picking parlor

getting tattoos with calum would probably be the most spontaneous decision in the world where one of you would suggest it and next thing you knew you were at the tattoo parlor picking out designs and like i bet calum would let you choose what he was getting and sometimes you’d let him choose yours as well and then you’d adoringly watch as the other got inked and calum would probably chuckle at you whenever you winced from the pain and when it was his turn to go under the needle he’d be the type of guy who’d barely show any signs of discomfort but when he did you couldn’t help but giggle and tease him about it just so he’d go all cute and pouty and mutter “you’re awful, laughing at my misery like that” but then afterwards he’d probably still swoop you up in his arms and kiss your cheek with a smile and whisper “you’re awful but i love you” and he’d just be the cutest