Fender Guitars in the Mid-Late 1960s and Finish Yellowing

Whatever clear coat Fender switched to in 1965 was extremely reactive to UV. Exposure caused the clear coat to yellow to a fairly extreme degree, transforming the color of the guitar. Areas that weren’t as directly exposed, such as underneath pickguards or on the backs of guitars, tended to yellow far less, or sometimes not at all. You can tell it’s the clear coat, not the paint, that is fading as guitars that have forearm wear show their original paint colors beneath - see the Candy Apple Red Jaguar and Competition Burgundy Mustang above.

The original colors of the guitars posted above are as follows: Sonic Blue, Olympic White (x2), Candy Apple Red (x2), Charcoal Frost Metallic, Ice Blue Metallic, Lake Placid Blue, Daphne Blue, and Competition Burgundy.


Fender 1979 Jazzmaster!

First of all, Fender “officially” stopped production of the Jazzmaster in 1978, but this one was built in ‘79 from older parts.

Cosmetically, it appears that arm wear turned into chipping at some point, which either spread out of control or was aided along by a previous owner, and it was eventually clear coated over. The finish that did remain was heavily yellowed, which you can see comparing it to both the finish under the pickguard and on the back.

I put the Mustang bridge on to help with string jumping - at the time, I didn’t think to just shim the neck higher, which also would have worked. I also put some proper 70′s vintage 3 spoke black knobs on (it came to me with incorrect white knobs). The volume pot’s post had one broken tine, so I used a half dowel to keep the knob firmly in place in order to avoid having to replace any part of the fully original electronics.

Also, this guitar was around or possibly over 10 lbs.

On the past two performances of The Daily Mail, Jonny has played his Fender Telecaster No. 2. Jonny used the guitar both in Olso and in Stockholm. The photo above was taken by ygrrrrr at the second Oslo show.

The guitar itself is a 90′s “American Standard” Tele, purchased in late 1995 or early 1996 and converted to Telecaster Plus specs. In 2006, it was fitted with a Korg Kaoss Pad touchpad. The sticker on the pickguard depicts the character “Ace” from Uchuu Ace, while “WEDNESDAY ‘TIL I DIE” is a catchphrase in support of the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

The arrangement of The Daily Mail has undergone a couple of changes as well: Jonny added a new keyboard part on the Rhodes piano during the third verse, and starting at the second verse Thom added some octave doubling in the bass on the piano. Both changes serve to build tension and to better differentiate the sections of the song – in past live performances, the band did not join Thom until the final section.

As at the song’s single 2016 performance (in Amsterdam), Ed played his Gretsch Panther.

anonymous asked:

Ed seems to have new amp setup, at glastonbury he had 2 4x12 cabs, i cant see what are they but it might be brunettis? At the side you can see a fender head. Also in lucky he plays a black strat with 4-Ply Brown Shell pickguard, im shure it is his strat signature model, you can clearly see "Ed Obrien" in the headstock.

Hello! Ed started using that amp setup at the beginning of this year’s tour. The primary amps and cabs are by Audio Kitchen, which they pointed out on Flickr. The two amps are called ‘Emcee’ and ‘Burly Chassis’, and each is running into one of Audio Kitchen’s standard 1x12″ cabinets (they are large cabs for a single speaker). Steve from Audio Kitchen informed us that Ed’s amps use the Big Chopper as their basis, but have a special reverb modification which uses amp’s second channel as a reverb return. This allows Ed to change the tone of the reverb using the second channel’s Baxandall EQ. The cabinets are fitted with Celestion Alnico Blues.

Ed’s Audio Kitchen amps on stage in Santa Barbara, 2017.04.11 (@andreagrubermatthies).

In addition to the Audio Kitchen amps, Ed also has a Fender amp head and a Vox AC30, seemingly used as backups. This may suggest that each Audio Kitchen is voiced a little differently: one with more of a Fender voicing, and the other with more of a Vox sound.

An image of Ed’s setup at the Best Kept Secret Festival, 2017.06.18.

Ed also started using an Eric Clapton Signature Fender Stratocaster at the start of this year’s tour, and it is the only guitar added to his setup this year. It is probably the Eric Clapton Strat which he first used on the 2012 tour, dubbed “ST3″ on his page. He seems to have switched out its original white pickguard for a Tortoise Shell Brown 4-ply guard, as you note.

So far this tour, the guitar has been used exclusively for performances of Lucky. The guitar is fitted with three Lace Sensor Gold pickups, allowing him to play Lucky using a Lace Sensor neck pickup as he did in the 90′s. Ed used his custom white sustainer Strat to play Lucky on the 2016 tour, but that guitar lacks a neck pickup (replaced by a Fernandes Sustainer Driver).

Ed with Clapton Strat during the performance of Lucky at Glastonbury, 2017.06.23.

The headstock actually features Eric Clapton’s signature: “Blackie” is Clapton’s nickname for his favorite guitar.

As you note, the headstock does feature an “Ed O’Brien” signature, as well as the name “Blackie”. Ed’s custom white sustainer Strat seems the most likely contender for a Fender “Artist Series” model, so “Blackie” is more likely a custom build just for Ed.

A closeup of the guitar’s headstock from the Glastonbury live stream.


oh baby, let’s talk about this guitar because it’s truly incredible. This is a collaboration I did with my good friend Alex Fink. I hand painted the American Fender Stratocaster body and it was completed with hand built parts by Alex, including: a Custom fireburst maple neck with bubinga fretboard and hand cut inlays, hand wound vintage spec pickups with individual switching and a Purple Heart pickguard with lacquer finish. And now It’s looking for a good good home, if you are interested in purchasing this piece and would like more information please email james.r.eads.art@gmail.com

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