picking up guys without even trying

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I tried to pick the guys with weapons that I find funny watching someone else try to use. These all happen to be the guys with my favorite weapons, too.


• Honestly, it’d be a shock to anyone if you could even pick up his weapon. However, he’d love to watch you try to pick up the hammer.

• If you somehow managed to carry it without a problem, Reinhardt would be impressed (and amused). He’d watch you at all times, laughing when you nearly drop it on your foot.

• He’d secretly love to watch you carry it around, even if it was just you dragging it.


• Honestly, Reaper would find it amusing to see you with his weapons. It looked so strange seeing them in the hands of someone else.

• I’m not saying he wouldn’t be turned on by seeing you firing his gun without a problem (but he so would).

• If you couldn’t fire a single bullet without nearly breaking your nose, then Reaper would tease you relentlessly. He can br am ass when he wants to.


• You’re probably smaller than him, so seeing you with the hook would be an interesting sight. He’d probably laugh a little.

• If you somehow knew how to use it, he would be more impressed than anything. The hook would be hard to control, so he’d definitely find it interesting to see you wielding it like an expert.

• If you ended up just dropping it more than anything, he’d try not to laugh as he took it from you, claiming you could get hurt if you kept trying.


• You probably would have to beg him to let you even touch the bow. When he handed it to you, he’d try to hold himself back from taking it from you again.

• If you could easily use the bow and hit each of your targets, Hanzo would truly be impressed. Shooting an arrow at a target is much harder than firing a bullet.

• If you couldn’t fire the arrow at all, he’d probably chuckle and help teach you, secretly pleased by the idea of spending even more time with you.

BTS reaction: having a crush on another member

Ayeeeee, as a fanfiction writer for other fandoms, this is what I’m best at. I’ve been looking forward to do this one. Thank you for requesting! xx i may or may not have picked random names from a pile to pair them up heh

Jin: It would take him a while to notice, I think. But he would be horrified when he finally came to the conclusion that he was crushing on Tae. He would definitely try to hide it. He wouldn’t be that bothered by crushing on a guy, but more by the fact that it was a member. He wouldn’t want to ruin the group chemistry. I think he would try to wait for it to be over without acting even the slightest on it. If he didn’t get over it, though, I think he would talk to either Namjoon or Yoongi about it, because they seem to be the least likely ones to accidentally tell the others. 

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Yoongi: He wouldn’t be bothered at all by crushing on a guy. But, really? Hobi? Why? Why did he have to be crushing on the one member who could start cuddling him at any given moment? He’d probably think of himself as an idiot. But he’d be the best at hiding it. He wouldn’t mention it to any of the members. Never. And he wouldn’t act on it. I think he’d rather distance himself from Hobi. Not much, but maybe shy away more if he tried to initiate skinship. But he’d still get jealous whenever Hobi started cuddling another member.

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J-Hope: He’d be annoyed with himself for crushing on Namjoon. It would completely ruin everything for the group if Joonie found out and rejected him. And Hobi was really afraid of what would happen then. For that reason, he’d make sure to hide it very well. At least at first. But I think he’d grow tired of doing that eventually and gradually stop caring about hiding it as much. He wouldn’t confess, and he’d try to not start treating Namjoon differently from the other members. But he wouldn’t care to hide that he’s staring sometimes, and he may or may not try to position himself next to Joonie more often.

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Rap Monster: Crushing on a guy? Fine. That guy being Jin? Not fine. He’d be confused about what he should do for once. Should he tell Jin, or keep it a secret? Should he tell another member, or hide it from everyone? I think he’d hide it at first, but one night when he was working late, he would just go “fuck it” and go to find Yoongi. Normally, he’d go to Tae. But he thought Yoongi might be better at giving advice in this particular situation. And he was also 99% sure that Yoongi was still awake, which Tae wasn’t. Afterwards, depending on what Yoongi said, hed either continue to hide it, or tell Jin in secret and either ask him to be his boyfriend, or promising to get over it as soon as he could. Depending on Jin’s reaction.

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Jimin: When he was watching one of their live performances and he noticed that he’d only looked at Yoongi, his first thought would be “fuck”. This was so not what he needed right now. That night, he’d go straight to Tae, because he really needed advice on this one, because he had no idea what he should do. They’d probably be talking all night, but Jimin would still be confused and try to hide it until he’d made his mind up. And he’d be careful to not treat Yoongi any differently in the meantime.

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V: When he figured out that he was crushing on Jungkook, he’d make a pretty poor job of hiding it for a while. He’d basically just wait for a moment when the two of them are alone to confess. It’s not that he expects Kookie to feel the same, but rather that he just wants to get it over with. He’s aware that it might make things awkward for a while, but he figures that it’ll just be worse and take longer to get over if he hides it. So he just wants to know for sure if Kookie rejects him or feels the same, just so that he can move on if he doesn’t, or get together if he does.

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Jungkook: He would have absolutely zero idea what to do when all of their songs suddenly reminded him of Jimin. He’d definitely not tell Jimin, and probably none of the other members either. He’d keep everything secret, and probably start to avoid Jimin as much as he could without the others suspecting anything. And he’d start blushing whenever Jimin touched him. And probably glare at Hobi and Tae whenever they got a little too close. Basically, he would try to hide it, but it would be obvious to all of his hyungs, except Jimin, anyways. It’d probably end up with his hyungs starting to confront him about it, and probably tell him to let Jimin know. Which he would refuse.

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who’d have known

Yoongi thinks Jimin is too happy. Jimin’s just trying to be happy and make others feel the same. // cross posted to ao3

“One grande espresso for-” Jimin stops shouting the order off as soon as he sees an extremely grumpy guy heading to the pick-up counter, glaring at anything that intercepts his way.

The guy grabs the drink without glancing at Jimin.

“Have a nice day!” Jimin chirps, because his hyung Jin always said customers like this one need a little extra pep in their day.

A scoff - Jimin was just trying to be nice, c'mon - leaves the grumpy patron’s lips and he turns to leave without a ‘you too’ or even a 'thanks.’

Jimin can’t help but frown because even though he hasn’t been working at the cafe for more than a week, grumpy customers always managed to muster up a smile - obviously forced and not very sincere, but a smile nonetheless.

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