, noticing the awkward tension, but not saying anything. He was most likely preoccupied with the awkwardness between him and Smackle.

The group had settled down into a peaceful quiet, and the tension dissolved around them. Even Farkle had calmed down, now comfortable with Riley on his lap.

They’d been reading in silence for a while - save for the sounds of the bakery - when that all went to shit because Riley started slipping out of place on his lap.

Not conscious of the implications, she used her legs to leverage herself further up on his lap, drawing out a startled gasp. She hid a smile, pretending that she didn’t grasp the consequences of her movements.

The first movement hadn’t gotten her all the way into her spot, so she kept pushing herself back until her side was flush against his chest. With her last wriggle, he made a frustrated sound and held her back and legs firmly, halting any further movement.

Farkle spoke in a low, dangerously calm voice. “Riley, quit wriggling around.” She could feel his chest rumble as he spoke, and she thrilled in the feeling.

Maya, Lucas, Isadora, and Zay all shared awkward looks and started packing up their things. Riley and Farkle heard the shuffling but didn’t look away from each other. The only way that she could tell they were gone was the bell on the door ringing.

Riley refrained from smiling sweetly, as she’d teased him enough that day. She watched with bated breath as he clenched his jaw. “What are you doing?”

She couldn’t hold back her smirk at that. “Well, I was flirting - I have been for a while really -  but you weren’t picking up on any of it.”

Farkle’s eyes widened and Riley lifted herself off of his lap. When she was standing, she gathered her things into her bag and looked at his frozen form. He was just staring ahead opening and closing his mouth. She sighed and gathered his things too.

When Riley had both of their bags over her shoulder, she reached out and took Farkle’s hand, dragging him along with her. After walking for a few minutes, he gathered most of his wit and saw that she had both of their bags on her shoulder. He made her stop and took them from her. Even when he wasn’t all there, he still had courtesy.

They spent the rest of their walk in silence - still holding hands - until they got to the back entrance of her apartment.

When they reached the base of her fire escape, Farkle held her back. “Why are you - When did you - What’s going on?”

Riley reached a hand up to his cheek. “Aren’t you supposed to be a genius or something?”

Farkle grimaced. “I am, but I’d factored this out of the realm of possibility. If I had known - I don’t know what I would have done, but I would have done something.”

Riley nodded. “Well, there you have it. This is me doing something. I’m done, I’m done pretending that I don’t like you, Farkle. I didn’t mean to come on so strong, but I couldn’t handle subtle anymore.”

Farkle shook his head. “I wasn’t noticing. I should have.” When she smiled, he blushed. “Can I kiss you?”

Riley rolled her eyes at his shyness, but she was glad that he’d asked for her consent. She nodded and leaned up to meet his lips.

His lips were soft and his pressure was firm but he was holding back, she could tell. She parted her lips to deepen the kiss and felt rather than heard his breath hitch.

She licked her way into his open mouth and was rewarded with a low noise in his throat and arms pulling her closer than she’d thought possible. As he held her tightly, she walked them backward until she was between him and the stone wall of the building.

When they stopped for air, Riley felt their bags slide from their place on his shoulder and giggled. A smile broke out across his face. “I love that sound, you know. If I could hear that every day of my life, I’d die happy.”

Riley smirked. “That’s a nice thought, but I’ve got something else in mind.” She leaned up again, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her. 

Farkle stayed just out of her reach and whispered, “Yeah, ok, that’d be nice too.” This time, he kissed her with just as much enthusiasm as before, but without the hesitance. She felt this kiss all the way down to her toes.

As she pressed herself closer to him, she felt his hard-on and increased the pressure on it. He whined out her name between kisses and started pecking his way down her jaw and the column of her neck.

Riley pulled herself up on her toes as high as she could, but she didn’t feel close enough. Why did he have to have that admittedly awesome growth spurt?

As she grew more desperate for some kind of friction, she drew her leg up around his, raising it as high as she could. When Farkle got the message, he fitted his hands under her thighs and lifted her up so that she could wrap her legs around him.

As the kissing progressed, they both groaned at the increased contact. Riley felt his cool hand slide its way up under her shirt, resting on the small of her back. She felt a shudder run its way down her spine and she bit his lip in return.

Who knows how far they would have gotten, up the stairs, to the bay window, maybe even her bed, but they never got the chance. Instead, they were interrupted by Maya, clearing her throat. “Yo, horndogs, If you want Farkle to continue having functioning genitalia - and I think you do -  I suggest that you get a move on. Matthews is bound to come by any minute.”

At the sound of her voice, they jumped apart and blushed. They hadn’t been thinking about - Well, they hadn’t been thinking about much of anything.

Maya chuckled and picked up Farkle’s bag handing it to him. “Get lost ‘pretty boy’, Riley and I have many things to discuss.” At his somewhat offended look, she smiled sweetly, using her ‘50′s voice’. “Oh, we’re not talking about you, Farkle, we’re talking about Rainbows and bunnies.”

He shook his head, trying to hide a smile. “I’ll be back later, ok Riles?” Riley nodded enthusiastically and gave him a lingering - though mostly chaste - goodbye kiss.

When Farkle was out of sight, Maya started laughing. “I underestimated you, honey. It won’t happen again.”

“Yeah, shut up.” Even though she was a bit angry for getting interrupted, she couldn’t keep a smile off of her face.

They climbed her fire escape and when they got to the window, Maya pointed at it and asked, “Do we need to have a visiting hours sign made up? As fun as that was, I’m not sure I want to catch you like that again. My eyes can only take so much bleach.”

Riley opened the window and crawled inside. “Ok, but you have to break it to Dad.”

Maya clapped her hands and squealed. “Oh, I can’t wait to see the look on mister know it all’s face when he finds out about this. Can I bring silly string?”

Riley laughed. “As long as you give Farkle a head start.”

They shook on it and dissolved into giggles. This was going to be funny. Nothing beat a Cory Matthews conniption fit.

Ok, I think I did a fairly decent job, but let me know if you have any comments or concerns.

I’m sorry that it took so long, this fic gave me a mad case of writer’s block.

Love you guys!


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: During a hunt, Dean gets a bit distracted, resulting in him being a complete jerk to the reader even though he knows it was his own fault. 

Word Count: 4.2k+ (damn)

Warning: Dean being as ass (’cause that’s totally a warning), Dean and reader arguing, smut!!!!, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap your willies, kids!), language, dirty talk

A/N: This is totally unbeta’d so all mistakes are my own

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Dean is always in top-notch hunter mode when he’s supposed to be.

However, he takes the whole watching-your-back thing to a different level, giving it a whole new meaning as the two of you canvass some dark and creepy old sawmill. I mean, it’s not his fault you’re wearing that pair of jeans that fit you perfectly—namely your ass—and it most certainly is not his fault that they’re just a bit too snug in all the right places, accentuating your figure as you move with skill and grace, a freshly sharpened machete in one hand and a flashlight in the other.

What is his fault is that he wasn’t paying attention like he was supposed to be, and it’s not until his pinned to the ground by a fang-snapping vamp, all air vacating his lungs by the force of the fall, that he realizes that mayyybe your ass shouldn’t have been his main focal point when scavenging for rouge vampires.

Keep reading

Those Lips (Nate Maloley)

Can you write one with Nate where y/n Just broke up with her bf and her friends drag her to the club that all the guys are at and They spot y/n and Thwy are all determined to try and hookup with her, Nate catches her eye and they end up sleeping together and she leaves before he wakes up and he is upset bc he got to know her after they had sex when they talked before the fell asleep he wants to find her again to ask her out but she thought it was just a one night stand type hookup - Anon 


 "You look so cute!“ Amanda said. 

 Well, I didn’t feel it. After that last fight I had with Josh… I knew he was a worthless shit, but that didn’t stop his last words to me from ringing in my ear.


"It’s over! I can’t believe I ever dated someone like you!” I screamed. 

 "You can’t believe it? I pity you. No one will ever treat you as well as I did. You’re worthless without me. And I pity the next guy you pick up.“ Then he left, slamming the door behind him. 

 And I couldn’t help but think, just for a minute, that what he said was true. 

 *End of Flashback* 

 "I can tell you’re thinking about him again,” she said, then smacked my wrist, “Stop it. Here you are, at the hottest club in LA, looking like the hottest girl here. He’s probably trying to find a prostitute right now, that won’t even compare to you. So suck it up and smile, because I’m pretty sure those guys are looking at us.” She smiles at them. 

 I drink the rest of my gin and tonic and talk to the other girls who came with us for a minute. A second later, a mimosa comes my way. 

 "Oh, I didn’t order-“ 

 "A gentleman from over there sent it. He said to tell you you looked gorgeous tonight.” He gestured down the bar at the group of men Amanda was looking at earlier. The one with nice eyebrows and a jawline smirked and waved. I just looked down and pushed it to the side. I didn’t even like mimosas. 

 A few minutes later all the girls were out on the dance floor, but I didn’t really feel like dancing so I stayed at our seats and looked at my phone. While I was there, another guy from the group, Swazz, came up to me. He told me about all of the guys he was with and their names. Then he started to come on a little stronger, and I decided it would be a good idea to join the girls. 

 Then, once I got to the dance floor, after dancing for a minute, I found myself surrounded by 2 guys, also from the group. The black-haired one was Derek and the one with the bleach blonde hair was Sammy. 

 I didn’t know if I was flattered or uncomfortable. But either way, there was only one guy left from the group. Swazz said that was Nate, but most people called him Skate. I’d seen him looking at me once or twice, but he never actually came onto me. I found it intriguing. 

 I walked over and set myself in a seat next to his. It took me a minute, but I worked up the courage to speak to him. “Rough night?” I asked. 

 He sighed and nodded slightly. “Little bit, things just haven’t been going the way they’re supposed to." 

 "I get that,” I say. Josh and I had been on the road to marriage after a 4 year relationship and yet here I was. “I’m Y/N." 

 "I’m Nate.” He holds out his hand. “You want anything?" 

 "Nah, I’ve drank enough tonight." 

 "You’ve only had one glass,” he says. 

 "Yeah, but if I drink too much, I get in touch with a very emotional side of me, and I’d rather not start crying in the bathroom.“ 

 He just stays silent and for a while we just sit there. It wasn’t an awkward silence though, more like a comfortable one where it was understood that words weren’t needed. 

 "So, your friends over there can be quite aggressive,” I say. 

 "Yeah, when they want something they go for it.“ 

 "And you don’t?" 

 "Not in such a… direct way." 

 "I like that,” I say. 

 "I like you,“ he says, turning to me. 

 I’m surprised by his honesty but I like it. "You’re not so bad yourself,” I lean closer, and he does the same. 

 "Do you wanna go somewhere more private?“ he asks. 

 "I’d love to,” I say, already starting to feel the heat between my legs. 

 We both stand up and he walks us out to his car. The drive to what I’m assuming is his place is short and as soon as we get there, I can feel his hands grasping my waist and ass and he pulls me flush against him. He kisses me more passionately than I ever thought possible. 

 His tongue definitely dominates mine. In fact, his entire body and presence is dominating me, and normally I don’t like that but with him it makes me feel more comfortable. It makes me want to open up to him. 

 As our mouths clash against one another hungrily, we each take off our clothing slowly but surely. Next thing I know, we’re in his bedroom, and he’s on top of me laying kisses all over my torso, taking extra time on my breasts and collarbone. 

 "You smell really good,“ I say. 

 "Is that the only good thing about me?" 

 I laugh. "Well, those lips of yours know how to work some magic too.” As soon as I say that he starts toying with my panties, rubbing me through them, pulling them aside to tease my clit. I’m a moaning mess. He brings his face down inches away from my core. He licks a stripe right up my center. “Nate!" 

I call out. "I love it when you say my name like that, Ma,” he says, then groans directly after. “You taste so fucking good." 

 I’m close to my release in record time. "Wait!” I say, and he immediately stops. “I want us to come together.” I pant out. 

 "And we will, sweetheart,“ he says, but I have a feeling he’s not done yet. "After I taste you.” He then goes back to eating me out, adding in a finger that’s slowly moving in and out of me. I can’t hold it anymore and I release right then. He continues licking and sucking at me for another minute, which just brings me right back to the edge. Finally, he gets up and grabs a condom from a drawer next to his bed. He quickly slips it on and climbs back on top of me, lifting both of my legs. “You ready?” he asks. 

 I’m too out of breath to do anything but nod. I want him so bad. He slides in slowly at first. Staying still once he’s fully inside. “You’re so fucking tight, ma." 

"Move,” I instruct him. He starts thrusting in and out, and I grab his hips to push him to go faster. In the back of my head I can hear the headboard pounding against the wall, but it’s just static noise because all I can focus on is how good Nate feels inside of me. 

 "Nate I’m so fucking close,“ I say. 

 "Me too, you feel so good.” Not even seconds later I explode with him still inside me. All I can do is grab onto his shoulders for dear life as my body uncontrollably writhes and I let out wanton moans. I’m stuck in a daze for a moment but soon after I feel him grunt and slam into me hard and I can tell he’s fallen with me. 

 He rolls off me after a couple minutes and I miss his warmth as he goes to dispose of the condom and put his boxer back on. I kind of want to put on my panties but I’m too tired. 

 He hops back into bed on the other side. He gets himself comfortable and pulls me into him, enveloping me in his warmth. It’s all I can do not to sign out of sheer pleasure. 

 "Good night,“ he murmurs. 

 "Good night,” I whisper right back, even though I know I won’t be sleep for a while. Anytime something big happens in my life, it’s like for a short period of time I get insomnia, only for like a month or two, but it affects me so much. I’m only able to sleep when my body is so tired that it basically just gives out. 

 I just stare out of his window at the beautiful city skyline and the faint lights in the distance, some twinkling or blinking, or just turning off for the night as a sign of someone going to bed. 

 "You’re not tired, are you?“ he asks. 

 "Nope,” I say, glad he understands. 

 "Neither am I,“ he says. 

"Why can’t you sleep?" 

 I explain to him the whole big event equals little sleep thing. 

 He asks, "So, what’s the big event?" 

 "About three days ago, my boyfriend, who I’d been with for 4 years, he and I broke up." 

 "I’m sorry,” he says while kissing the top of my head, “that must be rough." 

 "It is, but I’m getting over it. This was a great start. Besides, he was always doing these little irritating things that I overlooked just because I felt like he was the only one that’d ever love me. But, enough about me. Why can’t you sleep?”  

“I don’t really know actually.” He says, and I can feel him shaking his head. “My career is going through the roof, my music is more popular than it’s ever been.” Ah, he’s a musician. “I guess, since I just got off tour, I’m kind of tired. It was the best time of my life, though. I just have to get back into the groove of my everyday life." 

 "That’s cool. So, what was touring like?” We talked on and on for hours until we were both too tired to continue. 


I woke up to a slightly bright room and the sun rising. Arms were loosely wrapped around my stomach and I could feel someone’s warm breath against my shoulder. For a second I thought it might be Josh. Then I remembered everything from the past week. 

 I slipped out of Nate’s bed and scurried around trying to find my clothes. As soon as I had them on, I got out of his apartment. I always hated the awkward goodbye that came once you woke up. It was kind of like trying to say ‘Get out’ really politely. 

 It only takes me a couple minutes to get home and get ready for today. The whole time I thought about Nate. He was definitely one of the best people I met and I was sad to not be able to see him again. But after hearing all of his stories about touring and the crazy stuff he did, I knew when he woke up he wouldn’t be interested in me. 

 I headed to my day job, which was at a cute little bakery in town. When I was off, I did photography jobs for anyone who would hire me, but that wasn’t a steady income source. 

 On my lunch break I got a call. It was from Amanda, who helps me with the photography stuff. 

 "Hey, there’s a group of guys who say they want some photos for their record label.“ Talking about music made me think about Nate. But practically everyone in LA was either trying to start a blog, record label, or acting career. There are thousands of other people it could be. 

 "Did you get their names?” I ask. 

 "No, but who cares? They’re willing to pay good money.“ 

 "Good point,” I agree. “If they can do anytime tomorrow after 2, I’m in. " 

"Cool,” she says. “You want them to meet you down at the beach?" 

 "Sounds good." 


Nate’s POV: 

 Waking up alone this morning was one of the most frustrating things. You’d think after you shared everything about yourself with someone, they’d at least stick around for breakfast. But nah, she was gone before I could even roll over. She had to be tired. We stayed up until like 4 in the morning and she was long gone before I woke up at 8. 

 Then I headed up to the studio and met with the boys, who were talking about doing a photo shoot to promote the music and get everyone hyped for the next album release. 

 When they were looking, Sammy called out. "Aye, ain’t this that girl you hooked up with last night?” I shot up faster than I should have. 

 "Ain’t that the girl you was tryin to get with, Sammy?“ Swazz said. 

 "Shut up, bruh, you know you was all over her too." 

 "Aye, don’t matter who was tryin, I was the one that got her,” I say, feeling proud of myself. 

 "And why ain’t she here now?“ 

 I ignored Sammy’s question. "Book her, now. Whatever it takes.” I wanted her back. What we had was more than I’d felt in months and I’d be damned before I let it go. 


Y/N’s POV: 

 I hurried after work to the photo shoot. They wanted it during the sunset, so I had to get there by 6 in order to get some good pictures, but I didn’t get off work until 5:30, and I still had to deal with LA rush hour traffic. 

 I made it there with barely enough time to prepare my camera and gather my thoughts. Nate was still on my mind. I kept getting flashbacks of the night we spent together. I sat at a picnic table and waited, hoping these guys could be bothered to be on time. 

 Looking up, I saw Nate, along with most of the guys from the other night. I looked down, hoping they’d pass without recognizing me. It took my slow self a minute to realize. Nate said he and his friends were rappers/producers/managers. And I was meeting a group of guys promoting their record label. 

 Why didn’t I try to push for their names? Whatever, too late now. This is my job, I need to be professional, bombarded what’s happened over the last few days. I approach them. 

 "Hey, you guys ready?“ I say. 

 They nod,half of them on their phones. Nate won’t stop looking at me. I can’t read his expression. 

 I get them all to follow me to a more private spot on the beach where there are few people and a great ocean view. 

 "Who’s first?” I question. 

 One by one they step up and I pose them a little, get some natural looking shots, and try to time it certain ways for the best lighting. 

 Taking pictures for Nate was the hardest. All of the other guys seemed uninterested in me, which I was glad for, but as soon as Nate stepped up I knew I was in trouble. 

 He came close to me, whispering in my ear, “We need to talk after this." 

 I could only nod. As I took pictures of him, I could already tell he was a natural. And the looks he gave me, or the camera, were enough to melt my panties.

 After we finished it was nearly dark. My heart beat fast as I packed up a few of my things. "I’ll have the pics edited and developed by tomorrow afternoon. And, um, if you guys want, tomorrow we can head to another location. It’s be this kind of vintage playboy abandoned mansion. It looks like it’s straight out of the 60s." 

 They agreed and we set up a meeting time. Before I could walk off Nate caught up to me. 

 "Hey,” I said. 

 "Hey? That’s all I get?“ Okay, so he’s angry. 

 "I’m pretty sure that’s a proper greeting?" 

 "You know what’s not proper? Ditching a guy without so much as a goodbye after a great night." 

 "Well, I figured it was just a one night stand so.." 

 "Well, it wasn’t, not for me, Y/N,” he said quietly, but I could hear the frustration in his tone. “Why would I tell you all about me and ask about you if I was gonna kick you out in the morning?" 

 "Look, I don’t know okay? I haven’t had to do this type of thing since high school, and after everything you told me I figured that I wasn’t enough. I’m not like the people you’ve met and hooked up with before. I’m a normal human, with a normal job and life and everything else." 

 "Is that why you left? You thought you weren’t enough for me?" 

 I nodded, it sounded horrible now, hearing it out loud. 

 He surprised me by coming to hug me and kissing the top of my head. He smelled so good. 

 "Ma, you are more than enough for me. I feel like I don’t deserve you. You’re sweet and funny and I’ve never seen a sexier dancer. Go out with me." 

 "I don’t know, Nate,” I say. 

 "Please,“ I have so much I want to show you. Like my studio, and I wanna see that museum you were talking about, with the infinite lights,” he squeezed me a little tighter, and leaned closer to my ear. “And then I wanna take you home, and wake up in the morning and see you still there. What do you say, Ma?” He kisses behind my ear repeatedly. It felt so good. 

 "You don’t lay fair,“ I said with a moan, and he chuckled. 

 "Never have, never will,” he said continuing the onslaught of kisses. 

 "Okay,“ I say, "you and your goddamn lips convinced me." 

 "Yes,” he called out, and kissed my mouth deeply. “Come on, I wanna go show you off." 



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